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  1. T100 irons from Titleist. >*poof*<
  2. For sale in great shape. Golf Pride velvet grip is still in good condition. Length at 44.5" will play a standard 45.5" in a Titleist head. Sold.
  3. Vokey Wedge Works SM6 52* F Grind w/ 8* bounce (this was weakened to 53*, making the bounce an effective 9*) with snow effect stampings of "53" indicating the new loft Vokey Wedge Works SM6 58* S Grind w/ 10* bounce with snow effect stampings of "58" indicating the loft *sold*
  4. Selling a few extras that I don't think I'll be putting in the bag this year. 1. Almost new Mitsubishi C6 Red shaft, 50 gram in stiff flex. No love. 2. Stock Titleist TS Driver with a rare 11.5 degree loft. **Sold**
  5. I've got too many wedge sets these days. *sold*
  6. I bought this hoping it would be right for my swing, but I think it's a bit too stout. Excellent condition with no scrapes or scratches. Length from grip to tip is about 44.25" so it should be a little longer than 45" when installed in a Titleist driver head. $Sold shipped to the ConUSA.
  7. I'd like to sell these together, as I only have one suitable box that would work. I'm pricing them aggressively so if you don't like one sell it and keep the one you like. The Devotion 6 65g 04 flex shaft is ~44.5" The Hashimoto 65g 04 flex shaft is ~43.5" Both have grips that are in good condition, Golf Pride Tour Velvet. I don't know about tipping on these, both were bought from sellers here on GolfWRX. $200 shipped to the ConUSA for both shafts.
  8. When my stack of cash covers won't stand up on its own, it's time to try to sell a couple. From top to bottom, they are: Navy blue lizard cover with orange stitching. Perfect for that Chicago Bear fan in your life. Navy calf liner. $Sold Royal blue and white frog skin with blue stitching. Navy blue ostrich liner. $Sold Brown and olive green crocodile with olive stitching. Black calf liner. $Sold Navy blue crocodile with lime green stitching. Black calf liner. $Sold Make me an offer for all four! All are in great condition. I've got dozens of these cash covers so none of them gets too much time in use. No trade interests at this time. Shipping included to ConUSA.
  9. I've decided to thin the herd a little before a golf trip to AZ in a few days. If this isn't sold by Wednesday noon-ish, I'll put it back in the rack. Excellent condition, gamed but not abused, TP Mills Heritage custom putter. "Swiss German SS" flamed stainless finish. Low maintenance finish. I love the stampings and everything about it - but I just have too many putters right now. Standard loft/lie angle. No trade interests at this time. Comes with used Superstroke Pistol 2.0 and the headcover shown in the pics. $500 shipped to the ConUSA.
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