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  1. Ping G425 Max. Pictures speak to the condition. Only used a handful of rounds. Stock length, shafted with Alta stiff shaft. Loft is 9*. Includes headcover. Price is shipped to your door including PayPal fees. Asking SOLD obo. No trades please.
  2. Just because they haven't raised prices yet doesn't mean it isn't coming. Taylormade and Callaway have been pushing driver retail price up on their annual releases the last few years. I think they stand around $550 now with rumors to push up to $600 on the new release? With Titleist being on a 2 year cycle and the current supply chain fiasco, they would be nuts not to bump their prices a little bit. And let's be realistic, folks that are willing to pay full retail price for new pro-v1's aren't stopping for a $2/dozen prices increase. I think I read somewhere that shipping containers are now 10x the cost of what they were pre-pandemic. With the majority of golf equipment coming out of Asia, price increases are a certainty.
  3. Here was the response I received from Adidas with the issue I had. (I'm not the OP). It clearly says that they go by manufacture date. Now, my shoes were bought from Adidas.com. When I reached out to the warranty group, I gave them my order number. Guess what, they still made me send a screenshot of the receipt. My shoes were 10 months old when they failed, out of the warranty, sure. However, I wear spiked shoes 90% of the time, these things were basically brand new. They honestly had no more than 10 rounds on them. It clear that there are no exceptions to be made. Dear Brian, We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Adidas currently has a six-month manufacturing guarantee on all of our products, which is in line with the industry standard. This six-month time frame is from the date of manufacture which is printed on the label attached to your product. Based on the information you have provided, the manufacture date on your product falls outside of that six-month time frame and your item is no longer covered under our guarantee. We really apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter, Brian. Have a great day ahead!
  4. Here's some warranty from competitors. Footjoy, 90 days from purchase plus the waterproof warranty of 1-2 years Nike, 2 years from manufacture date. Puma, 1 year and 1-2 year waterproof. Doesn’t state if date of manufacture or purchase date. This info ruled footjoy out for me. I'm not a fan of Nike but their warranty is the best. Moving forward I only wear Puma or Ecco. I want to support companies that stand behind their product and their customers. Adidas burned that bridge with me.
  5. My separation is slightly different but essentially the same, sole coming apart from the boost material. I also saw some comments about shoe warranties, almost all other companies that offer 6 month start it at the date of purchase. Adidas starts theirs at date of manufacture. Like I mentioned before, I bought mine from the Adidas website and they were 4 months out of manufacture when I received them. Limited my warranty to 2 months.
  6. Forget about Adidas helping you. I had a failure of the same shoe, only much less used. I bought mine in July 2020, failure was earlier this year. Their warranty isn't even 6 months, it's 6 months from manufacture date. I think my shoes were stamped 3/20, I bought in 7/20, so the day I bought them from the Adidas website, brand new, they had 2 months warranty left. Adidas claims that this 6 months is industry standard, I can assure you, it is not. They lost a loyal customer.
  7. Titleist TSI2 15* head. Asking $225 SOLD obo shipped to your door, PayPal fees included. Head, adapter, and head cover included. Pictures speak to the condition. Small scratches on the bottom of the face and a few out toward the high toe. Bag is set so not looking for any trades.
  8. How is this thread still posted in the equipment forum? Just a rant about a PXG commercial and the usual haters piling on. It's almost comical how predictable every PXG thread is now. People can have a post about the performance of the driver and someone will come in and complain about the commercials. Actually, let's leave it here and let it be the place for everyone to complain about the brand and leave the other relevant PXG discussion threads alone.
  9. Fedex is the worst. I mean USPS blows them away and it's not even close. Which is sad to say! I actually called PXG to give them the feedback on Fedex since they screwed up my delivery on it. All that being said, this thing is worth the wait. When I was considering it, my buddy described it as Ping forgiveness with taylormade distance. That's exactly what I found with mine. The only downside are the stock shaft options. If you like a low/low type of profile, the only shaft they offer is the yellow which is counterbalanced. So there's really nothing you can get in that profile that's not CB. I'd also recommend spending the extra $10 for a grip of your choice.
  10. Gen 4 will ship quick, 2-3 days after order then fedex takes over. My driver and hybrid each took a week from order to receive. I’d recommend calling in to order and verify that the shafts and head are in stock just to be sure there aren’t any back order issues.
  11. So I did a thing today. Blued my tour rack wedges and so far love the look. Time will tell how they hold up. Got the wedges and they started to get heavy patina, so I gave them a vinegar bath a few weeks ago to clean them up. Well, they were good, but when the rust started to come back it was really heavy. Like not just patina, like thick nasty rust. So I decided to strip them again and apply some gun blue. I went with the Birchwood Casey Perma-Blue. After the vinegar strip I wore gloves to keep oil off of them. Then hit them with some 0000 steel wool and applied the blue with some lint free rags. The color change happens within a few seconds. I kept wiping to get them uniform and then ran them under cold water at just under a minute. Dried them off then buffed with the steel wool again. Then repeated for a second coat. Once stripped the process takes about 5 minutes or so per wedge. The finish came out more like a dark gun metal. I’m hoping they hold up pretty well with the need for an occasional touch up. The lighting in the pictures is giving them a warmer tone than the actual result.
  12. I see the point you’re trying to make, but a lifetime warranty says a lot about the product. When competitors offer a year or two, what does that say about quality? If $299 for a flagship driver and $600-$1200 for multiple lines of iron sets is overpriced to you, so be it. Not sure if you’ve looked at what all the big boys are selling their stuff for, but it’s a lot higher than that. Always funny in a PXG thread, the haters have a duty to pollute them all.
  13. This entire quoted thread is questionable. New member to make the thread, look as his user picture. Regardless, face wear isn't an equipment failure. Of course, the entire point of my thread was to point out what I thought was a little known fact that PXG has a lifetime warranty on their clubs vs. the industry standard 1-2 years.
  14. Titleist is one year warranty. Taylormade 2 years. I'll stop looking it up from there. So 1-2 year vs lifetime is the same to you? Have you priced their clubs recently?
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