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  1. Assuming, he hasn't heard back from Lazarus, I think we reckon they are not conforming. On the aggressive-type milling, when I first got my Blue Tee wedges, I thought the milling was very deep and sharp, but they don't seem to tear up the ball. Guess it depends on your stroke.
  2. Anything made by Warrior Golf.
  3. If you have or had mental block problems off the tee with your driver what did you do to correct it? I am not speaking of slices and hooks. I am talking about Barkleyesque problems. You get up to the ball, take a good practice swing; you address the ball, take a reasonable backswing, but then everything goes to hell in a hand basket. You know what you're supposed to do, but your brain won't let you. You miss all over the place. Straight up sky to the left, heel ball to the right. The only thing I haven't done yet is miss the ball completely. Every driver shot is an adventure. I have no
  4. Been wanting one of these, but I worry about puncture wounds. Is it too heavy to stay on a hat magnet?
  5. Good to know. Thanks. I got some wedges from Blue Tees. They are big in range finders, but starting doing these. I do like them, they are pretty good quality. About same price as Lazarus. bluetees.com if you want to check them out.
  6. Thanks so much to those providing helpful comments and especially 'nxs guy' for the tutorial. To Hawkeye 77, I am sure that your token sarcasm befits you perfectly. My purpose in asking the question was trying to understand whether there was a difference between the old format and the new one regarding posting of photos, If the new format makes it more difficult to understand, perhaps a change or a clearer explanation is in order. Additionally, it might behoove the sellers to upload photos as opposed to providing an unlabeled link. That's all. Stay well.
  7. On the old format, I would occasionally look at ads where the seller had a jpeg you had to click on to see a photos. But, the vast majority had photos right under their written description. In the new format, I see many more jpegs I have to click on to see a photo of the item for sale. If there are multiple items and I am interested in just one, I generally need to click on several photos before I find the item of interest. I don't know if this is because of the new format or just ignorance on how to upload a photo. Everyone stay well.
  8. I thought I was bad. I got the same photo when I sold a bunch on here. Let me browse some more...
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