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  1. Someone posted earlier that the reports were he broke both of his legs... this thread is moving so fast I missed if that was verified. Does anyone have a source on what his injuries actually are other than "multiple" surgeries?
  2. This is sad news for any golf fan, and especially any Tiger fan. I'm both, and I'm saddened by all of it. I hope he can make a full recovery and play with his kids again... forget the PGA tour. And to those getting mad at the rumors and speculation about WHY this happened, c'mon get real. This is the internet. If that kind of thing makes you upset, you're probably in the wrong place.
  3. Anyone who has been on WRX for even a small amount of time just KNEW after reading the title of this thread that it would be a bit of a s-show, haha! I am still amazed at the different levels of good golf. The best player at my club and multiple club championship winner holds a +4 index, and he didn't even come close to making it on the mini-tours. He's VERY good at golf and though I haven't talked to him about it, I'd imagine he doesn't think he's all that great. It is definitely all relative. But to the point I think the OP was making, there is a nice feeling when you can finally ex
  4. Let's not nitpick the OP. He didn't mean he IS good at golf, especially not relative to a scratch or plus player, but I think what he meant is he has reached the point where he can sort of make the ball go where he wants it to go. At least I think that's what he means? I don't think I'm "good at golf" but I distinctly remember a couple of points over the years where I was able to produce the ballflight that I wanted. One was maybe 8 years ago after a lesson and grip change finally clicked. I was on the range and it all fell into place. That's been the grip I've used for at least th
  5. He played 18 just awesomely. 3 fantastic shots and walk off win. Gotta love it.
  6. Lanto Griffin's parents weren't wealthy at all and his dad died when he was young. Others have already mentioned Finau, Day, Bubba... Golf is a sport that the well-to-do tend to play, but a lot of the PGA tour guys were anything but.
  7. This is an interesting (and probably correct) take. I was just talking with a buddy yesterday about putting stats, and how, in back to back rounds, I had 41 putts one day and 31 putts the next. Yes, it was on different courses with totally different greens, but still. I did the whole "if only I was averaging 4 less putts a round, that's 4 strokes off my handicap right there" thing, but obviously proximity to the hole will affect putting stats. And then distance on the approach will affect proximity to the hole. And then distance and direction off the tee will affect approach distance. Go
  8. I think my all time high has been around 60. Playing 27 holes a week is about perfect for me and I'm not sure I'd want to play more than that on a regular basis unless I could play the 2.5-3 hour rounds that come around so infrequently.
  9. The only people I play for money are people who know me and are around my same skill level, so we give no strokes to anyone anyway so our handicaps don't matter. But on the rare time I'm asked by someone I round my index to the nearest whole number and say "I'm about a ___." I've never been asked by a total stranger to play a money game.
  10. As the title states, have you ever been genuinely surprised by someone's game, good or bad, based upon your assumptions after looking at their equipment, their swing, or other? Discuss! Yes, this is an invitation to explore our own pre-judgments, but not accusing anyone of being prejudiced. I also realize that even with the relative anonymity of the internet, many people would be uncomfortable sharing their stories...but I'm curious. What started me on this thought is watching a YouTube video and then seeing a bunch of comments like "no wayyyy is that guy an X handicap with THAT sw
  11. I tend to play with two different groups, and adjust the tees i play from according to which of the two groups I'm with. Looking at my ghin scores from the past year, my scoring average is 1.4 shots better from the shorter tees, but my average differential is better from the longer tees. There's 500yds of distance between the two sets of tees and obviously a few different looks from certain tee boxes. My lowest round is identical from each tee. I've seen all sorts of different formulas for how to figure out which tees you should be playing, but my rule is simple. If you can't hope
  12. I am lucky in that regard. 3 of the guys in this loose group are people I started playing with when we were all members at the same private club. One is a HS friend and the others are folks I've met along the way. We're all in our late 30s and early 40s and all but one of us has young kids at home, so it takes an act of Congress to get all of our schedules lined up to play at the same time, but usually I can get together with at least one of the guys to find a game. Joining a club is definitely a good way to meet people and find a good game. Even if you all don't stay at the club,
  13. Over the past 3 years I've had all sorts of membership options... full private, a "member" at a semi-private/public muni (basically unlimited golf, a locker and discounts on merch for a fixed monthly fee), and no membership at all. I will play just about anywhere, from a fairly ratty muni to the nicest full private in my area where a few friends will have me out as a guest occasionally. I have learned that I care less about the course and its conditions than I do about who I am playing with and how I'm playing. I will play with anyone, but I much prefer competitive matches against people
  14. 100yds is my stock, full swing 58 so in neutral conditions (wind, lie, elevation) that is the club I use. I narrow my stance a bit, play the ball position back and just make my normal swing, which produces a spinny 100yd shot. It's actually my favorite distance for an approach, and when I'm playing smart, it is where I will lay up to specifically so that I have that distance in.
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