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  1. This is an interesting topic that 95% of am player won’t care about or won’t understand. As long as there is a front of the green there’s amateur hope LOL
  2. I think the ones that truly chase a pro player career couldn't care less about a successful and financially rewarding jobs. They just want to play GOLF. For a living, even the cheapest living. Many realize when they are in the daily grind that this is not for them. But many others have that drive. I know a couple that went so far as to go play satellite tours in the Middle East to pursue their dream. This is the itching I'm talking about, but in first person it sounds more realistic.
  3. You have to be very very strong to hit the ball from Rahms backswing. The guy is really big and powerful so he gets away with it. Super short swings on tv are all strong stocky players save Finau. And you need to be way to fit to explode through the ball from such a short backswing.
  4. Golf IQ is vital when scoring in golf. Most players that take up the game as adults are usually too busy dealing with technical issues to see it.
  5. I think this is the personal quest to hit it purer and longer. You'll naturally find this 3:1 ratio. Someone took the time to dissect it and write it down. But this is an inner rhythm that works to a faster or slower tempo and it can be measured but not taught. I too agree among good players it all happens very quickly in a flowing motion so it's deceiving to the eye. Tour level from decades ago you can see footage of all players ripping it through the ball, it's the nature of the motion to hit it pure and as far as you can.
  6. A personal experience on faster backswing. I tried to implement this like four years ago chasing more distance. I failed big time. My swing was completely out of timing. You cannot play golf that way, you cannot hit the ball solid. This is a cautionary tale of a regular guy who doesn't hit WRX long but tried hard to. It took me one more year to slow down to the point of starting feeling the swing back. Funny thing is this guy I hit balls with used to tell me why I wanted to go faster if my swing was really fast already. What happens when you start with the backswing thing
  7. This can escalate like the Clay Ballard thread some months ago did. Feet up and chill out.
  8. The short game technique is a lot of trial and error until you feel comfortable and gradually confident. No technique is correct and the rest are wrong. You can see great wedge players at club or pro level with different styles, and they all do ok. The only thing they all have in common is when they find what works for them and they forget about the technique and focus on the shot they need to get the closest to the hole. I have two close examples of terrific short game. My dad (78) and his buddy (81). Greenside they are the kings of up and down. My dad is all hands old sch
  9. Like trying to control an angry missus. Very few do well LOL
  10. A couple of players over 70 at my course still carry for 9 or 12 holes. Half a set, a lightweight bag. 18 holes or playing away they get the push cart. I've carried all my life. But now nearing 50 I too use a push cart for 18 because I don't want to give any advantages on the home stretch. I too carry a Sun Mountain bag. Best I've ever had.
  11. If you want to statistically improve your up and downs it's imperative that you miss the green on the correct side. If you do this you can use the same technique over and over or be creative to a workable pin and you always have a margin for error that you'll lack if you miss the green on the wrong side. It's fine to hit a lob or two to a tight pin and don't make the 5 footer. Now if you miss 11 greens and you need to hit six tight lobs, you'd better call Phil. That's what pro players think about all the time when hitting to a green unless they have to be TV aggresive because they are on t
  12. I thought about it like 30 years ago when I was a kid on my way to a low single digit. Went to a tough short links type course I hadn’t played before and shot 100. Learned my lesson.
  13. For pure shoulder rocking arms must be hanging. Too straight and it becomes more of an arm action. Posture is personal and it somehow defines the natural type of motion in the putting swing.
  14. I dare say until the 70s it was an oddity to find a pro golfer who didn’t have humble origins. Caddie shacks, cheap driving ranges, turf maintenance crew and the endless list of odd jobs to make ends meet. These days things haven’t changed much outside the US. Guys like Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw or Tom Kite were scarce and unusual. You really take your chances in pro golf, and they are very very low. There are thousands of better off kids who plunge into this path and they soon realise being a good player is just 50% of the equation. But when you have nothing to lose it often comes u
  15. A short update on my chipping. I'm feeling more comfortable with this way of chipping and pitching and it's started to pay. Some days I still take it back a bit too much but after a couple of times I realize what I'm doing. But the greatest change I've noticed is on longer pitches, say 30 to 80 yards. Feeling my right arm rotating through to the finish has made a huge difference. Those shots were my worst nightmare. For the first time in years I've started to enjoy the challenge. Gone from gap to 58 with these distances. Hit a couple of skulls the other day and I remembered
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