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  1. I could use this cannon to replace my old tried and true r7tp 3 wood
  2. I'm putting my faithful old gamer up for sale as I have moved onto the latest and greatest. Titleist 910D3 9.5* driver. Diamana Ahina' 72g Stiff shaft. Plays 45.5" to the best of my measuring ability. The pictures tell the story, it has been used, not destroyed. Some face markings from hitting range balls and being played for the last 5 years. Some light sole markings from normla use and some tee markings on the sole that I didn't try to get off. One thing I will say about it, it has a beautiful smaller traditional look at address. It is a cannon when hit on the screws and workable. Includes original headcover and wrench. Headcover elastic is stretched out but works fine. $85 Paypal'd and shipped to you in the lower 48
  3. Sounds like I'll trend towards keeping them for the season. Maybe by next year some of the manufacturing demand will have caught up and I'll look at a switch. I bought these new in 2006. I was around a 3 at the time. Now I'm playing to an 8. They have been solid sticks and some of the irons show a little wear but they are also cast and they must be some hard suckers because I've put them through their paces. The only thing I could fault them is that that it's difficult to alter the trajectory of my shots. I've got the high shot and the higher shot haha. Thanks again!
  4. I've started back playing regularly after a 6-7 year hiatus of only playing a couple of rounds a year. I'm in the process of updating my bag. I'm still gaming a set of TM r7tp irons with tt black gold shafts. I hit these high and have found them be a good fit for my game, so much so that I'm hesitant to switch. Prior to that I played a set of Mizuno mp-30s which were practically blades. I don't work the ball much unless absolutely necessary and I find the r7tps difficult to shape more than a few yards either way anyway. I'm far more concerned with accuracy of my irons vs distancen so I'm always looking for more forgiveness. I've always been a good iron player and generally struggle off the tee. I'm looking at something like a set of t100s, t200 or p790. What will I see if I switch compared to what I'm gaming now. Is it even worth the ~$1200 investment for the gain over what I've got? Thanks in advance!
  5. Back in the day I played a Cobra L4Vx. Talk about obnoxious, LOUD, you could hear it on the other side of the course. Loved it! haha
  6. I did like my 910d3 and it's look at address. I have played a variety of drivers in the past though so I'm not too hung up on it. With that being said I did have my eye on a G400 Max or the like. I have not seen the newest TM or Cobra offerings to compare. Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming!
  7. Just a little background on me. I am a high single digit handicap (regular rounds anywhere from 75-80 currently) I played collegiate golf 15 years ago. I have a relatively flat swing (irons are 2* flat) with a fast transition. I currently have a SS in the neighborhood of 105mph. I am coming from playing a 910D3 which was plenty long but it kills me when I don't hit it right. I bought it back around 2012 but basically stopped playing golf for several years as we started our family. I am getting back to playing regularly and want to pick up a new driver. I am looking for something reasonably long but more importantly, something that is going to help when I don't hit it on the screws. I would choose forgiveness over distance any day. My miss is a high dead fade (which comes from laying off, not getting through the shot). Golf equipment has changed a ton since I bought my last driver so I need your help. I am not brand loyal, looking for a high performer. Any extra distance is always a plus. Shaft recommendations are also needed. I should note that I am not necessarily looking for a brand new out of the plastic driver but anything within the last couple of years would suit me fine also (on a diapers and coffee budget)
  8. I had a little more time today to update the listing with everything else. I'm open to trades but I'm mainly looking for driver shafts with Titleist adapter (I'm on the line of stiff/x) or putters.
  9. End of the year bag cleanout! 1. Nike Method Matter M4|10 center shafted putter. It plays at dead 34 inches (cut down from 35). Gripped with a practically new superstroke ultra slim 1.0. Putter is a solid 8.7/10 save for a little sole/face edge wear and one small mark on the top line consistent with use Includes a headcover but it is NOT the original one. Headcover has seen its better days but has sufficed since I managed to lose the original. SPF 2. Taylormade r7tp TOUR ISSUE 15* 3 wood. This set up came from the tour van from the mini tour. Shafted with a Graffaloy comp NT proto 85g-x stuff. Comes with headcover as pictured. Plays 43". Lamkin cross line full cord grip. This thing is a rocket when you hit it on the screws. Plays a touch fade biased for me. 10g and 6g weights in the sole. A small sky mark (speck) at the top of the face/crown as pictured. It otherwise consistent wear with regular use. $70 shipped in the USA OBO. More on the way later as I get through the rest of my stuff 3. Taylormade Z-TP 52* wedge. 8* bounce. Something like a black nickel oxide finish. Z Grooves still sharp, normal bag chatter wear as pictured. Lamkin cross line full cord grip. Least used of the 3 $50 shipped in the USA. 4. Callaway X-forged 56*. C-grind sole. 15* bounce but plays much lower thanks to the grind. Old MD grooves (original Mack daddy). This was one of the highest spin wedges on the planet before they changed the groove rule. Stock GP TV grip $45 shipped in the USA 5. Callaway X-forged 60*. C-grind sole. 10* bounce but plays lower due to the grind. Old MD grooves (original Mack daddy) spin monsters. High spin and versatile. Lamkin cross line full cord. $45 shipped to you in the USA. I'll sell the whole wedge set for $125 shipped in the USA. 52 56 60
  10. I've been in the lottery for the last 13 years for practice round and then tournament tickets once they started offering them again. My parents have been in the lottery for the same duration. None of us have been selected. I agree with other posters, now that I have children, once my son is a little older I will just suck it up, pony up the $$$$$ and go together if I'm not selected to go by then. Hopefully he'll appreciate it but it most definitely be a once in a lifetime chance for us both.
  11. I'm a frequent listener and perhaps I was in the minority when I was sad to see Fairways of Life leave sirius/XM even though I can still follow them by their app though not as convenient. I enjoyed their programming and I also enjoy listening to K&M on tap. Probably the best show on there is Freddie's show imo. On a side note, I have never liked "Morning with Marr". The icing on the cake was this morning when he was berating kids in the Drive Chip and Putt national championship at ANGC for "taking too much time while lining up their putts." He complained that they were crouching down, reading putts and they were too slow. His implication was that these kids couldn't possibly know what to look for in doing that and were purely impersonating touring pros and setting a bad example for other kids. Then out of the other side of his mouth he said the game needs to grow. Get a LIFE! It isn't rocket science! They are kids living their dream. Let them have their 10 minutes of glory. If my kid were there, I would want them to soak it all in and do their best. On a side note, Stadler takes the cake for the worst. Norman isn't much better.
  12. Unquestionably they could fix the issue if they wanted. Probably no simple easy solution unless they went to something like a ticket with photo embedded or photo ID. I think that is fairly extreme and invasive though and would take a nod towards unprofessionalism and would go against the spirit of ANGC and the honor that comes with the game. With that being said, I have been in the lottery for 10+ years for both tournament round tickets and practice round tickets. My father was enrolled until he passed in March of last year. Neither of us were/have ever been selected.
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