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  1. Javier's is high end texmex, Mia's is a great shout too, Al Biernet's, The original Bob's steakhouse is good. There are plenty of fine dining options in Dallas. Speaking of Texas themed food, I Loved the Reata in downtown Fort Worth. Had the best Carne Asada Cheese enchilada I've ever had there. Place was great.
  2. Old American is a great spot. Host of an LPGA event. Its on site with the tribute
  3. Went and got fit one year ago with SAM putt lab. Had 6* of arc in my stroke, so I was fit for a SBST putter. However, with the putter face balanced, it would constantly hood on me in the “downswing.” So, Went and got a Taylormade Spider with small toe hang, I enjoy it much better because the toe hang forces my face to rotate, and not complete stay closed the whole way for me.
  4. Had an interaction this weekend with a random guy which got me thinking... What do you do If you meet someone at the gym, bar, neighborhood pool, store, etc. and the conversation leads to golf, they give you their number and invite you to come play at their club sometime. Do you reach out to accept their offer and set something up? I'm talking like you just met this individual, and you talked for an hour max. Do you assume that it was simply a kind gesture, or a serious offer? Do you say what the heck and accept the invite? Or are you the one who invites people you just met - is it usually a lighthearted gesture or a serious offer? Met a guy at a store for 20 minutes and he invited me to a pretty high end club in the area where he's a member, which has got me thinking let's do it and go play this course. Not so much looking for advice, but rather your experiences with similar encounters.
  5. Bay Point is real quality
  6. Heritage Ranch Golf & CC, Rockwood Park in Fort Worth, Pecan Hollow is a good time, and in great shape too
  7. Seen a few of you remove the shiny chrome finish from the original nike blades. I got a set, and am interested in doing the same. I saw someone post that they just used a few varying levels of sandpaper, does this remove the chrome, or just the luster? What I'm worried about is does it put the iron at risk for rust, kind of like a raw finished wedge? Thinking about the long term effects
  8. Travis Mathew Starnes shorts - I tried a few as well but landed here. They feel like gym shorts, are maybe an inch shorter than typical golf shorts, so they are a great size. The pockets are also half mesh so that any dirt and sand will never stay trapped in your pockets. 10/10 Highly recommend. Golf Galaxy been carrying them as of recent as well if you want to try them on
  9. Most definitely not, I have heard from a few sources that membership has boomed once the byron left (still never overly busy from what I've noticed when I've been out there this year a few times)
  10. I've been hitting up Thorntree the last few weeks which is just south of Dallas. Been loving it, and its very affordable. I've been out there a few times now and its like I have the course to myself (after 3pm). Actually has elevation which is a good change of pace from Dallas. Also, for the range and some casual rounds, Keeton Park is awesome and super cheap
  11. Leo, I'm wondering too if by playing a premium, urethane ball (Z-Star XV), my misses are magnified as well. Anyone have any evidence or testimony about comparing a lower spinning ball to a higher spinning ball on your mishits? In my case, I hit a draw with my driver, and my miss is a cut/slice. I feel like my mishits end up ~10-25 yards to the right of my target. Would a Surlyn, or other lower spinning ball, shrink the magniture of my miss? Anybody ever tested this or noticed anything?
  12. If I'm trying to walk on the South (First week of June on a Monday or Tuesday), can I walk on as a single anytime between 8am and 11am and be fine to get on? Or am I better off paying the advanced reservation fee? Would prefer to not have to get there at like ~5 or 6am to try to play lol. Thanks
  13. Hey all, I have 3 pairs of Adidas Golf pants for sale. They are pre-owned, but in great condition. The dark grey and white pairs are 36x32, while the khaki is 35x32. The white pair has a very minor stain along the lower left leg near the sew line, a pic is included below for reference. CONUS shipping only. White 36x32 - $30 Shipped Dark Grey 36x32 - $35 Shipped Khaki 35x32 - $35 Shipped All 3 pairs together is $80 Shipped! Thank you!
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