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  1. I ended up buying i210s this year and putting my old Adams CMBs on the shelf because I was under the impression that they may not be legal, and I do play in some state amateur events.
  2. There is a Trackman feature where it will have you hit enough shots to get good data, and then it will give you a score and tell you what metrics to improve in order to improve that score. I've messed around with it once or twice but don't really know much about it. For example, I hit 10 drivers and the feature identified that working on Spin Loft and Angle of Attack would help me. Then it set up a practice session where I would hit and it would give me feedback on whether those metrics were in the window it thought they should be in. This sounds like what you're looking for, maybe someone else with a bit more knowledge could expand on this.
  3. 1. City, State? Bloomington, MN 2. Handicap? About a 2. Hover between 0 and 3 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? I have very low dynamic loft, so I've always had trouble hitting lower-lofted irons and fairway woods. I currently don't play a fairway wood at all, just a 21* hybrid and a 24* hybrid before going into my 4 iron. 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? I think a 17* or 19* UW would either be a solid replacement for my longer hybrid, or could be an additional / longer option at the top of my bag that would allow me to play weaker hybrids and remove my 4i. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Happy to!
  4. 1. City, State? Bloomington, MN 2. Handicap? Currently about a 2. Hover between 0 and 3 or so. 3. What is your current putter? Evnroll ER6B 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I am swayed by incremental gains in putter technology. I moved from my old Ram Zebra to a Ping Ketch with the corrected grooves, then from that to my current Evnroll, purely because I was swayed by their technology story. LAB golf's technology story is also compelling, and it is a mallet / hatchback design which I've always been drawn to. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes, I'd be happy to!
  5. I used some heavy-duty double-stick tape in various places to attach the carpet back to my sub-layer, which is a series of those interlocking foam puzzle-piece floor mat things. I also had to buy two rolls of carpet and lay them next to each other. You can see the seam, but I have had zero issues with putting across it - it's like it's not even there. Cannot comment on durability, only to say that I'm pleased with the durability of mine.
  6. If you have the subscription and purchase a course, then pay the $4k to unlock the BLP, do you get to keep the course in that scenario?
  7. After doing a fair amount of research, I stumbled on Toyota Camry trunk carpet of all surfaces for my putting green. Apparently a few of the PGA Tour guys have this in their houses for putting, and I heard from an engineer friend of mine (who spoke with a PING engineer at a conference) that PING uses Camry trunk carpeting for their putting greens for internal putter testing. Potential bonus is that it's charcoal grey/black instead of green. I honestly can't be happier with it, it rolls smooth and about a 10 on the stimp. And, it's car trunk carpeting, so it should be relatively durable. I bought mine on eBay.
  8. Has anyone confirmed which / how many courses come with the GC3? They advertise 20 courses with the GC3 Sim-In-A-Box deal, but looks like only 10 courses with the standalone unit.
  9. Another vote for i210 here. I didn't even want to hit Ping in my iron fitting, but it won me over, and has been great in the ~15 rounds I've played since I've gotten them.
  10. We are planning on moving, and we'll make a big enough chunk of money on the sale of our current house that I should be able to devote ~$25k or so to a simulator setup without my wife yelling at me too much. I live in Minnesota, and I would like to be able to "play golf" in the winter. The question is this: if you had enough money lying around such that you could afford something like the GCQuad / GC3 Sim In A Box, or a Trackman, or equivalent, which would you get? This is assuming you were going to be using it indoors, primarily for playing for fun, and that you wanted the data / shots to resemble real life as much as possible. I've been disappointed with the accuracy when I've played sim golf indoors with a trackman (distance, direction, and curve seemed off), and I've been fitted using a GC2 in the past that I wasn't so sure about the numbers I saw compared to what I'm used to on the course (primarily distance seemed off). I've never hit on a GCQuad (or GC3), but am hopeful that the camera-based systems would work better for an indoor / short hitting area than the radar systems I've played on. Is there anything that "feels" like real golf on a simulator (even at the higher-end price points), or am I chasing something that doesn't really exist?
  11. I received my i210 5-W set in early August, and placed an order for the set-matching 4i and UW on 8/11, black dot / standard length and loft / Modus 105S shafts, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. They came to my door on Saturday, 9/25. So, that's 6.5 weeks. Honestly better than I was expecting. Hopefully that means things are loosening up.
  12. I've got an 18 degree V Steel 5w with stock TM stiff shaft if anybody is looking for one. Happy to move it along to someone who will play it, rather than have it sit in my basement. Feel free to PM me. I'm in Minnesota, USA.
  13. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Edina, MN 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Everything could use it, but Driver and Putter Thank you for the opportunity!
  14. 1. Done 2. Yes! 3. Traxion Tour club grips, standard size, black and white 4. Traxion Tour 3.0 Black/White putter grip
  15. It's $50 no matter what. I know, sunk costs and all...
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