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  1. Yes! Course is in great shape. I was at Prairie Club in May as well. I've been going out there for a number of years now and I love those two so much that I don't like taking days to go other places. I definitely think it's fun on the first trip to go play a bunch of different places!
  2. This is what I'm seeing! What does this mean? I haven't noticed any difference in ball flight or feel and from my perspective it's still playing the same. Are you guys seeing changes in performance?
  3. I play the yellow z star XV and I feel like the seem on a ball that's been through it tend to look more light yellow, almost kind of white. I've played them for a long time (200 balls?) and I've never seen a split on the seem like that ball. Clearly it's been happening to you a lot. I hit a 125 mph driver and carry a 7 iron 205 so I'm definitely not easy on them. There's no way the yellow is different than the white is there?
  4. It was really pretty quiet most of the trip. About 10-12 from the south friday, 10-15 from the north saturday, and 2 from the south Sunday. We always play 5 rounds per trip and it seems that one round always ends up as a bad luck round where the balls bounce in to funny spots. You've played out there where you know some bunkers and angles are just dead. Not getting up and down. I also had some random shank trouble and I think I had a couple during that round.
  5. Wild horse was amazing. Not much to report, course was perfect, corona does not exist out there, and we had a great group. Shot 76, 82, 79, 69, 75 which might have been my best cumulative five rounds out there!
  6. That might be hard to find anywhere! A lot of the DU current and former players are at Highlands Ranch. That might be your best bet...
  7. Commonground pace of play is typically as good you'll find in Denver short of joining and actual private club. I would guess that you end up with more rounds at 4:15 or less than you would at most other courses. Pace of play is typically pretty bad in the Denver metro. If you're fine paying more money and on the younger side you should look into bear creek.
  8. Common ground fits your description pretty good although it's not a private club to join and I personally would say their greens are under the level they should be. One of the best walkable courses, good layout, fine range, and a lot of good players at the course. I know their men's club is good and they also have a really good scratch game.
  9. Supposed to be 79/80/80 with 10-15 mph the three days we're playing... My game is saucy right now too so it should be fun!
  10. Heading there next weekend...
  11. I went a couple years ago and went first thing in the morning. Ended up getting on the north course after a long wait and although I was initially disappointed, the experience was great. I didn't get to play the south course but I felt like I definitely got the Torrey feel. Super fun!
  12. Good shout dancin on the aeration. Brett sorry to hear about the elbow man. Injuries suck! Hope everyone's golf season has been going well. I've had a pretty mundane golf season outside of a couple trips. I've been playing really well in the casual rounds with friends and then seem to not put anything together in our "tournaments". Played Murphy Creek on Friday and Bear Dance on Saturday. Both courses were in pretty good shape and had a lot of fun playing away from highlands ranch a bit. My wife is out of town so I'm doing the kid thing this weekend and then heading to Wildhorse the follo
  13. The classic place where you have to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to play. It is also a classic place that you don't call up to see if you can get on. They will always get you on, BUT you have to have a room ($400+?) and then pay the $300 or $375 green fee :)
  14. Prairie Club was amazing. Dunes course is in my Top 3 all time and I've played a fair bit of places. Pines really grew on me this trip and moved up my rankings. Went with a fun group and all played pretty well which is significant on these types of trips. 36 hole days wear you out when you're hunting for balls. Wind was howling all three days but the courses set up pretty well to play in the wind and as a huge wind baby I didn't find it too distracting. The greens were phenomenal and in my memory were better this year than any prior. I've always made the case that prairie club has better routi
  15. I'm heading out on Thursday. Interesting on the bugs and ticks. I wonder if they were in the trees a bunch or if they were getting them from the long grass? Ticks are no joke and I don't like messing with them with all the Lyme's disease junk. I can't wait to go although the weather report is getting windier and windier each day that goes by. I liked the TP5X but found that from 8 iron- 2 iron my distance dispersion was a little more sloppy. When I hit when really good it went extra far, and when I hit one really bad it went extra short. I tend to do that a lot so the Srixon was a little mo
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