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  1. Do fitters in the US still charge the fitting fee if you order the club or clubs? In the UK it's common place to wave the fee if you're paying full retail for the clubs and getting custom specs. I've been fitted for irons, wedges and driver shafts, every time the fitting fee is waved. The same shop does stuff for mini tour guys so it's not a am show.
  2. Last season I got a pair of the Adidas Frost Guard fleece lined trousers. Absolute game changer. Water repellent and super warm.
  3. Always best to cut the grip tape an eighth of an inch short for those SS grips. It's a pesky job to run the Stanley round the edge of a PVD shaft and not mark it up.
  4. Interesting how the leading edge and neck design from the MG2 TW have influenced the MG3.....leading edge looks nice.
  5. From what I've read today. May not be 100% Mizuno Pro is a brand segment that is usually exclusive to Japan/Asia. However their head types are almost always the same as the North America and Europe models. So the Mizuno Pro 221 is very likely the Mp21 or they may shift the model name to the MP221. So what does this mean...........decals and stamps may be tweaked prior to release in our markets but this is more than likely what we will see with the "MP21".
  6. Keen to hear how this went or is going? I've looked at a similar experiment with old clubs laying around and wondered about the results.
  7. Just put my first Evnroll (2.2 with SS) in the bag last week and got off to a good start with a 69. My lowest career round on my home course. I've been on the hunt for something to replace my $24 Odyssey since it is really too light for all year round play. The milled face and feedback are excellent, as good as any Scotty I've owned in the past, but I don't think that Scotty is the gold standard of putters. There's a real quality to the finish of the head and the tolerances. It's too early to say if the Evnroll face has any impact on roll or distance control but it's something I'll keep an eye on.
  8. Can someone explain the difference in the T100 and the T100s to me? I'd appreciate it.
  9. Agree 100% @Redjeep83 - bang for buck this is now a pretty great shaft. They really weren't cheap when they came out but are now much more affordable. I hit a Tour Green in a tour issue Xhot2 4W and it was sick good.
  10. I'd bet good money he won't. Been in his current shaft for a long time, like forever.
  11. This is a clip from the TXG video - really tough upsell looking at some of these numbers.
  12. Callaway X Forged was released in late 2015 with player seeding being at the beginning of that year. I know a few free agent guys who stock piled dozens of these at the time because of their preference for them. That said this was 5+ years ago.
  13. Callaway have done several lines of forged wedges. They've been at it for a long time.
  14. Recently moved from the MMC 4i to the HMB 4i with the loft cranked up 2deg. It's almost the perfect long iron, I don't know how the HMB could be beat. Feel, elevation, workability and indeed the best looks you could manage for an iron offering that performance package.
  15. This might be a pretty big deal if you bought a Face Balanced putter?
  16. There's been a few WRX threads on this in the past and the most useful thing I read was that your height isn't the most relevant factor. There are a couple. You could have 10 guys that are all 6'0 tall and they might all putt best using different lengths of putters, and yet there are tonnes of online tables about height versus putter length. Height when married with Wrist to Floor length, and posture/stance are the most useful factors when tinkering with putter length. Not everyone can do this but when I started thinking about making a change I went to a local golf store and found a Ping Sigma 2 with the adjustable shaft, then I hit 5-10 putts with each test length. Then I just took note of the most comfortable length or range of lengths. Standing in your posture consistently and putting your hands on the putter naturally will give you a great read on what's too short or too long.
  17. 100% there is something in that, be your own man, and to hell with whatever everyone else thinks. I admire some people who go the lone wolf route, without doubt. For professional athletes who operate in the tours/leagues I think there is a whole other world and when faced with banking really good $$$ they will tow the party line and play nice. The point I was making is that each of us will make our own mind up on Reed based on what we see and what we hear. Some will like him and some will hate him, he's polarising. But the thing I've found interesting is that he's been largely cast out by the main stream golf companies (again, that might make him appealing to you) but for me it tells me something extra, it tells me they don't want their brand associated to that player, and they will have good reasons behind that. Very good reasons in fact because he's top ten in the world, is a hell of a player and wins regularly on the biggest of stages. He can do all of these things and still remain a villain.
  18. I hear you, equipment free agents have done well, and we love them on the WRX. I think there's a subtle difference between 1) Don't want or need a club deal and 2) Can't get a club/apparrel deal. If you take a look at what Reed's wife said when he was "ditched" by Nike that will give you a bit of an insight. Added to that, the Callaway guys threw a two day party when he got canned by them. Reed then went on to use an independent club builder who has his truck on tour (SEG Golf) but I don't think that ended well either.
  19. Casual obervers on WRX would have to ask themselves why the 10th ranked player in the world can't get a club or apparrel deal? Literally persona non grata on ALL tour trucks. Is it becasue he's a really misunderstood guy, or is it because multinational companies use marketing agencies to investigate brand value and realise that someone who acts like Reed does, conducts himself like Reed does and continually breaks or flirts with the rules of golf is bad for their image? That's not to mention the toxic family set up in the backround, having his family ejected from tournaments, and running burner socials where he criticises other players, the USA Ryder Cup Team, and the policy for fans at majors. Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and create a degree of seperation between the theory that winners are nice respectable guys, sometimes they're not. As it stands I'm not sure Reed would pass the interview at several private clubs I know of and attend.
  20. I'm gaming my Fastback. Bought two, this and a Newport. Flipped the Newport to make the Fastback more affordable. It's been good but not revolutionary, the insert isn't as soft as I thought it might have been. Still tinkering with an Evnroll and a Stroke Lab 7.
  21. I've been looking at a 9303 which is at about $70 right now.
  22. Must be the more angular design but all the Bridgestones on here loow RAWESOME!
  23. Lots of negative comments about a great many things, well the usual things: Looks, Price, Feel, Design and tour validation. Which is fair enough. At 500 units this is nothing more than a "test float" for Cobra. Will our customer base react well/badly to a 3D printed putter at an X price point. Run 500 and see.......
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