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  1. I haven't had a fitting yet and hoping it could be fixed but the 921F was the "one". I was just sure of it before I got to hit it. Felt great, was long, but my spin was WAY down. Now, again, I haven't been fit but hit my 95g Steelfibers which is what I was for for my 0311 Gen 1 irons and was just shocked how low spin the 921F was giving me that day. High 4000 with a 7i.
  2. I thought my buddies 919F looked awfully long heel to toe. And a lot of offset. The 921F (to me) look just as long if they aren't side by side (bc clearly they are shorter side by side) but the lack of offset is real nice on the 921. My only issue is the heel to toe length.
  3. But that's a specific iron issue no? Not a blanket "distance irons" issue. They don't all go inconsistent distances, right? I do r really want a 185y 7i, I mean like said before it's fun at times but I'm used to the 155-160 carry 7 iron now. More than squeezing out more yards I just don't want to go backwards unless I can't miss by going backwards. I think we all want to be the longest in our group of buddies, but I'll definitely take beating them every day and taking their money over being the last one to play their drive into the greenI think we all want to be the longest in our
  4. If Bob drops again next month even slightly, I just might.
  5. I'd prefer to be consistent with an extra 7 yards or so.
  6. my only concern with these was I wanted a little more distance. I fear strengthening the lofts a 2* would cause me to dig too much. no?
  7. If there were a lean in any direction, that would be it.
  8. I have bit hit the T200 yet. I did hit the i500 in the bay the other day. Very long. Seemed pretty forgiving. Looks good down at the ball. The feel was off tho. Didn't help hiring it after some forged irons I'm sure buy the feel was odd.
  9. I grew up in Brentwood (I'm a unicorn, actually being from here) and now live in Arrington. I second Old Natchez. Their pool is nice and their food is good. I do love their course. Fast greens. I agree with your evaluations on each course except I thought Westhaven was tough, as everything rolled off their greens and ended up 20 yards from the hole. However, haven't played there since it's first year and the greens were lightning. Couldn't hold greens with 7 irons. depending on where in Brentwood you are, Old Natchez is like a 20 min drive. Much better there getting to Westha
  10. Don't think I'm good enough for the blueprints or mp20.
  11. Usually by the time I buy a new set of irons, I am lusting after a certain model, or particular set. I am turning 40 next month and want to buy a new set but cant really figure it out as there are so many nice offerings out today. I currently play Gen 1 0311 (P) with steelfibers R, hard stepped twice. I do really enjoy them. I am currently a 5.1 HC but ball striking would be where I say my biggest weakness is. I have hit the following irons but haven't done enough shaft swapping, but wouldn't mind staying with steelfibers although they can be hard to find in fitting carts from time to tim
  12. I took a pic of the gap wedge for each set. I knew some of you were Interested in what the gap wedge would look like. Look like there are 3 different gap wedges. 1 for the tour, 1 for the forged and the same for both HM sets.
  13. The one on buckhead? I didn't get for there but they seemed like nice dudes when I went by last year. Wanted to look at some PXG putters. There is a jackass at the Nashville Club Champion. And some good guys too. But 1 that almost ruins it for everyone.
  14. Hmm you really feel the 770 are more forgiving?
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