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  1. Seriously, it must have been a terribly awkward situation. It all kind of ruins the rest of the round.
  2. Is player A an amateur golfer? Seems more like family golf in early spring with the light beer, boom box and yellow Pinnacles for the kids.
  3. I don't particularly take long range sessions because I can only focus for about 30/40 balls when I'm working on something. Been doing so for years. But I know a bunch of guys that get to the practice area and it's an automatic 100 balls. They mostly hit awful after the first 20 minutes and keep going steady awful. A short full swing session and short game practice makes the trick often, and there's no chance to get tired.
  4. I love ready golf. We go that way on quick weekday nine holes. And on tournament Saturdays if I play home with the usual guys we also go ready golf.
  5. When I was a kid there was this boy who usually did this. He was 10 or 11 and the rest of us didn't know you couldn't do it. So one day the pro was around and he saw the boy from far away marking his way with the putter over the dew. The pro started running towards the how shouting "No, no, no, you cannot do that, no, no, no!" We didn't know what was happening but seeing the big bulky guy running towards shouting and panting was quite a sight. We remind him of it whenever we see him like 35 years later.
  6. Uneven numbers is a real problem with match play since you're not going to sit a player. Whatever you fix this way, well, it's a fix. You have options if you choose stroke play team competition, though.
  7. No, I don’t. But theres the odd time I get to the 15th hole and I realise someone hasn’t picked up a single stick all day. That’s a bit rude
  8. I’ve got a 58 and the same problem. It’s a club that only works in a fluffy bunker. It’s too heavy, a lot of bounce and zero leading edge. It never does the work. I’m also trying to figure out if I can find a shot from the type of bunkers I play or else I’ll trade it.
  9. On tournament days competitors always have priority. On any normal weekday, if there's a golfer on their own most people will let them through, save a bunch of cranky old guys who will only do it over their graves.
  10. I don't think a win can be removed for sandbagging. But I agree the Committee must do something about this player ahead of future net competitions.
  11. One of the things we are watchful of, especially in tournaments, is how many times each player puts the flag back in before leaving the hole. It's always been like 5/6 times per round in threesomes, like tending. If an experienced player doesn't put the flagstick back at least four times during the round we consider it rude. And with new golfer we explain how all these things work while we go playing and they take it all ok Etiquette is part of the spirit of a game that without good manners and rules would be a real mess due to its nature. And on the wishing good luck to your rival, the great Roberto De Vicenzo used to tell the younger pros when they teed up together: "Play well kids, but don't beat me." Sheer class.
  12. Hal Sutton was a holier than thou Ballard fundamentalist. Jimmy’s swing by the book from chapter 1 through chapter the last, foreword included.
  13. It's usually all the way around, the balls that don't fly are the range balls. Pro V1s are awfully reliable balls. Dialing in a club with range balls is fine unless you're PGA Tour caliber. Whatever happened at the pratice tee gets improved on the course with your ball.
  14. This post is scary. This is what happens to me to a tee. Both mechanics and feel. And the thought used for fixing the problem too.
  15. Like they said above, high school years were just golf and golf and more golf, no big things to worry about and long summer days to spend at the golf course. And then a few years before my first kid was born I could manage to play more and got some strong game. Played a lot of tournaments and I feel now that was the last time I played very good golf for an extended period of time. These days I've got more time to play again but my game is nothing to do with those bygone golden years.
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