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  1. All prices to your door. Trade interest for putters only. Center shaft or slight toe hang mallets. No double bend shafts. Add $5 to shipping if west of the big river. Cobra 9* SZ Xtreme Avalanche Colorway. This is the flat black head. Has a 12g weight installed and SW’s around D4.5. Plays right around 45”. Smoke Green 6.5 shaft tipped 1/2”. Absolute forgiving bomber. Wrench and stock 6g weight included. $250 Mizuno JPX 919 Tours. They were ordered this way from Mizuno. Stock L/L/L. 4-PW. Pictures speak to the condition. PX 6.5 shafts with MCC +4 grips. $600 Mi
  2. Way to take my point completely out of context. But what happened could not be seen with the naked eye. Unless Ancer has Superman vision and the ability to see through his club face. An 8K camera on super zoon is not comparable to the naked eye standing directly above the ball. Sorry, don't buy that at all. Sorry, but super zoomed HD cameras have no place in the game unless you put one on every shot by every player and review every single one. I hope caddy's start forcing camera guys away from their players for these shots.
  3. No he didn't. It was a green side bunker. In no way does a small pile of fluffy sand behind the ball impact this shot. It wasn't a fairway bunker where you have to catch ball first. This makes no sense. Also, he was hovering the club, but the thing is, your eyes are unable to see through the club face, so he had no way to know. As the rule is written, it's a penalty. But in no way did touching the sand where it didn't even affect his impact position help him in any way or give him an easier shot. The argument about hovering higher doesn't impact these guys at all. Maybe
  4. If anyone thinks there was intent here, they clearly don't know how to hit a proper greenside bunker shot. This wasn't a chunk of mud behind the ball in a hazard he moved out of the way, it was sand on the surface of the bunker, and if he hits that with the club during his swing, he's gonna have a bad result. Anyhow, the camera BS has to go. You either put a camera guy on every player zoomed in on every shot and review post round, or you stop penalizing people for this stuff unless it's blatant and intentional. You shouldn't face penalty that other players don't due to what a camer
  5. Here's the thing, the winner of the tournament is lowest total score. If you shoot a 272 and the next guy is 274, you win. Doesn't matter if it's a par 72 or par 68 course. Everyone plays the same holes. This year of all years should prove that the course doesn't need to be touched. Throw out Hideki and this year was tough. Thursday there were what, 10 players under par? That's US Open type of numbers there. Bottom line is the course can play extremely tough and I just don't see the need to keep messing with it. If they want to back up 13, I won't complain. But part of the beauty
  6. Brooks: "I can't bend my knee enough to get down normally" Also Brooks a week or so ago:
  7. Lot of Lab 2.1 comments. Heading down to Myrtle later today for a golf trip. Hopefully they still have some down there at PGASS to try out.
  8. And they still own Field and Stream and have stores open that sell firearms, but yeah, go DSG, way to make a stand! SMH
  9. I learned a while ago when dealing with them, you just have to look at the price out the door. Yes, they 100% jack prices to advertise at higher discounts, but i've also bought multiple pairs of Adidas Tour 360's from them for $80-90, as well as some $20/dozen ammo boxes of TP5 practice balls. Always fast shipping to me, YMMV. If you ignore the BS and just look at out the door price, you can find some good stuff on there. For some reason I always to well on shoes, even when they're on sale elsewhere, I have better luck finding my sizes there.
  10. I think there's yet to be anyone that does a true head to head test properly. MGS used to be on track, but they way they process this data recently is going the wrong direction. Polling fitters isn't ideal either. People have brand bias, including fitters. The big 5 will have more fitting options out there which will skew the samples that direction. If you want to test performance, you have to remove variables. All driver heads in same loft with same shaft. You have to do part robot testing and part human. Combine the results. For the robot, I'd test 5 out of the center
  11. I also forgot to mention earlier, but the Seemore Copper FGP mallet is showing a lot of promise. I've always been fitted into center shaft putters but never found one I really liked. Bought mine off the BST here for a solid deal and man I'm rolling it well. No skips and hops off the face, great feel, and i'm hitting my lines. So far haven't holed more putts with it, but that's due to read and not the stroke. All you can ask for is hitting your intended line with good speed and this putter has been spot on for me. Never saw myself with a seemore, figured when I finally bit on a CS i
  12. Could be a wedge, driver, new golf tee, divot tool, bag itself, etc. I'll start it off, tried a 4 pack of the Kirkland golf gloves and they are really good for the $$. Not the thinnest, but a very nice cabretta that feels good. I also grabbed one of the golf towels with the built in magnet, highly recommend as well. Hopefully soon I'll be updating with how fantastic my upcoming ZX5/7 combo set it, but this should do for now.
  13. Looks like it hasn't been mentioned yet, but a lot of guys on here have Srixon accounts and can get you ordered what you fit into from Srixon for likely around that same price. The main issue now is lead time/back order. You have a $900 set in hand you can play today. So you're saving $350 over retail. If that shaft doesn't work, you can reshaft with something else for around that same price and you have what you want all at normal retail price which you were planning to pay anyway. You can then flip your Modus 120 pulls on the BST for $100-150 most likely and get a little bit back
  14. Sadly it seems most manufacturers have went away from deep faced drivers. This was one that I loved as well. You may have to look at Krank or something similar to find something as deep.
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