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  1. I hit the new fairway on a simulator and was getting 170 plus ball speeds and it sounds amazing. I might get the 3 plus and build a stenson type club. What’s the face angle? Hopeful that the 3 plus is open ish, but I don’t know. The 15 went really good with stable spin. Was going further than my Callaway tour issue head fit to me... or better ball speed same spin.
  2. Have a few rounds under belt now including one today in very windy conditions and I’m even more sold in this. Also had a college level player in our group and he used my driver the whole time to try it out and loved it. Some very good shots. Long balls. Good in the wind and better than I thought it would be overall, tbh. The vanity and novelty is one thing, but I think it does a little more than nothing so it’s a good combo.
  3. It doesn’t feel that whippy. And I think if TXG wasn’t agnostic you’d see that they’d have to bias towards this one a lot more than they do. It’s hard to beat it.
  4. This shaft is unreal. Try playing it around d1 and it doesn’t have to be 46 plus inches to get the distance. Most amateur setups not that difficult.. many would benefit from the 20-30 extra yards. Low loft, normal center of gravity head, and you’ll see unreal stuff.
  5. No doubt. Thank you. I was thinking to mot tip it to make it as soft as possible but didn’t know if all manufacturers hacked some tip off for standard builds. Thank You!
  6. The hybrid 95 x feels very smooth and playable. Never too strong at all. I play s400 in irons and an x in this shaft feels like a good bridge between stiff iron shafts and x stiff woods.
  7. I actually get along with steel in driving irons pretty well. I had a driving iron with the hybrid shaft from GD and one with the DI GD shaft same weight. The steel always seems launch lowest. The DI shaft was a little higher, easier to elevate. The hybrid shaft was the loosest and made the club seem really spinny and less like a driving iron. Into the wind it just wasn’t near as good as the DI GD shaft or Steel. That being said... the DI GD shaft isn’t as hefty as steel, but also still performed well in the wind
  8. I guess I’m in the minority here but I really liked this shaft. I played it in a Callaway 18 degree driving iron. It was very consistent and stable. Felt like a little bit lighter iron shaft. Very consistent for me.
  9. Ha yeah I’ve done it myself even.
  10. My local shop which is kind of the Mecca for Southern California golf stuff measures clubs to 2-3 sw points higher than the local true spec store. Any idea why? Meaning the same club will be D5 at the golf shop but D3 at True Spec. Noticed this on 2 clubs.
  11. My experience with the VA guys has been fantastic. Lots of great feedback from Victor when I have questions and fantastic customer service whenever you need it from them. I have raijin in my hybrid and a Nemesys in a new TSI3 head at 8 degrees. I need to compare this driver to the Callaway but it might be longer at the moment as the decent angle is lower. Anyways not to get too deep into the weeds on that... if I were in your shoes, I’d go with VA product. They have stuff that fits across the whole spectrum, but in my experience dealing with them is great. Also I’ve achieved a personal best 18
  12. Thank you. I understand. You just never know.. sometimes companies like Titleist tip everything 1 inch. I wasn’t sure why or if that’s still common. Does anyone have any experience with this shaft and far as tipping and how it performs? I kind of want it to play softer so I get better results swinging smoothly as opposed to swinging like a moron.
  13. Any advice on tipping this before installing? Do manufacturers tip them and still call them ‘standard’ when assembling? I think I’ve heard that. I’m going TX will play around inches in mew Callaway, just want to know what you guys know about how to do that or what’s best. Thank You
  14. They do what they say? I just ordered one through “value golf” and it seems like they are copies. As long as it works and delofts. I’m good with it.
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