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  1. Moving on from a couple of awesome items today. Hopefully I don’t regret this. Trade bait is listed below. -Bettinardi Inovai Rev 2.0 Prototype. Super rare and true tour issue. I’ve gamed it for the last year but I’ve moved back to a blade. No COA. Plays 34”. Has Tour Lamkin deep etch. Come with two tour headcovers. Asking $1400 obo $1325 —> $1250 -PXG Gen 1 0311T/XF combo with DGTIS400. 4 iron is XF and 5-PW are T. Standard L/L/L. Newish Lamkin UTX cord grips. I bought these direct from PXG in October of 2018. They have been gamed ever since. There is some bag chatter and maybe some br
  2. A few towels up for grabs. All are brand new. No trades please. -Big League Chew - $110 - Party On - $85 each (only one left) Take all $240
  3. Clearing out some space in the garage for additional headcovers as well as saving for a few putters. No reasonable offer refused!!! -Black Friday Mallet, New, $175—> $162.50 -Elf, New $85–> $75 -Pippen Jersey, new, $160–> $145 -Black Friday Blade, New $150–> $140 -Party On, New $120–> $110 -PGA Show Tour, Gamed a few times, $120–> $100 No trades please!
  4. Titleist 620 CB/ TMB combo 5-PW CB w/ KBS Black Nickel 130x 4 iron 718 TMB w/ Amt s300 Amazing combo, super clean w/ just a little bag chatter. Standard L/L/L. Just a little to heavy for me these days! Asking $775 obo Open to trades for the following only: Apex Pro w/ stiff (+) or light xstiff shafts Miura TC 201s Tour Bettinardi BB0 or BB8 JPX 919 Tour irons
  5. Not a hybrid guy so I’m moving on from these two awesome hybrids I had built. No trades at this time. Thanks. - Mavrik 3 Hybrid, 18*, Atmos black 9x. Plays 41.5”. Has HC. Never hit. Asking $340 - Mavrik Pro 3 Hybrid, 20*, AD HY 95x, Plays 40.5”, Has HC, Never hit. SOLD!!
  6. Bored at the house so I figured I sell a few things Open to select trades: Players iron set with light weight xstiff shafts Other Tour Bettinardi putters Byron Morgan DH89 GSS Sm8 wedge set Mavrik SZ 3 wood w/ xstiff shaft -BB8 Tour VWS -Plays 33.75” - a newish SnSr grip, will include new Bettinardi tour Lamkin - Multi Logo PGA show HC - Flymill face, some oxidation spots that just showed up and have no idea why. Asking $775–> $745—> $695 - SIM TI 3 wood, Diamana LTD 75x, 25 balls hit. Has HC Asking $345–> $325–> $300 - PXG Gen 2 0341x 3 wood, used half a season. Evenflow Bl
  7. I actually really like. I just have the white one as well so I don’t need two of them.
  8. Got a few items to pass along to others. No trades at this time unless it’s a BB0 Tour Bettinardi. Thanks! Cobra Speedzone, 9*, hit five times, no HC or wrench. Will come with HZRDUS Smoke 60g 6.5. Plays 45”. Complete club $400,—-> $385 Head Only $340—> $330SOLD PXG 0311 54*, 14* bounce. Well used but tons of life left. S400 shaft and tour velvet cord grip. Pics show condition Asking $140—> $125The Buck Club headcovers. Both are brand new. Magnetic closure. Asking $80 each or $135 for both, now $70 each or $120 for bothSOLDThanks! — Sorry photos are out of order
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