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  1. Sounds good. I played Ironhorse Saturday. It was a pretty nice course. I might play today but not sure where yet. Shoal Creek is one I’ve been looking at.
  2. I think 1 & 3 are pretty normal as well. When practicing chipping and pitch shots, it can be tricky because I think it calculates distances. If you are manipulating the club face, it changes the launch angle and throws things off. Under 40 yards is probably pretty tough for it to do. As far as the carry and total, I don't think there is anything you can do with that other than just use the app for both. I only ever use carry, and that has worked really well for me. I am also pretty diligent about deleting the shots that are bad.....like the shanks and giant slices and chunks. When you delete those out, it makes the numbers much more accurate. The bluetooth is like that on mine as well, but I am ok with it. I really don't need more than 10 or 15 feet. Plus, it does store the info for you to download later if you dont want to be using your phone or Ipad while you are hitting. Ironically, I do feel like I practice better when I use my phone too because I have to reset between shots and I'm not just hammering balls.
  3. Crazy huh.....I have heard dumb stuff about my clubs a few times. I bought PXG irons when they first started the military discount and people commented on those a lot implying I was overly wealthy. Ironically, the K Sig wedges were the first new clubs I have bought that weren't used in probably 5 years.
  4. He should try putting with his eyes closed
  5. Maybe Brooks and Bryson will go to the playoff and make a side bet where the loser has to wash the other guy's car on video.
  6. They would have to fly pretty low to see my unit....like 3 feet off the ground
  7. Yesterday, I found myself hoping that some player that shot their way out of it would just start launching balls at them and knock them out of the sky.
  8. Is it just me or does anybody else find the paragliders annoying?
  9. I've been playing them all year. I am a bigger guy and I spent a few bucks to have the lie angle bent up and added extensions and new mid-size grips. My only complaint is the glare off the face when addressing the ball under certain conditions. It took me a minute to get used to hitting balls out of the bunkers because of the difference in bounce from my old set, but now I have no real fear of the sand. As far as branding, nobody has ever said anything about them being in my bag. I would recommend them to anybody.
  10. I want to do a Sandbagger Invitational. I'll take Mario Lemieux and we can play against Biz and Whit. The trash talk would be EPIC.
  11. I haven't played anywhere yet. I don't get there until next weekend. I am not really sure what I would be looking for. I will probably try out some public courses for the rest of the summer and see how that goes. I like all sorts of courses, from wide open links type to regular parkland types. I am not a member of any courses here in Ohio, mostly because I do like traveling around to play and the only good private courses are either too far from work or too far from home. Plus, the public courses around here are really good and very reasonable for the conditions. My concern heading to KC is that tee times might be much harder to come by.
  12. I am moving to the area in a few weeks from Ohio. I haven't gotten a house yet so I will be in temp housing for a bit. If you guys are getting together to play at all, let me know. It's hard to get a feel on what the golf is like there. We are pretty spoiled here in Ohio but I think it's all about perspective.
  13. I liked it. I also thought it was a team event going into it. A woman was leading it for the first 2.5 rounds and then the wind crushed her chances. I would for sure watch that type of tournament again.
  14. It might also have something to do with inventory buyback. If they sell the inventory back to the OEM or distributor, they may have to sell it exactly as it came to them. Not saying this is the case, but it does happen.
  15. I don't think its that rare. A lot of the courses I play have semi-reachable Par 5s for longer than average hitters but I rarely see people on in two. As mentioned earlier, its not easy to hit the green from even 200 out. I also consider holing out to be a lucky shot....although having a higher skill level increases your chance of getting lucky.
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