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  1. zeke66

    RPG 472

    Does anyone else have one? I just got one and and put it in the bag, tipped 3/4, m5 designation. Have never had such a smooth powerful feeling shaft. It feels like a more stable explosive 80 gram blue board. It’s weird. Thought it would feel stout because Gary plays it but it’s not. How are the new models? The rpg at least launches nicely:.. low spin... easy to launch tho. Launches true.
  2. Mavrik SZ looks more like the normal epic Sz, rogue SZ type shape. No triple diamond look. I play the triple diamond at times.
  3. I went in and did a full testing of these things. Numerous shafts, epic flash triple diamond (tensei orange), ping g410 lst (ping tour shaft, aldila green proto), sim and sim max with tensei, Ventus, aldilas etc. we tried everything we could to beat... get this... the g410 with the stock shaft. Crazy. I’m glad I did it because I’m not switching. I hit way too many good shots with the ping. My ball speed (~175-180) and launch were more stable and consistent. Sim in all these settings just didn’t do it for me. The best one I hit lacked in ball speed. I hit some others hard that launched high but
  4. I’m about to pull the trigger on this. Have a ventus 7x ready to go into this with a plus 4 grip now I’m paranoid about the swing weight. What is going on here? Maybe I should bang it and get something else? The sim was performing awesome at the store. How should I order this if I’m planning on junking the stock shaft?
  5. I am curious to see how different this head is compared to the Triple Diamond Epic Flash. I love that head. It sets up amazing, its pretty forgiving and its long. Sound is loud, but the head is great.
  6. Ok thanks it’s actually weird. The tingy sound on miss hits with the shafts I already owned verses the ping shaft even in mis hits strange. I thought I had broken the head somehow then I went back to the wonderful stock shaft and boom perfect sound. a sound and feel really like. What materials are used in the ping tour shaft? Any idea on prepeg? May have a winner. Oddly because I think the aldila tour green proto is insanely good... smooth and high bombs. Whatever. Psychologically it’s hard to just play a stock shaft when I’ve played these other ones as stupid as that sounds. Maybe that’s why
  7. Looking for an answer on this. I ordered the LST with the ping tour 65x at D3. I put Ping tips on my ventus 7x and my Aldila tour green proto 65 tx. Both of these clubs swing weight to D4. Question: why am I getting a weird high pitched tingy sound with my good shafts? It sounds weird. Performance also not as good as with the ping tour 65x shaft. I switched back to the tour 65x shaft today and was getting a really solid thwacky impact... like an ideal impact sound and feel. But with my good shafts the thing felt like a lemon and made bad noises. Is there any way the adapters I got at the golf
  8. Txg Test seemingly likes up with what I saw but that lefty hitting is more consistent than I am. The only knock I have on this ball is cover durability. I don’t chew up balls unless they go in the sand... this thing was getting dinged up on normal wedge shots for some reason.
  9. This ball seems good. It feels soft or muted off the face with a driver and nice and smooth/heavy/soft with irons. It seems long, but it definitely feels super dull or muted.. which I think I’d like if I got used to it, but I was confused if something was wrong with my driver. The cover also breaks down easily. Each time I used a wedge I scuffed it. But... I think I could get used to this ball if I had some feedback or numbers supporting what it was actually doing! Haha. What came first the chicken or the egg? Either way good experiment by Titleist.
  10. Looking to knock my descent angle down from Tensei PO 70tx and Ventus I’ve tried. Never driven the ball straighter than with ventus but really high no roll. ZF a candidate?
  11. The shaft feels absolutely amazing I’ll add. Like a good fly rod. Watching my buddy annihilate it was enjoyable. I wasn’t even mad. If he could get his wedges halfway decent we could try some USGA events.
  12. My friend ordered one of these from JDs and brought it to Torrey Pines this weekend. WOW! On the first hole north he had a little chip shot in. Made bogey, Rory style. But even more impressive was the T Ball he hit on 16.... 400 yards up will to the right on the ocean... he was 10 feet from the front of the green. He has a lot of power. Games this in a new LST 10.5. Absolute high flying knuckle balls. The shaft is a good match for him. 70 gram TX. I took a few swings with it and noticed the ball didn’t spin enough for me to use something like that. I felt like I was slinging a kite wi
  13. Who uses these or the original out on the tour? I know Spieth and the guy that won in Detroit do. DJ a proto.
  14. He’s got one of the best swings on your period. The only thing he does weird is early wrist c0ck. The rest of the swing is perfect. Go read some Kelvin and you’ll understand all of it.
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