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  1. They offer basic putters as well as 3D printed. I find it hard to believe that a company pushing the boundaries of what can be done with club manufacturing is a bad thing. You have cast vs forged already. MIM and 3D printing allow design options to be integrated into the design that you can't achieve with casting or forging. Or could be achieved but with a higher cost. The amount of MOI they've been able to achieve in the supernova putter is awesome. Haven't tried it yet, but perfect example of what they can achieve with 3D printing. They also offer tried and true cast
  2. Just ordered on Saturday and mine shipped today. Expected delivery is Friday to South Carolina.
  3. Won’t hurt them at all. He’s literally the most talked about golfer week in and week out and carries the Cobra banner. The real genius in Cobra’s reply was spelling out that his driver is a custom one off made specifically for him. We all know that, but a lot of folks out there don’t. Bryson will be fine, Cobra will be fine. They are putting out top notch drivers $100 under a lot of competition. Bryson had a bad day and threw a tantrum. I still like the guy, but he has a lot to learn since he’s one of the biggest names in the sport.
  4. Pulled the trigger on the Gen 4X with hzrdus smoke yellow 60g 6.5 shaft. I haven't found many clubs that I've liked that shaft in, but they told me it would build to D3 so this might work with the counterbalancing and D3 SW. We will see. I have a hzrdus rdx black 6.5TX ready to throw a tip on in case the yellow doesn't work out, so for me it wasn't worth paying them for any upgrades. I ordered Saturday and it shipped today, can't beat that. "Expected" delivery is that Friday. That would make it 6 days from order to arrival from Arizona to South Carolina. My money says Fedex drops t
  5. I've had a few pairs of Bombas. They are just ok, way overpriced and overhyped. Feetures, oh man once I got some of their socks I literally gave my Bombas golf socks to my Dad. Feetures>Everything else. Worth the money, but they have a lifetime guarantee. Socks with a lifetime guarantee. Haven't had any issues yet so not sure how the process works, but it's there to try out.
  6. The lack of YouTube video reviews as well as internet reviews and forum threads regarding the Gen 4 driver is nuts. I’ve literally been looking for a few days now and there’s just not much out there. People always knock PXG on price, but this driver retailed before this recent sale at the same price as almost everyone else at $550. From those that play it, I’ve heard nothing but good things, but man it’s hard to find testing info on it.
  7. I had Pro CB’s and they were so good. Absolute butter.
  8. Another thing to point out, the head design of the 9 and the 10.5 and up is slightly different if I recall. Same look but the weighting is different. The CG on the 9 is a little lower and little further back. I also found the head to be slightly fade biased, but that could have been my setup.
  9. In stock and ready to go! Well, not quite since I’m out of town and unavailable to ship until this Monday 7/19. Skip the back orders and long lead times. 4-6 ZX5 with 7-PW ZX7’s. Dynamic Gold tour issue X100’s with BB&F Ferrules installed. Grips are standard size tour velvet 360’s. Standard L/L/L. The PW and 6 iron have a little piece of epoxy loose in the shaft. Grips just need shot off to let it out. I’ve just been lightly tapping the head on the ground at the start of each round and it stops until the clubs sit upside down for a few days in the bag. Other than that,
  10. I'm looking really hard at these right now too. That price is hard to beat, shoot, even the $225 proto. Shaft decision is the tricky one for me. I'm torn between paying the upcharge for a good low/low profile shaft option (possibly pro white) or trying a no upcharge option and just swapping tips on my current RDX black 6.5TX that I love. Might just grab the riptide X to try, I played an evenflow black for a while and it was surprisingly pretty decent. Only issue is the price plus curiosity is why i'm looking. I'm hitting my TSi2 really well right now. That is a sweet package of dis
  11. It’s the definition of Beta dude. They just stood around and waited for someone else to handle it. Beta, wuss, whatever you call it, it is what it is.
  12. Nah, they were dumbstruck like a deer in headlights. It's a fight or flight moment, and they were frozen, no idea what to do. I do agree, the caddy needs to be on this, it's his job to handle this so Rory doesn't have to. But that dude should have been taken down immediatel. Just like I said in my first post, the guy came under the ropes and grabbed a club out of Rory's bag, at that moment, nobody there really had any idea what was about to happen. You can either act right now and shut it down, or wait around and see what the guy was gonna do. If he had bad intentions, they would have all been
  13. I had one last season, one of the best drivers I ever played. It was just so forgiving and consistent. However, I played it with a really tip stiff shaft (3/4" tipped smoke green). That combo knocked spin down on it and man was it a sneaky bomber. I actually had to loft it up to 10* with that shaft. I hit some of my career best drives on a handful of holes with it, and misses were really good in general. What I really liked is it launched more consistent than any driver I've ever used. It hit the same window every time no matter the swing so long as it was somewhat decent. Almost a
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