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  1. Bought one of these from Amazon 2015 i think. Bummed I didn't get the hard shell case, but mine's been rock solid. just saw the OP date...srry
  2. More stuff to sell. All prices include shipping to CONUS (ONLY) and pp fees. Please PM me any questions. If I don't reply to your generous offer, consider it a polite no thank you. First to paypal gets it. NO TRADES thanks 1) Aldila xtorsion copper 60s cb. Untipped, Bought raw from niblick. tm 2* adapter. No pulls. ndmc grip in ok shape. Played d2 ish in my m2 $100 2) Superstroke full cord with reminder 58x grips for clubs. qty12. will ship these in a flat rate envelope . $SOLD
  3. CPO is 1/5 for like new condition for me. 2 of them were shockingly bad. Mistakes happen but, still disappointing when your paypal funds are in limbo for a couple of weeks.
  4. Now, before we do this, let's go over the ground rules. Rule number one: No touching of the the hair or face...
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