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  1. I've been checking on some of Dr. Kwon's vids and it seems he discusses mainly how the body moves in an efficient and athletic motion to hit powerful and solid shots. I notice he doesn't discuss mechanics in a traditional way but he favours talking about the biomechanics of powerful hitting. I'm not sure if it's because he strongly believes that correct body motion and rhythm solve all the problems in the golf swing or if he may think too many technical items are a deterrant for his main swing goal. I feel the Dr. would turn a good golfer into a terrific one but perhaps if a new golfer needs to work on fundamentals, swing plane and basics of the pivot, they'd need to take Golf Swing 101 to later on keep on working on the Dr.'s stuff. This is a short vid of senior Tom Watson that, in my opinion, shows how these great golfers have that "hidden" element from day one and they only have to polish their mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb1roDELAh4
  2. I'm not big fan of these threads but I love this one because it deals with the "hidden" difference between elite and average golfers. There's something in the athletic motion pros and college golfers have that is always absent in club players. The latter are obssesed with positions and isolated motions while the really good golfers take the swing concept in a different light. Last night I saw a short vid of Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen hitting balls. They showed the hidden element in all the swings pretty much like you see Tom Watson, Severiano, Rory or Tiger through different ages. When you play with the really good guys you know they have it on the very first swing.
  3. The Masters has never appointed international players for that position so far. And I assume they must be adamant.
  4. I fully agree with you. Tom's swing is a beauty and the man is my all time hero. He is humble in victory and chivalrous in defeat. And Jack's his close friend, what else?
  5. It's usual starters have a relief hole during tee time hours. But few things are more out of place than showing up on the tenth or umpteenth hole and hitting off in front of an upcoming foursome. I know a bunch of golden golfers that sometimes do that at my course. Always the same people, always the same MO.
  6. I think losing the passion is more or less the natural outcome of a long time playing bad golf, especially not hitting the ball solid. It just comes and goes in a golfer's life. The thing when you feel down is to value other aspects of the game, especially the social side, to keep going. If you have buddies or good friends to play with you'll get out on the course; perhaps you won't have the greatest time playing but friends, the 19th hole, buddy bbq and the eventual golf trip are the valuables when the golf game is sour.
  7. I tend to put the ball back and need to sway my hips to find room. Yesterday a pro we know was visiting town and he dropped by my course. He told me go hit a dozen balls I’ll check you out since I said I had been hitting inconsistently for a month. After Three balls he recommended: right hand more under shaft flare lead foot ball a smidge further left. he got me hitting bullets in a handful of balls. I had a little match I won and my rival couldn’t stop asking me what the pro had told me LOL.
  8. XR's are my clubs. I don't think changing those clubs will show any serious improvement unless they have the wrong shaft for you. Very long and very easy clubs. I love mine.
  9. Funny. This happens to me when I start to unconsciously moving the ball back, especially when playing
  10. Been following this thread closely and it's got a bit too technical for my intellect so there's not much I can contribute with. I started it more like a rant but it's turned into a passionate discussion. And lots of comments on HDC in competition are what I see over here. Often midweek stroke play days there aren't too many players so clubs all over have one or two flights. When there's this guy with 42 hdc scoring 26 for 9 holes it can raise hell in clubs lol.
  11. I'm pretty methodical about my equipment. Once I find a club I wear it out through practice and playing. I don't know what the actual benefit in practicing with clubs you're not going to use IRL is. By the way, yesterday I played with a guy who's been playing for four or five years now and he used to hit blades, a driver and a hybrid with S shafts. He's very hard working and has been taking lessons for a while. A couple of months ago we played a round and I told him about seriously thinking of getting clubs for his swing (early 60's, fit, moderate SS). Yesterday I looked at his bag and I saw cavities with R graphite shafts. He'd changed all his set and I saw him hit golf shots that were foreign to his game. He's hitting a 7 where he used to hit 5, and he's gained 20 yards with his driver. I was really happy for him. We played a quick 9 and he shot -3 net. I don't know if I made a friend or a foe now.
  12. Fully agree on thoughts in your head. That won’t allow the club to flow through. Pretty common problem at club level.
  13. If you’ve been experimenting it for so long it’s hard to get rid of it easily but you can definitely make it. I had a pitch yip for like 9 years. Jim Waldron, a coach still on the forum, is a specialist on cases like yours.
  14. True you need to find your rhythm, which will be the same for drives and short pitches and putting. You'll eventually get to the point when you'll "own" your rhythm.
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