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  1. Great, as expected..pick something you like and rest assured it’s you, not the club.
  2. Feels like PC is more competitive now. Better line up. This is sad.
  3. Ice man at some point but would be more likely when/if Swedish male golfers re-occur in the team. Remotely likely as of now.
  4. Anyway, not happy with this edition. RC needs the drama. US or Euro, the nerve must exist. This time around it felt over and done with early Saturday. Too bad.
  5. Well…. Thinking if Francesco is not finding his game…homeland Italy and all.
  6. But Bryson will drive them back. Or expect a gimme even 5 miles from the hole.
  7. Yeah, let’s hope Rome will play out differentely.
  8. Can we save some money to buy Casey a putter? Or perhaps waste of money.
  9. I guess the outcome reflects the OWGR. The very same teams and Europe would win 1 / 10, maximum. Could see this event lose its attraction the coming years, not enough talent emerging to match the young and strong US squad. A pity since the drama is needed to make this worthwile. I fully expect this being the last RC for Westwood, Poulter, Casey. Would have been interesting to see Perez, MacIntyre and Wallace. Some new blood instead of the above players well past their peaks.
  10. So we have two people on Earth now seeing that ball as overhanging... Won’t matter, Euro girls will win this by a couple of points and in style.
  11. The Euro girls seem to be in general more fit.
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