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  1. With massive accounts like this (amazon), manufacturer's build defects and returns into the net cost/terms of the agreement with the retailer. Example: Adidas would discount Amazon's cost on all footwear by anywhere from 2-5% on the front end to cover any warranty issues rather than deal with thousands of claims. Pretty common practice, not just in golf. This might explain some of the pushback from Adi and the willingness from Amazon to handle the issue, it's basically an assumed roll at that volume.
  2. DM the pics if anyone saved it....
  3. Taylormade P790 5-PW Heads Only -Used for 2 seasons, clubs show wear from practice (wear marks on 7,9,PW) but nothing super ugly. -Last checked these were 2 degrees flat, clubs do have some bending bar marks. SOLD KBS Tour 120 Stiff 4-PW Pulls -Never Hit -Measure STD length in TM P7MC, 5i shaft measures 36 3/8 inches -Tips are cleaned, prepped and ready for install -No Grips $135 Shipped OBO
  4. Bought this as shop worn/no returns and it showed up as the wrong finish (doesn’t match my set). Paid $99 plus tax/shipping. Vokey SM7 Black Nickel 60.04L -Never Hit -Finish shows light shop wear -All stock specs$90 Shipped OBO
  5. Fuji Ventus Black 6X -Taylormade Adaptor and Grip -Just under 45 Inches grip cap to bottom of tip -Hit less than 10 times $250 Shipped OBO
  6. Cleaning some stuff out before the season starts again... Nike VRS Covert Forged 5-AW $400 Shipped OBO -Used 1 season -Shafted with KBS C Taper Stiff, custom gray ferrules -Gripped with Tour Velvet STD -Standard Length/Loft/Lie Nike Vapor Speed 5 Wood$100 Shipped OBO -Used 1 Season -Shafted with Project X 6.0 -Gripped with Tour Velvet STD -Standard Length -Headcover Included
  7. Matrix Ozik Black Tie 7M3 Stiff $85 Shipped -43.25 Inches -Untipped -One time pull, set up for a driver Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki ZT 50 Stiff $50 Shipped -43 Inches -Untipped -One time pull, set up for a driver
  8. [quote name='sneaky' timestamp='1438317718' post='12052104'] Lots of testing this season. ZERO Volt in the bag so far. Vapor Pro irons didn't work. The VR Pro blades are perfect. + They're real blades. Engage wedges are rusting in the garage. Thinking of picking up a Vapor TW. The new RZN dot ball can't arrive soon enough. Only 1 sleeve of One Tour D left. Best ball ever. Help me Rock Ishii you're my only hope. [/quote] Think I still have a 3-4 dozen laying around. Best ball to date.
  9. Couple of projects that never came to fruition. I am including new flex loft adaptor and ferrules with each of these. Nike Vapor Pro Driver SOLD -New In Plastic -Head Only -Unused Flexloft Adaptor and Ferrule Included -Headcover Included Nike Vapor Flex Driver SOLD -New In Plastic -Head Only -Unused Flexloft Adaptor and Ferrule Included -Headcover Included
  10. [quote name='typhoonoid' timestamp='1435218114' post='11831142'][quote name='Joe2282' timestamp='1435193655' post='11829458'] [quote name='tknurek' timestamp='1435172613' post='11827296'] Tipping on the DI? [/quote] None. [/quote] what was it pulled from?[/quote] Nike VR 2010 Driver.
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