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  1. 1.49 smash factor is pretty good. That's why your yardage is increased. My personal preference is to only look at carry yardage too....only because if I want to clear a bunker or a hazard, I want to know if my average carry is going to get it done. We don't get a ton of roll here in Ohio anyway, at least under most conditions. I guess it depends on where you live though.
  2. I shipped one on Monday for $10.84 but I shipped it in a cardboard tube, not a square box. I put a ton of packing in it too for protection. It was about 50 inches long.
  3. Here's what I learned from using the SC300. As long as you have the correct loft of your driver in the settings, the smash factor and al the other numbers should be fairly accurate. I've compared it to Trackman and while its not exactly as accurate as Trackman, its about $20,000 cheaper. If you keep the thing a pretty consistent distance behind the ball, you will get consistent readings. When you are hitting drivers, this is much easier to do since you can keep putting your tee in the same spot. When you are hitting irons and taking divots, you gotta be more active in moving the monitor a
  4. Has anybody else tried this out? I have the Ogio Convoy Cart bag that I just bought at the end of last year. I like the bag for the most part, but I miss having a hybrid bag. I went from the Nike Hybrid to the Ogio. I really loved the Nike bag and I'm considering going back to it. I was hoping maybe the Woode bag would get better reviews.
  5. I've been looking at it but I don't have a shaft to put in it Chief. If I see one that works I might just pull the trigger.
  6. My daughter did it the last two years. I think its all about the individual course or coach. Our course and coach was not that great. He really offered no real instruction and the price didn't include range balls at practice. In our area, there were 7 teams and 3 of them were really well run, one was at a private course with only kids that were from there, and 3 of them were poorly run. That said, she did have a good time for the most part. I don't know if it was the same everywhere, but the way they set up the matches wasn't very good. They would have the older boys get matched up agai
  7. I'm trying. They are all out of order.
  8. Callaway Mavrik Max 9.0 degree. Project X EvenFlo 6.0 Stiff 75g shaft. Everything standard. Pretty mint, bought over the winter and only used for a few rounds. Comes with tool and stock headcover. $325 Graphite Design Tour AD GP-7X Black Edition. 45" with TaylorMade tip. Brand new NDMC Midsize grip. Great shaft but I don't have the speed to bomb it anymore. SOLD Srixon Z 565 Iron Set 4-PW. Standard L/L/L. These irons are used, but still in great shape. Project X 6.0 Rifle shafts with Pure Midsize Black grips. $400)* Voke
  9. I second this. I have the Caddytek from Costco as well and I like it. I previously had a Clicgear and it was a fine quality machine, but the Caddytek is just as nice for much less money. My only complaint is the foot brake. It works fine but my Clicgear had a hand brake and I really miss that feature. I also did some customization on the Caddytek. I added some velcro for hanging gloves to dry and I riveted some snaps into the frame to add a makeshift piece to hold the umbrella so I don't have to cram it in my bag.
  10. I went from AP1s to AP2s and then to PXG, with some Ping i20s in there here and there. I also struggle with alignment and I feel like the PXGs have slightly less offset and it does help a little. My opinion, when you are swinging well, the less offset and less forgiveness is nice, but when things go bad, I really miss the forgiveness of the GI irons. I don't typically work the ball both directions at will, but I always feel I have a better chance with the forged players irons. You cant beat the feel of forged though.
  11. As already stated, they are for sure not the prettiest wedges ever but they do seem to work really well. I have now had Vokeys, Mizuno and now these and so far my wedge game is as good as its ever been. I'm not saying its because of the wedges, but they certainly aren't hindering my game.
  12. I was gaming them off and on for the last few years until I gave them to a friend who was interested in taking up golf. As somebody mentioned, they were a club shorter than my current PXG set but there was also a 2 degree loft difference in the irons....so almost a whole club. I actually liked that though. It made the gaps with the wedges much closer and consistent. They are also cast, which meant they felt much different than the forged PXGs, but they didn't feel horrible. I thought they were pretty forgiving as well.
  13. I want to get a regular smart watch, not the golf edition. I have been trying to find screenshots of what some of the apps look like on it and it hasn't been easy. I want one a little bigger than the golf edition watch though, so hoping the galaxy 3 watch will have something good.
  14. I use the nickname a little bit.....mostly for different shots with each club. I have knock down PW and PW. If I am practicing a knock down shot, it wont effect my full swing yardage data. I also do the same with like half SW and half GW. I also use nicknames for my daughter if she hits balls using it....so it would be her name and club. It really doesn't change much on the screen, but when you look at the stats on your phone it will sort them all out. I haven't really messed with putting anything in Excel from it. I thought i heard something about that coming in the future b
  15. I just gave mine away to a friend that was starting out. I wasn't playing it all the time, but I did take it out for a spin a few times a year. I am not going to say I hit it better than my M3 but the driver was great. In my younger days, I used to send balls flying with that bad boy.
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