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  1. I’m the same. Wear a 13/14 in most athletic shoes from different brands. I do NOT have a wide foot but would venture a guess that a 12.5 wide would fit from FJ but they don’t make it. that said 12 is too small. I ordered a 13 in the Tarlows. Tried on a 13 in packards and will wear thicker socks. It’s a good fit, just not a snug one. My heel has slight movement with my swift wick maxus socks. I’ll try my baleega hidden comfort
  2. Really like the looks of these. Feel great in the bay but I want to him some outside. Wish I could. I need some demos of these. have loved my GLIDE 3.0 and if they don’t announce some soon I’ll likely move to Zipcore.
  3. These seem to be some of the best premium, widely available shoes to us golfers. Anyone have both? I would think the Gallivanters have more comfort? Their heel padding and insole I would think would give them an edge. Anyone want to chime in on quality? Fit, comfort? compared to each other. im aware there are fanboys of each but anyone tried both and have opinions?
  4. I bought one of the all whites like the one Phil uses. Couldn’t wait to get it. Was totally disappointed. The bill was way smaller than a standard bill on a hat. I don’t have a large head. 7-1/4 and bought the standard size. Maybe I need the XL one? Anyway, bought 3 white Nike aerobill and love them. Then bought a light blue and navy one. Now, my go-to hats.
  5. Looking at some gallivanters or FJ Tarlows. Galivanters will be more comfy, no? The FJ premier line has no heel cushion, correct?
  6. I’m thinking of getting one of these for winter.
  7. Probably 30 or so 24 packs available of this guy at my store.
  8. First round with the Harwood. My god. 7’ and in are as close to automatic as can be. Feel is great. Speed control is great. I cannot believe there isn’t more talk/love/putting with this thing. I must be in the honeymoon stage. The thing exceeded expectations. im a mallet guy for the stability. Am still amazed at how stable back and through it is.
  9. I have 2 pair of hybrid 3 BOA and this the s three is better in every way. Grip is way better.
  10. Payed there last Friday and enjoyed it. It’s waaaaaaaay better than it has been. Greens were nice on Friday. they have 4 Finn Scooters now which is cool.
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