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  1. That is what i went to get when I got notice of the sale. They were all gone. I have 2 pair of the whites. Wanted a gray pair too. I love those and my OG1.2. Would have bought a pair of the dark grey and gum soled OGs but they were sold out in my size.
  2. Totally surprised. I have removed the insoles and the s-three are still my favorite shoes to walk in. I also have the TL OG1.2 and while they are certainly wider and comfy, not nearly as cushioned as my s-three
  3. Ive only seen $3 off a dozen in our local stores. Not enough to pull the trigger.
  4. I bought the same crème and it didn’t work for me either.
  5. I did the same, however only color in my size was the brighter blue. Yowza! It is warm tho.
  6. Hmm, this one makes less sense to me. I guess for a “new-to-golfer” but there is more to putting than the level of the green only at the ball, no?
  7. This seems similar to the dead aim ball marker. I just ordered one to try it out. I’m not a line on the ball guy because i don’t see the line well over the ball. When I address the ball mark and put the ball down, from that vantage point I don’t see the line. I see the line much better from behind the golf ball looking down the intended path. when i have used a line on my ball in the past, I get my path from 10’ or so behind the ball (or marker) and when I get over the ball and line up my ball on that line and stand over it, I never feel comfortable that that is the same line I saw from 10’ behind. this dead aim tool is sort of the cure for that. Or at least it’s trying to address that problem to feel comfortable with the line you saw. min arrives today so no clue if this is a fix for me, but im willing to give it a go. seems like the dead aim is a easier to see (with the prongs than the arrow from SC) but maybe not as refined as the SC mode.
  8. Yup. I do the same with a three. They were just a tad snug until I removed insole. Now they are my go-to shoe.
  9. I do. No clue if it works but as a placebo I feel it works (a little).
  10. Had a tee time there for 2 weeks ago. Got rained out. I think that was a Covid thing for a time but is no longer that way.
  11. I bought them as gifts for some of my playing buddies and customers. I like the idea of the brush and groove cleaner on one, with a divot tool. The rubber tip that comes with them seems like a no-brainer but I see that being tossed away quickly for most.
  12. I saw that tip on the V1 that is sold on Amazon and a few other places. I spoke to them about why the change to the flat head screw driver look and they said the new tip should last longer. No clue if true. You like yours? I would prefer that tip but want my own ball market so liked the new one that just magnetizes without the space for theirs.
  13. I have always used my single prong guitar and guitar pick I posted a pic of earlier but got Instagram’d and tried a tool from skinny golf. Too early to tell if the prong holds its point but I like it. It’s a small, single prong that cleans the grooves and has magnet for ball marker of your choice and a scrub brush on the end. Kinda cool. I bought the 5 pack to hand out to some buds. Hope the brass prong holds up for groove cleaning. https://skinnygolf.com/products/stixpick-v2
  14. Haven’t seen one in store. I assumed they had supplier issues as z star yellow has always been around until this year. I’ve looked just to see and always only see “pure white”.
  15. I’d say Black Creek or Chattanooga Country Club
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