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  1. I’m interested in this comparison as well. I’ve owned iBlades (still have a 7-iron test club) and now interested in zx7/z785.
  2. If I were in your situation (and I might be soon) I would look at some of the Players Distance or tweener irons that have lower offset like a 921 Forged/HMP, Apex Pro, P770, King Tour or D7 Forged. Maybe throw a graphite shaft in it. Disregard this if you’re OCD and not willing to mix models!
  3. Thanks for sharing your numbers. Small sample size but the consistency of the 921f 6-iron looks very promising. Are you seeing the same 21yd gap out on the course too? Im probably not going to go with a split set but nice to know it’s and option. Maybe a more forgiving 4-iron if I choose one the more demanding heads.
  4. STL_Baller, thanks for the detailed reply, this is exactly the info I was hoping to get on the topic. My yardages start to bunch up in the 3,4,5 irons in my current set but I blame some of that on the shaft -PX 6.0. I fit into DG 120 S300 this time around. The fitter also liked PX LZ 6.0 for me but I felt they wanted to go left and just didn’t like them. 3 iron is all the way out since it’s too low and hot to hold a green. You touched on pretty much every iron I’ve considered. I’ve done one indoor fitting and hit most of them (not the 921 Forged unfortunately) and agree with a lot of your findings especially the hollow irons. 2 years ago I had a split set of iBlade / i500 and had to ditch them because I HATED the i500 (4,5iron). 770 and Apex Pro felt much better but still not for me. I love the look and and feel of both the P7MC and 921 Tour but not a sensible choice for me as they don’t inspire much confidence. Assuming MMC falls into the same category. I felt the same way about T100 it haven’t ruled them out. i would love to do the type of fitting you’re describing but that just isn’t available here. I have a couple indoor fitting options (7-iron only) and outdoor demo days once the courses open. My top choices are 921 Forged and i210, with 921 Tour, T100 and King Tour as second tier options.
  5. One more question before my topic dies off. Has anyone purchased then dumped 921 Forged because they didn’t work for them? Bonus question, any direct comparisons to King Tour, i210, V6 Tour, T100s or even a couple of the hollow bodies (p770, Apex Pro)? Thanks for all the feedback.
  6. OP here. I’m generally in the camp of “anyone can play anything” and feel most rockets and flyers are more lie related not springy clubface problems. Nice to hear people are having success with them including a couple examples of pros or +caps playing them. I haven’t seen them in any pros WITB’s but that’s not necessarily a turnoff. I know i210s will work but I’ve played i20 and iE1 for the last 10+ years and itching for a change of scenery. Ping order time has me looking around but don’t want to take a step backwards. It’s an expensive experiment (especially here in Canada) and the long order times are not helping.
  7. I’ve looked at the MMC’s as well but never hit them. I would like to hear your feedback if/when you get to test them all. Outdoor fitting and testing options are slim to none where I live and the courses aren’t open for the season yet. I like an iron that has good east-west dispersion (like my pings). I get the feeling the fitter steered we away from 921 F because the north/south/distance control dispersion wouldn’t be as good as the Tours or i210.
  8. Is anyone shooting low scores with a set of 921f? I’m asking because I’m a 2 cap sweeper with 90mph 7-iron speed and in a recent indoor fitting the fitter didn’t even offer them to try and ultimately recommended 921 Tour (second place i210). I currently play iE1 w/Project X 6.0 and just want a change, especially a shaft change. To my eye 921 Forged look perfect; just the right size, well hidden offset, great looking bounce/sole width (speculation since I never hit them at all let alone on real grass). Should I proceed with i210’s? I don’t really like the Tours... something about them psychologically plus worried about the sole config for the soft conditions where I play. I would love to know if other low 70’s shooters are playing 921 Forged.
  9. Very interested in this thread. I play Ping iE1 irons but tried iBlades and hit the iBlade long irons better (and longer) than the iE1. I hit the iE1 long irons ok but shorter than I would expect and the yardage gaps bunch up in 6-5-4 irons. I hit the iE1 short irons extremely well though (7-gap). Considering trying a thinner sole iron set this season like T100s or similar. 107mph driver, 90mph 6-iron and 2hdcp for reference.
  10. I’m interested in the 2021 C130s. Looks like it now has full length pockets on both sides and removable straps. Has anyone seen it in person yet? Disappointed in the colorway options.
  11. I ordered i210 irons on May 14th and was told 15-20 business days. I also ordered G410 fairway woods and they said 12-15 business days on that order (separate orders). Fingers crossed.
  12. Ping G410 5-wood and 7-wood, 4-crossover, i210 irons, Glide 3.0 50 degree wedge, BagBoy Nitron cart and Adidas CodeCaos Primeblue shoes.
  13. 1.5 playing Ping iE1 with PX 6.0 but looking for new irons mainly for a shaft change. Thinking i210 with lighter shafts (XP95, DG 105 or even PX LZ).
  14. Does anyone know if this offer is available in Canada? It would be a nice bonus having just bought a SpeedZone Driver.
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