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  1. The speed in which pages load is awesome. Also like the layout and formatting a lot more than previously.
  2. - 15* head - I like the quality looks that you can get along with the quality price.
  3. I love these 270s. Was looking for a spikeless sneaker like shoe and these fit the bill. I wear a 10 in Nikes and went TTS, and they fit good maybe even a tad too big. Had no trouble getting them on like some have mentioned, but I guess I have skinny than average feet. I've been playing in a pair of vapor react 2 for the past year or so and these feel just a little less comfortable cause there's no react but more comfortable because they are a sneaker versus spikes. I've played 4 round with these on and haven't noticed any grip issues. And they transition to wearing to the store or on a walk s
  4. Clovis, NM Blue star I am intrigued by the flat front and how I think that would help steady my hands within my putting stroke. Currently using a super stroke.
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