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  1. Great condition, Size 10, best looking (IMO). The only issue is on spike mission on the right shoe (easily replaceable). Thanks for looking. $149 delivered to your door.
  2. Used for 2 rounds only and in almost mint condition. 9 Degree Head, Hzrdus Smoke Yellow Stiff Standard Length, w/ PXG Lamkin grip, and PXG leather head cover. $415 shipped to your door.
  3. This bag was used for 4 rounds and is in excellent condition.SOLD
  4. Read thru the site and looked at all the specs which are particularly different that most other brands. The shaft for a 95-105mph swing recommended is the 16 Lo which has 255 CPM and 74 gram weight. No mention of spin properties. Anyone have experience?
  5. I'm sure this topic has been discussed a million times but I would like to learn members opinions and experiences with their favorite forged irons. I have been hitting a lot of buckets the last two months with a "hand me down" set of Tour Stage X blades that are fully forged and feel great. I currently game the Titleist T200 irons which are nice and I like the forgiveness. Is there an iron out there with the incredible feel of an Endo forged or like product that offers some forgiveness? Thanks.
  6. The GSS weld neck is amazing. Are the weights a new custom option? I've never seen that before.
  7. Thanks for looking. If you are interested please PM me and I can send you more pictures. All Putters are to standard spec as far as I know as I have made no adjustments. 1) Nike 006 "Oven" Rory 1/1000 plus Volt head cover $300 2) TP Mills Flat T Anvil Series 34" $300 3) TP Mills Professional Series Tradition 34" w/ added "snow" on top $300 4) TP Mills "shooter" head cover $75 (gun with bullet holster) 5) Lajosi Putter _forget the name of the style but similar to Scotty Cameron circa 62 #3 -deep milled with tremendous feel $200 6) Machine M10 Fixer putter with module over center shaft neck.
  8. I'm a high spin guy and want ultimate in low spin equipment. Please help!
  9. Strange question but has anyone switched from the PXG 0311P to the Mizuno MP-20 MMC ? I'm considering it and was concened about loss of forgivness. Any thoughts on the Mizuno MP-20 in general? Thanks.
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