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  1. Jim Waldron. Been on this forum for a while. I don’t know now.
  2. I do a pretty primitive/childlike practice: one ball. And I mostly try to do exactly the routine I have on the green, I'm strict on it. If I can no longer keep my routine after 5 or 10 minutes I just leave.
  3. I play club and regional comps every weekend. Competition takes time to get used to, you won't tame it in a year or two. You need determination to plow through until you start feeling comfortable in that context. Then you start feeling the thrill of competition and winning. The normal pattern is a lot of frustration at the beginning, a feeling of not belonging or this is not for me, but if you persevere you'll find out the best side of golf: it's competitive at any age and skill. The key is not to put a lot of pressure on yourself and not to take whatever club tournament you participate in out of proportion. The day you win you'll feel like Tiger lol.
  4. I played a quick nine today. Went for #3 and #4 and I went back to hitting the ball rock solid. My buddy spent the round telling me “you’re stopping your backswing like never before” lol. Thanks @cardoustie, it has helped a lot.
  5. Rocco Mediate was under Jimmy Ballard's wing for years and years. The swing looks natural, but there's a lot of work on it by one of the best instructors ever. I'm in your wagon. It's not easy but I always think of the greatest players of the game, they never change their winning swing, they only make some adjustments. Tinkering is fine if it's more important for a player than scoring. But if you want to win you need to take your swing and your clubs for granted everytime.
  6. I mostly play competitions so I don't bump into cheaters very often. If you're playing the smallest tournament for a sleeve of balls and a competitor cheats, you've got to call them out. Now if there's neither a comp nor a match and someone plays by "their" rules, I personally don't care, I take it as practice.
  7. I was wondering if you got higher hands by standing more upright at address or not. And on chips and pitches have you got closer to the ball as you got higher hands? Great post indeed.
  8. My course is walk-only. Members older than 60 all use electric push trolleys. Different brands, different types, they all take more care of their carts than their wives lol.
  9. This is so well said. Two of my buddies low single former scratch players and multiple club champions are this way. Be it playing for birdie or triple bogey they always remain calm and collected. And always cheerful, Peter Thomson style. They are the club version of “these guys are good.” Optimistic to the last shot.
  10. Low single and scratch players are always top of the pyramid no matter what. In golf, clubs do the real talking. And the tier right below is golfers of any skill who know how to handle themselves, stick to the rules and are not slow. The loud full-of-crap hacker is not uncommon but you spot them after a hole most of the time.
  11. Fear or thinking just when you've taken your stance and you're ready to hit. Those are real wreckers.
  12. I play most of my rounds in club competition so if a new player is about to break a rule and I see them I just inform how to proceed. They mostly take it ok and most of them want to learn, especially when they know you can easily drop shots out of lack of knowledge of the rules. I'm far from a rules savant but I manage the daily grind ok and I keep my Rules of golf in the bag to check in case of doubt. On practice days I wouldn't point out a breach unless it's someone I know and I'd try to help them.
  13. My wife doesn't play golf but comes from a family of golfers. Her cousin is my best friend and we grew up playing together. Women in our families just never ask anything about the game, they take it all for granted after three generations of golfers. They only make this comment like "over 30 or 40 years talking about golf and the club and you always with the same stuff over and over." Same with my mum, my mother in law, aunts and daughters. But they can't help it with such a keen golf family.
  14. Not self esteem issues related to my golf. Just a feeling of bliss after a good round and I get home like walking on cotton candy. And the loads of days I have a bad round I just move on. It took me many many years to learn the lesson, though. Been around for a long time, played very good amateur golf and now nearing 50 I love playing with the boys, a quick nine with my dad or the Saturday competitions and little by little I no longer feel so frustrated for a bad round, or at least it's just until I hand in the card and that's it. On a good day, my joy lasts for the whole weekend.
  15. Center face contact means hitting solid. There's no roundabouts to get there, it's sound mechanics and practice. You'll eventually feel all your shots in your hands, pure, heel, toe.
  16. I’d always start by finding a good instructor. Golf is hard enough to not have someone teach and check your progress. We on the forum enjoy the talks and vids but in all honesty I still have to find a solid self taught amateur IRL. The handful of low single digits I know who took up the game as adults have been successful through lessons and a lot of hard short game practice.
  17. My line's dark green and shiny. The days it happens I'm a devil with the putter. But I sometimes try to force the line to show up and it's useless.
  18. The underdog thing is typical trash talk in football (soccer), which is something football culture around the world hears every week, month and year. There's this marked football attitude World-Cup style in Team Europe and it strenghthens the team so much. And that's also why thousands of golfers around the world who have grown up with football feel Team Europe looks and talks like a football national team in the middle of the World Cup. Golf's ultimate derby.
  19. Seriously, it must have been a terribly awkward situation. It all kind of ruins the rest of the round.
  20. Is player A an amateur golfer? Seems more like family golf in early spring with the light beer, boom box and yellow Pinnacles for the kids.
  21. I don't particularly take long range sessions because I can only focus for about 30/40 balls when I'm working on something. Been doing so for years. But I know a bunch of guys that get to the practice area and it's an automatic 100 balls. They mostly hit awful after the first 20 minutes and keep going steady awful. A short full swing session and short game practice makes the trick often, and there's no chance to get tired.
  22. I love ready golf. We go that way on quick weekday nine holes. And on tournament Saturdays if I play home with the usual guys we also go ready golf.
  23. When I was a kid there was this boy who usually did this. He was 10 or 11 and the rest of us didn't know you couldn't do it. So one day the pro was around and he saw the boy from far away marking his way with the putter over the dew. The pro started running towards the how shouting "No, no, no, you cannot do that, no, no, no!" We didn't know what was happening but seeing the big bulky guy running towards shouting and panting was quite a sight. We remind him of it whenever we see him like 35 years later.
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