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  1. Insane strong lofts. I like the looks but can’t tell from the site how wide the soles are, could be shovels. The lofts alone are enough to eliminate these from consideration.
  2. Looking forward to seeing where everyone splits their set and adjusts the lofts. Im looking to simplify the game as a weekend golfer. Put my pride away and accept that technology will help make the game a little less demanding. So I’m thinking about either 4-6 in ZX5 or possibly going 4-7 in ZX5. Anxiously awaiting feedback from the early adopters.
  3. Any trade interests? I have a Mizuno M Craft 2 putter 34” with weight kit as well as a Cobra Speedzone 2 Hybrid. I’d be will to trade plus cash.
  4. I don't rate clubs that way. It's generally not a good idea. I might feel something is an 8 and someone else could receive it and say it's a 6. Its all completely subjective, I try and take the best pictures I can and let them speak for themselves. I have a pending local sale on these today so they will likely be gone around lunch. Sorry for the late reply. I'm a weekend golfer and pretty much everything in this posting has seen no more than 10-15 rounds max and just a few range balls.
  5. Some fresh stuff up for sale. Prices are to your door, might need a few extra bucks if west of the big river. All is negotiable. Trade interest for forgiving players irons shafted with x100’s. P790’s, P770’s, PXG 0311P, 0211, 585/785 combo, etc. Tensei Pro White 70TX with Cobra tip. Will play around 43" in a cobra SZ fairway head. $150 Cobra Speedzone 2 Hybrid with Tensei Pro White 100TX hybrid shaft. $175. Headcover included. Cobra Speedzone 14.5 fairway in the flat black avalanche finish. SOLD with hzrdus smoke yellow 70g 6.5 flex. Fairway plays right ar
  6. Club Junkies Marketplace and Golf Club Traders have been good. Also, check out Dude Where’s My Par if you have thick skin and enjoy laughing. Just read the comments.
  7. There are some large golf club sales groups on FB now. I've done pretty good on there lately. Better than here for sure. I start on FB and then move to ebay if stuff doesn't move in a few days.
  8. Have any higher swing speed guys that normally play X100 or PX6.5's went with the Elevate Tour X's in the 0211's and been happy with them? Looking for feedback and opinions on that shaft. Current deal is smoking if the elevate works vs forking out $39/club for X100's.
  9. I have a Cobra SZ 3-4 Fairway that I really like, but it's draw biased for me most likely due to the upright lie angle. I prefer playing it at the standard 14.5 setting. I know dropping it down to 13.5 would flatten the lie angle some. However, could I achieve the same thing going to a left adapter? Would the drawing setting on the lefty adapter make the club play flatter?
  10. I literally ordered a new SZ hybrid last week before the price drop, lol.
  11. That’s exactly where it came from. Same player, same shaft, same club, same day. Its just more data to look into. Also gonna have to try some B-RX’s. Seems like more and more higher speed guys are getting really surprising numbers with them.
  12. You mean like this? I'm clearly crazy, but this really doesn't look the same to me, nor does it do much to back up opinions that "all tour balls perform the same off of the driver". This doesn't mean that these balls will perform like that for me, but it does prove that there are differences and gains to be had. And this is all I was asking for to begin with, just player validation on what individuals have found. They all work the same for you, that's cool, I can respect that. But clearly that's an inaccurate blanket statement to make with data that proves otherwise. The point of t
  13. Interested in hearing more about the face. My wife works for ATI which is a Titanium company. I’ve never seen an actual metals company with a logo on a golf club before, so there’s likely to be something special about these faces.
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