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  1. Very interested in this thread. I play Ping iE1 irons but tried iBlades and hit the iBlade long irons better (and longer) than the iE1. I hit the iE1 long irons ok but shorter than I would expect and the yardage gaps bunch up in 6-5-4 irons. I hit the iE1 short irons extremely well though (7-gap). Considering trying a thinner sole iron set this season like T100s or similar. 107mph driver, 90mph 6-iron and 2hdcp for reference.
  2. I’m interested in the 2021 C130s. Looks like it now has full length pockets on both sides and removable straps. Has anyone seen it in person yet? Disappointed in the colorway options.
  3. I ordered i210 irons on May 14th and was told 15-20 business days. I also ordered G410 fairway woods and they said 12-15 business days on that order (separate orders). Fingers crossed.
  4. Ping G410 5-wood and 7-wood, 4-crossover, i210 irons, Glide 3.0 50 degree wedge, BagBoy Nitron cart and Adidas CodeCaos Primeblue shoes.
  5. 1.5 playing Ping iE1 with PX 6.0 but looking for new irons mainly for a shaft change. Thinking i210 with lighter shafts (XP95, DG 105 or even PX LZ).
  6. Does anyone know if this offer is available in Canada? It would be a nice bonus having just bought a SpeedZone Driver.
  7. I swing about the same speed as you with a medium/smooth transition. Typical miss is a hook. I tried most of the new drivers before settling on a SpeedZone 10.5 (heavy weight in back) and Rogue Silver 60 Stiff shaft. Next best for me was PING G410 LST. The SIM driver was consistently longer but less consistent and any configuration I tested.
  8. I’m interested in topic as well. I’m looking for the same thing (for a push cart) and I’m leaning towards the Sun Mountain C130s even though it is a 14 way. It has a good putter well at least. I also like the SM 5.5 and Titleist Hybrid 5.
  9. I don't have much success hitting my wife's driver or Fairway woods but I did hit her irons one day at the range and was able to hit them high, low, fade, draw and straight at the target. They have 55gr graphite shafts. That's actually what got me thinking about changing my irons this off season. I've tested lightweight steel in both regular and stiff flex and leaning towards DG XP95 S300. I also tested graphite from 70-125gr but all in regular flex. I liked all the sub 100gr shafts (Steelfibre and ACCRA) and really disliked the heavier samples. The fitter didn't have any of the lighter graphi
  10. I experienced something similar a few years ago. I swing the driver 108ish (160ish ball speed) with a very smooth transition and 2 Hdcp. I’ve alternated between S and X flex shafts and always played with Low/Low style shafts in the 60-70 gram range. On travel I used rental clubs with a 2016 M2 driver with Fujikura Pro 50 regular flex shaft. I hit this driver better than any driver I’ve ever owned. My typical driver shape is draw or hook and hiring a cut is nearly impossible but with the light weight setup I hit the ball a lot straighter and able to hit fades when needed. The set had matchin
  11. I added a Taylormade M5 (9*) to replace a ‘16 M2 (10.5) but kept the same shaft PX Hazrdus Yellow 6.0. Great driver so far.
  12. This thing has at least temporarily turned my driving game around. Hazrdus Yellow 6.0 shaft in STD setting.
  13. I switched from r7tp to Ping i20 a number of years ago, then eventually iE1. I feel like my iron play improved even though I play less golf now. I would recommend something from the Ping i line.
  14. I have iE1 uw and a glide 56ws and I would say it is the most similar. Maybe a Cleveland CBX too? I also have a Vokey K grind but I wouldn’t call that the same other than it is a wide sole.
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