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  1. Took me a while but ive been playing this set up for a couple years now and I love it. Driver 2 Iron at 15° 4-PW 50°, 54°, 58° Putter I have always hit irons better than woods so no 3 or 5 wood for me! At least not yet
  2. I am interested in the head only if someone is still interested in the shaft.
  3. I talked to a past member recently ( he left last year ) and he said the annual fees are closer to 8K a year now for an individual. And yes there is still a long wait list. Roughly 50. So you might be eligible in a few years lol. When I was there, there were about 10-15 new members a year. Its capped at 100 members incase you didnt know.
  4. Troon doesnt cancel tee times its up to each course to decide. I dont think many courses would cancel unless it was a really long frost delay. I know some go to a shotgun start as well if its really long, its uncommon though.
  5. I carry a 15 degree 2 iron and use it at least a couple times a round. Off the tee its a bomber I can get a lot of roll with it and for me it comes in handy when I need to hit a long high fade. Cant seem to hit a draw with it though. And to be honest I probably would game a 1 iron if I could ever find one but there arent many left handed 1 irons out there...never been able to hit hybrids or woods as consistent as a long irons
  6. Been playing a 917 8.5 with a GD 7x BB after my 910 driver face cracked. For whatever reason I have never felt that the ball jumps off the face. Im not losing distance compared to other brands just saying its a weird feeling. I probably will be switching to Pings new driver, just waiting to get in for a fitting for it.
  7. What is the loft of the i500? And what do you think of that shaft in the club? Thanks
  8. If you have anyone interested in the head only I would take the shaft.
  9. I think Jim Furyk is about as slow as you can get with success on tour. He never hit it very far in his career but has recorded multiple rounds on tour under 60 and won over $70 Million. Accuracy has always been one of his strengths, I mean he uses the grip he does because he wanted to be accurate. Now not everyone who hits it as slow as him has had his success but he showed it was possible. I remember watching him in a practice round of the 2012 Match Play. He was playing a short par 4 with a wash. Its around 260 to carry the wash and he couldnt do it. He did get one over the wash in a match
  10. I agree. I live close to the course and play it quite a lot. The fairways are in great shape and I have always loved the roll on the greens. Can be a little slow if they didnt mow but you still get a true roll all year long.
  11. I would agree that it is hard to find a good practice area at the city course. Silverbell does have a good chipping area you just have to bring balls. You can hit about 100 yard shots if no one is around. Randolph you can hit shots up to 150 or so to the back green as long as no one else is hitting to one of the other greens. Now if you are going to pay Tucson National is a great option. It has a nice range and the putting and chipping greens are nice. It is $25 for an all day range pass. El Con and Highland ranges are ok but not great. In my opinion a bit short/small. Another option is The Go
  12. I would be interested in the head if you do decide to split
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