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  1. I've been looking at a 9303 which is at about $70 right now.
  2. Must be the more angular design but all the Bridgestones on here loow RAWESOME!
  3. Lots of negative comments about a great many things, well the usual things: Looks, Price, Feel, Design and tour validation. Which is fair enough. At 500 units this is nothing more than a "test float" for Cobra. Will our customer base react well/badly to a 3D printed putter at an X price point. Run 500 and see.......
  4. I recently picked up a Ping Anser Milled #5 that was cut down to 33' and I'd like it back to stock 35'. I've pulled the head and discovered that it doesn't take any of the .355 putter shafts I have in the workshop. Very strange. I've emailed Ping UK to ask what I'm supposed to do but in the meantime I wanted to check with the guys and gals on here to see if anyone has managed to source one of these mysterious .342 shafts and where they got them? It's a bit frustrating that a stock plumbers neck putter with no flared neck isn't a stock tip size, I'm hopful
  5. Good to know. I'm looking at one with an X flex Tensei for $250. Might be worth a spin. I've been hitting my G400 really well tbh but took a spin on TM recently and spin was at 3400. That's giving some control for fairways but probably losing distance.
  6. Anyone got longer term reviews of the St200? I'm looking for something to reduce spin but offer some forgiveness across the face? Got MP20s so this would fit well in the stable. Also looking at G400 LST.
  7. I struggled with an E-2 for almost 2 seasons and could never reconcile the feel off the face even on solidly hit puts. You never really got the feedback that you needed to help groove your stroke. I did do some work with foot powder to work on hitting the middle but never got a satisfying sweet spot feel. I'm not saying the putter didn't work but dead centre was no different to .5' off centre.
  8. Probably absolutely anything knowing TW lol.
  9. These are £118 in the UK, amongst those long term users do you feel that they last X2, X3 or X4 as long as a pair of nike or UA pants?
  10. Keep in mind that the earlier T22s had some issues with the pant fill round the insert and the insert not sitting flush to the body of the blade. We had three returned and replaced.
  11. Well if you need one and it saves you £50 of beer money I'll hook you up. I live 6 miles from the airport.
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