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  1. Just bought a used G410 Plus on ebay. My question is whether anyone who has one or used one has felt that the club feels dead. The ball doesn't seem to jump off the face at all. I bought it from a reliable ebayer, at least, from his feedback. I adjusted the lie to 1 deg flat, but I wouldn't think that would make it feel this way. I'm sure it's just me, but just wondering. Thanks.
  2. Pants are nice, but there is a big spot on the back of them. Signed, Wahoo fan
  3. Have any of you used or tried out both and can give me some comparison of what they liked/disliked? Did driving improve if you purchased either?
  4. Great suggestions. Thank you!
  5. For those of us getting older, like 55+, if you have switched to senior flex, what thing(s) made up your mind for you? If you did switch, which shaft did you get and was it hard to adjust to or control it?
  6. WRXers: Selling Ping G400 4 iron thru Pitching Wedge with graphite shafts (fujikura vista pro 70 i) Mid-size grips fairly new. I bought these and have played two rounds with them, but just not for me. I purchase them used. PLease see photos and judge for yourself. I think they are in very good shape. Asking $500 including shipping, add $10 for west of the big river. Sorry I forgot: These are Black Dot. I am highly doubtful on trades.
  7. BE44, thanks. I think someone else mentioned something similar, but I didn't understand - now I do. I will give it a try if the effing POS Postal Service ever delivers the one I ordered.
  8. For any of the current side saddlers: I am starting with a GP at 46.5", which may or may not be too tall for me at 5'8", but as Bluedot said, it is probably better to start tall and cut down. Anyway, my question: I understand that the left hand (for righties) is the fulcrum. Is the left wrist supposed to be stationary and loose to allow the right hand to control speed and distance, or does the left hand play any other part? I think what the left wrist does is called supination, although those terms always confuse me. Hopefully, the putter will be here today. Thanks to all.
  9. Never really thought about that. Thanks for those perspectives. Do you have a chart for height? I've seen three or four and they seem somewhat different. I am 5'8". I would think that somewhere between 44"-48", but don't know if taller is better than shorter. I suppose it would be smart to get a taller one and cut it down if necessary. I watched the Bomar videos on Morning Golf and the utter she is using couldn't be more than 35 or 36". I would think stooping over would detract from the benefit of using two eyes. One other thing, I know we use both eyes, but does it matter if your
  10. Like many, I've rest much of this thread with great interest. If anyone has a side saddle they are willing to part with (reasonably), please let me know. I just don't want to start out with an expensive SS putter if its not for me. Right now, I use an arm lock putter, which has helped with my miserable putting. What interests me most is using one hand for the pendulum and one for the fulcrum as opposed to using two with traditional or arm lock. Anyway, thanks to all the contributors in this thread.
  11. Thanks. I did see it, but thought it was several years old. I wanted up to date thoughts. Upon reviewing again, it appears that continues up to this year. Had no idea there was that much interest. Thanks again.
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