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  1. Don't do anything! stay in contact with the buyer and wait for a claim to be filed. Very similar occurrence happened to me back during the first covid usps shipping debacle. I sold a putter, two weeks later it has not shown up, buyer getting very pushy, so I refunded him. The putter arrived within the next couple of days, now he has my money and putter. I message him and he pretty much told me to get EFFED. It was a nightmare, eBay customer service was a joke, I spent at least 10 hours on the phone trying to work something out.
  2. 100 here, didn't like the tensei O, too spinny. What profile do you prefer? The tried and true addi is working really well in mine. Never been a great driver of the ball, now it takes a really bad pass to miss a fairway.
  3. Thanks- now that riff is in my head...But what a great one!
  4. fc 90 irons/110 wedges. Works for me, don't understand the "funky outlier" description. However, the 110's do require additional tip weight to achieve the desired SW.
  5. Gloves are for pansies. Guys I play with have 3 or 4 sweaty ones lashed to the cart roof support flappin around like a bunch of birds. Keep grips fresh and clean- no gloves or laundry lines required...
  6. Condom for a cart strap... Ok. Sorry, white bags are equalivent to white hats, and white belts for that matter, just a bad choice.
  7. Blade is on the money..but I don't think he takes B in the 40.
  8. probably similar in performance to Cally's latest and greatest
  9. Only if someone would stick a rag in Zingers mouth
  10. 919T, backed up with 900T and MP60
  11. Finally ordered black/X test pack. Gotta say the x is very similar to V1x, maybe a smig softer/less clicky, which I liked, wedge spin was equal or better, driver carry was impressive. I will give the black more holes next time before I decide, but for now its a easy decision, I'm a snell player.
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