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  1. I have 10 dozen pro v 1 up for sale (I know more are pictured but 10 is all I’m allowed per rules.) They have the Wells Fargo Championship logo all are numbered 1-4 $40 per dozen shipped $35 each for 2+
  2. Hey all... old and new... It's been a long while since I came to the WRX and contributed. Hopefully I can make it more of a habit once again and get all those tiger cub tails in a vice again....;) First, I hope everyone is well during this time... Golf has for sure allowed me to 'escape' work from home life. Well, I don't know the in's and out's of name changes but I got my 3rd Hole in One this past weekend in our member guest. Unfortunately is was on an uphill Par 3 so I was not able to see it go in but the spotter up top let us know that I dunked it. Sorry to everyone who is chasing their first... I can definitely say the feeling was the same as my first and second...... so, here's to looking forward to my 4th. Cheers J2A..... oops... J3A
  3. I have a degree in journalism and find both to be egregious, sensationalisitc, opinionated and solely seeking clicks to get paid... or placate their base. Yet, Barstool is not really a 'news source' and can be opinionated when it comes to their content. Journalists, to me, need to be held to a higher standard since they are literally helping people shape a viewpoint of everything one cannot see firsthand. The majority of 'Jouralists' today are lead by the nose and told to write a certain way. No one posts retractions any longer... let alone an apology. God forbid you make the wrong side 'mad' with the truth, you will soon be out of a job thanks to the keyboard mob who digs up something you said or did 20 years ago. I do not fit the mold of the modern day journalist so I do not practice that any longer (20+ years). In fact, I am sure my comment is riddled with mistakes my old editor would light up red like a small town bar's neon sign. I won't sell my soul because someone hates another sports figure, political party or celebrity. The old ways of reporting are all but gone and this is widely evident with what people believe to be true nowadays. This just in, Tiger had oatmeal this morning... expect 97 articles on why he bound to win 37 majors
  4. This is NOT a Ross Store or DSW or whatever blowout. My best friend passed away and I am selling these for his wife and kids.... but I do have these in hand. They will ship within 24/48 of paypal payment Prices are shipped CONUS. I will ship worldwide at the expense of the buyer but I will NOT mess with values for customs purposes. all shoes are brand new, never worn. They've been sitting in a closet in a smoke free home. I am not a shoe guy so if my prices are off just spare me the sacrastic comments and make an offer. I am going to ebay for some recent sales and will be trying to keep the pricing on par with that. I just want to be fair to the buyer and the family. I will do multi discounts or just buy the whole lot for $900 All are Size 11 Callaway HX Tour M505.. retail $216...... $125 Nike Black Grey shoes... I don't know the info on these, no box .... $75... $60 (if you know what they are and would like to inform me, that would be swell) Callaway Exotic Chev shoe $150...$115 ( no recent sales on ebay and discontinued on golf sites... so make an offer if I am out of line here) Jordan ADG AR7995 $SOLD Oakley Merlot Tuxedo, made in Italy $250...215 (a pair sold on eBay recently for 259 plus shipping) Nike Eric Koston 2 Challenge Red/Black... $110...$99 (sorry this box pic loaded in different order) Nike Lunar Fire Red $SOLD shipped Nike Air Zoom Attach FW... $SOLD Nike white/black shoe... they seem to be the same as the Black/grey shoe... $SOLD $250
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