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  1. For sale here are two belts, they are: * Hornback Saltwater Crocodile - Cognac - $Sold * Python - Marked - $Sold Both are 40" and in great shape. No trade interests at this time.
  2. These three are sold. I may post a few more later in the weekend.
  3. I'm thinning the herd of sunglasses. I bought these Kaenon Montecito sunglasses a while back and just don't wear them. Sold.
  4. I'd be willing to split these up, but only if I have a buyer for both. $275/ea shipped.
  5. I bought these on a whim back in August of 2019, and only used them a couple times. This is the high dollar "Hand Ground" option from Vokey Wedgeworks. They were probably only used a time or two on the golf course, but the raw patina is starting to develop on the finish. They will continue to show oxidation, as is the intent. You can only get the Hand Ground option on Raw wedges because they don't want to grind through the chrome on the other finishes.
  6. I bought this directly from Vokey Wedge Works last summer, but never put it into play. It was customized by strengthening the loft by 1* from 54* to 53* and stamping the "53" on the back of the wedge. This is the D Grind with the Tour Chrome finish. This model is normally with 12* bounce, but as it was strengthened to 53* loft, the bounce drops to 11*. Plays at +3/4" over standard length to play at +1/2" over the normal 52/53* degree wedge length. TT Gold Tour Issue shaft in S400 flex. Tour Saw stamping. Maybe another time.
  7. Flightscope Mevo Purchased back in the Spring, used a handful of times. Sold.
  8. I've bought this shaft recently, but never really put it into play. It's in excellent condition and should play a standard 45" in your Taylor Made M3/M4/M5/M6 driver head. I tried to take a pic of the laser etched serial number, but it's tough to get a pic of it with the reflectance of the shaft material. Paint in the logo is perfect, as picture shows. Golf Pride Tour Velvet cord grip is still in great condition. It feels like there might be a wrap or two extra under the grip, but it's not a mid-size but feels bigger than standard. I'm going to be out of town for a while and won't be a
  9. These are two belts that I'm no longer wearing that are both size 39". One is a Antique Saddle finish on an ostrich quill belt. This one has been used the most, and shows some wear - but still in good shape. The other is a cognac finish on a lizard belt, this one is in excellent shape. Would prefer to sell together. **Sold**
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