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  1. Please release the username
  2. Thanks for the write up an comaprison @Valtiel. Would rotating my left forearm more vertically at the top help get my right elbow into the body?
  3. That obvious, eh? Thanks for the time you put into this Moleculo. I've been working alot on getting my shoulders to turn down more in the backswing, guess I still have long way to go. Not sure how how I'm going to this as it feels like I'm already pointing my left shoulder at my feet. Any more turn down and I get the sensation I'll fall over. I'm pretty flexible, so I feel like I should be able to get there. Thanks again for the write up.
  4. I tried one of those years ago and gave up rather quickly on it. I'll give it another try next time at the range.
  5. Greetings. I'm having problems stalling and flipping at the ball. I know my takeaway could use some work, but I think I'm in a decent position at the top. idk. Any help would be appreciated. 20201011_143535(1).mp4
  6. Bought one of these from Amazon 2015 i think. Bummed I didn't get the hard shell case, but mine's been rock solid. just saw the OP date...srry
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