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  1. to me, it does feel "more premium" or beefier. that's the problem I have with it. I don't want beefier. I want lighter. not to the point of dissolving on my back, of course. I think the top or opening of the SM is the best in the bizz. and the tangle is minimal over the PING. therefore, I put a premium on the SM.
  2. I had been on fire in my brief honeymoon phase with the putter upon arrival in Feb. went on a guys trip end of last month and for the first time having it, really struggled. Not bad putting but just not getting anything to fall. Even short ones. It had continued in to this month. My lag putting had been hit and miss during this time period to the point where I almost put it up and brought out my old trusty Ping Vault 2.0 stealth Ketsch. That said, I didn’t go down that path and went to practice yesterday and today and found I had the ball too close to the middle of my stance and not the sh
  3. Guess im surprised he went back after wearing 360s last week
  4. I’m 40 and irons are what keeps me from being better. I’m a 7 HCP and flat out miss too many greens. I’ve been in graphite for awhile now and will never go back. Had to switch to steelfibers a few years ago because of tendinitis and (played Xcaliber shafts just before the SF) and went recoils for my 921F. I only hit a 7i 155-160. Def, no 185-200 here.
  5. Im gaming a directed force 2.1 right now but will never get rid of my Ping Vault 2.0 Ketsch (stealth, including shaft). It’s been the best putter I’ve ever had. Still putting in time with the DF2.1 right now bro give it a fair shot. It started off lights out and I’ve cooled off with it quite a bit. The Vault 2.0 putters are the best PING has done in a long time. Don’t care for any of theirs since.
  6. These look fantastic. Had hopes more would sell me on them. Loved all the initial reviews and almost bought these but went with a stock offering if Recoils for my mizuno irons.
  7. I have no problem with wingtips in shorts.
  8. Still loving the V1. Cuts thru wind better than any ball I can remember.
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