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  1. Where can I find the shaft again of settings for the hosel?
  2. Nice. Just wasn’t sure if we should expect the “1 club” shipping everyone complains about from PXG.
  3. Haven’t worn them in snow but have worn them in nasty mud and they perform just fine. I washed in the washing machine (after hosing down the mud off) and they came out pretty damn clean. The bottoms are stained but that’s it. Grip in wet weather has been great. I almost think grip in super hard pan is worse than wet weather, but not bad by any means
  4. With only 2 to order I think I’d want one heavier so 17.5 or 20 and one less (lighter) 12.5.
  5. Had no clue. The stock one is 15g?
  6. I gotta remember to move the heavy weight where the miss is. I had it in the low spin setting and loved it for a round but lost a few out to the right. So I moved it to the heel side to try and turn it over some in round 2 and I hit them dead straight. I need to move it to the toe or back to low spin and leave it for more than a round. With as little as I’m playing practicing because of weather could just be open faces and bad swings.
  7. Tuesday!! UPS delivers TUESDAY!!! (They better. Had a Monday delivery days upon shipment and they bumped it). I cannot freakin wait!!!
  8. I think the 2.5+ is closest. Hate their colors tho. And not a huge fan of the straps. And mad they got rid of the Velcro for 2021. I think the eco lite may be better now. (Colors are still not my fav)
  9. I’m still loving my Gen 1. May need to upgrade
  10. I ordered the stability tour shaft. My putter finally shipped yesterday.
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