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  1. All prices shipped/OBO but no trades please Ping G w/Proforce V2 7F5. Shaft measures 44". New standard Lamkin utx. Willing to separate. $130 Tour Edge CB4 16.5* w/UST Attas-T2 6R. Great shape other than the sky mark but not bad at address. Shaft measures 44". Standard black/red Golf Pride MCC. $40 True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 pulls 6-PW standard length. Grips are in pretty good shape Lamkin utx midsize with 2 wraps underneath. $50 2 Ping AWT 2.0 - 4 and 5 iron pulls. Standard length. Standard grips 4i Lamkin utx, 5i Golf Pride MCC. $20 for both Ping Tour 65 Stiff Driver shaft measures 44". Standard Ping grip NO adapter. $30 Ping Tour 80 X-stiff Fairway shaft measures 42.5" w/ Ping adapter. Standard Ping grip. $40
  2. I used to have these as regular shoes and wanting to get the golf version. If I wore them a couple times a week outside of golf, do you think they'd get ruined for golf?
  3. That's awesome keep up the great work! Sweet wedges, putter, grips, and shaft in your 3 iron. Love seeing the lead tape
  4. First is a Ping G Driver with Proforce V2 7F5 playing at 44" $100 shipped Next are Mizuno MP-64 heads 6-PW. Good shape with bag chatter, and nick on the 6 iron Sold No Trades Please
  5. Probably going to Ebay sometime this week if anyone wants to make an offer?
  6. In pretty good shape other than the 6 iron chip. Some bag chatter. FOR SALE $125 OBO
  7. Those wedges are beautiful. I agree on the offset of the wedges.
  8. It's been about 2 months since I started playing the iBlades and I'm really starting to love them.
  9. I just put this in my driver two days ago. One range session then 9 holes yesterday. Went with 7F5. So far I really like the feel and weighting I get with the new V2, it is helping me stay stable and smooth out my backswing. My last shaft was light and had no feel and the V2 is the exact opposite. I swear I'm not saying this because he just won the Masters but it feels like my tempo is Reed like with weight of the shaft and/or combo with my driver. I can just feel the club so much better. Grain of salt though because I've mainly only played high balance Ping shafts and the original V2 5 years ago. With good swings I'm getting a nice mid-high ball flight with very nice roll. For my swing it feels like and rocket and plenty long. So far I'm seeing the same misses I'd have on a bad swing with any shaft, but the very long roll out on misses with the V2 is worth noting. Last few holes yesterday I started to get a feel for it and seems like I'm going to like it. It'll at least be in my driver till I get some lessons, let them sink in, and figure out if I want to be fit. Much much better than my last shaft and can't wait to keep hitting it.
  10. So far I really like the 125 S in my 7 iron. Compared to the S300 I can really feel the club head through my swing. Feels heavier and like everyone describes, smoother. I had the S300s in MP-64s for about a year and loved the mid flight I was getting. I put them in iBlades and the ball comes out way too low, feels like I have to pause/delay/accelerate my downswing to get the same flight I was getting with the MP-64s. Definitely not the case with the 125, ball flight is awesome but not sure if it was going too high (probably not). Windy day... wish I could have seen what a 4 and 5 iron would have done compared to just the 7. Might just have to get a set...
  11. Would the 120s be similar to something like KBS C-Taper? Not in my opinion. I have played C-Taper 120 S for a few years but got the itch to try Modus. Tried the 120X in the same heads and the Modus spun considerably more and I lost 1/2 club to full club in distance. I wanted to like them, but they didn't work for me and are not comparable to C-Tapers, in my opinion. I'm still curious about the 125X, but haven't had a chance to compare them. Thank you very much for posting this. Modus 120 doesn't sound like it would be for me so I'll pass on that. Like you said, I've heard the 125 being more smooth than S300 which means a lot more to me now after 9 holes and a couple range sessions with my new clubs. I don't want to call them harsh, but the S300s are feeling more harsh in my new irons compared to my old set. Also, slightly lower ball flight and what seems to be a loss of distance, but I have no accurate numbers. Definitely going to order a Modus 125 S to test out. If it doesn't work, I'll be getting fit.
  12. Would the 120s be similar to something like KBS C-Taper?
  13. Thinking about going to the Modus 120 or 125. I switched from soft stepped KBS Tour X a couple years ago to S300s last year with good results, but I like both shafts. So I switched irons this year and the 4 and 5 iron ended up with AWT S which I think are a little less than 104 grams. Of course I'm now feeling more confident hitting 4 and 5 iron; but that could be shaft weight, different club head, better swing, meditation? I might just need to get fit.
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