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  1. May give the T22 a look and i should go by personal experience but slightly by their review compared to others by MySpy tests. I prefer the shape of the Zipcore. I also like I can stay with one brand and have a high-toe option at 60° I like RAW wedges but hate how dingy they look from bag appeal……that leads me to MG3 that can have a face that rusts while the rest of the wedge still looks good. But would have to use a different wedge for hi-toe. Hmmmmmmmm
  2. I tried on the Walter Hagen ones and they look nice but feel HOT. The insides feel like a brushed material and feel too warm for summer wear for me (for work).
  3. I bought one based off your recommendation. Arrived today. Haven’t been home to get it. Will be home Sunday and will try it out. Thanks
  4. I heard the Dunning 5 pocket were supposed to be some of the best and stretchiest ones around? I was looking at Twillory’s 5 pocket
  5. Haven’t got to hit the ZX5 yet nor the 21 P790 but I love the looks of the P790. Saw them today but didn’t hit as I was there to hit wedges.
  6. Also, really want to hit a MIM air snakebite to see how it compares. The idea of the scallop is a really good one. today I hit the T20, MG3 and zipcores in a range of finishes and lofts. I walked away most impressed with the zipcores. Not sure what finish. I normally hate chrome but didn’t seem to care for the black and the raw looked ok. The chrome looked more satin when looking down at address. interested on MY SOMETHING SPY wedge test on Monday.
  7. Well damn, just hit zipcores back to back with MG3 and I think I preferred the zipcores.
  8. Those last 2 are driving me nuts. That denim copper T22 looks amazing. Can’t wait to try. I do really like the MG3. Need to hit a 60. Currently use a Glide 3.0 50°, 54°, and 60°. Need to look at grinds offers by TM.
  9. I like this. Thanks. I have something similar but the magnet is snapped on to a specific towel. I like how this can be used with any.
  10. Hmm can’t wait to try these. Love the new TM MG3. But got to try these first.
  11. I have never considered the TM wedges in the last several iterations. I hit this one a whim at GG and loved the feel. Was totally surprised.
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