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  1. Been scanning posts on this thread. My kid is just 11 so he behaves and plays that age therefore I can’t relate. But ages 13 to 16 usually play golf the ways parents don’t approve of. My friends and I would flop every green side shot, we’d go driver all along and always to the pin, sucker or middle. You grow out of It eventually and, depending on your interest in competitive golf you’ll learn how to survive and save shots. It’s a great help to find a mentor for a kid, someone experienced they listen to, doesn’t need to be a top coach, but the club champion or a scratch player at your course.
  2. The only way the club head gets speed is if the club swings through to a full finish. Going at the ball means all your effort dies down where the ball is lying.
  3. The year I’m not playing well I try to work on my putting and I keep my expectations realistic based on my level. Definitely I believe in the miracle match. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.
  4. I played very good golf and in my mid 20s I gave up for 2 years. Hard to come back at the beginning but then I finally started working a lot on rhythm and sequencing since my swing had been reliable for many years. And there must be a lot of accepting your game deteriorates slowly as time goes by and you don't play as much. Finally, the social aspect of this game is one of the key factors to keep playing no matter how the state of your game is at any given time. In my case I've played golf all my life and different times and issues in life meant more or less golf, better or worse, but golf
  5. BD won the tournament in great fashion. You may not like the guy but he's a genuine champion, hands down. He forces his golf to play the type of game bombers do. He's found his way to it, which can only be done in super pro sport. Pro and am golf have never walked so much more apart than these days. If the media talks about it, it is because there's something to be talked about. Perhaps in 5 or 10 years most pro golfers do what BD is doing now and there is another era in our game at pro level. But remember that you don't win a US Open by 6 only bombing the course.
  6. No matter how fast or slow a player is, they have to get adjusted to the pace of play in competition, as Obee says. Everything gets more slow because a player gets more focussed and becomes aware of his playing partners, the sorroundings, etc. Missing shots for hitting back and forth next to the hole is a deadly sin in a tournament. I know this guy I play with sometimes, he's been playing for like 6/7 years now and he still does that. He misses two or three shots every round this way. I'm pretty anxious in general, but when you learn the rules of etiquette in golf
  7. naval2006

    2020 US Open

    Awesome win, indeed. You may not like the kid but you have to be really creative to question something about his victory.
  8. Long time ago I was a mid single digit teenager and I thought I had it already. Had been shooting different courses in the 70s for the past couple of months. So I played for the first time in my country’s Golf Cathedral: Playa Grande. Hilly short course by the sea, Sandy ground, small super fast greens full of treacherous breaks. The course is really tight and the golf you play there is pretty strategic. I learned the hard and bitter way that golf humbles you. Shot 100. Almost 30 years later I remember clearly how I left the course devastated LOL.
  9. When I was younger I used to choke often. Had a lot of game but got real nervous everytime I had to close a tournament or club championship. As I grew older I found out it was like a paralizing fear. For many years now whenever I'm in position to win it means I somehow am playing decent golf. So my mantra has always been one: keep the club moving to the finish. Definitely this is MY mantra for a high pressure context in golf. But the thing that I figured out was what was going on and I worked out a life vest to pull through. Gradually I stopped feeling fear and now for yea
  10. My dad usually tells me on the phone he’s working on a new swing. Every time I spot him on the course from far away his swing looks the same. Been going on for the past twenty years LOL
  11. Apparently there’s a big deal of grinding in Obee. If you’re a grinder you don’t give in that easily. I’ve also been through reminiscing the good old times until I realised they were gone. Acceptance of your present game and improving and grinding it out are part of the search for scoring. A specific source of motivation is of great help to set a goal and focus. Especially as one grows older and a bit weary and finds in golf a shelter from the daily routine.
  12. I think in a golf forum there's two sides: one that is much more focused on technique for different reasons, and a smaller world of competitive players that can relate to your story. Definitely WRX is a heavily technique oriented site so your story may not be so appealing for a lot of members. And indeed most golfers need better driving or putting because that must be a top priority for them. If you are a more accomplished player trying to win a Club Championship or a regional tournament you will definitely have to focus on the mental side of competition, especially because when
  13. Obee, this is is a great story and an outstanding golf weekend. Congrats. True, a grooved swing and the right mental frame are a killing combination. It’s as if you went way past your comfort zone, isn’t it?
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