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  1. For delivery I was told 3-4 weeks. Did not ask start date.
  2. PXG 0317 X GEN2 HYBRID Price drop to $135!
  3. Just couldn't wait any longer...I'm so weak. Ordered the 0811X+ with the Riptide CB shaft, and the 0211 19* hybrid with the Mitsi MMT shaft.
  4. On the fence here, great thread tho! Any thoughts on the 0211 driver? Is it just the 0811x+ with less adjustablity? $295 vs $375 so I'm doing some hard thinking....going to pull the trigger on one of them. Wondering if there is something lacking in the 0211 as compared to the 0811x+ as it's so cheap.
  5. Not exactly, but I'm thinking of when I order my set, to have the 4 iron a little longer(not sure how much I can get away without having a crazy high SW), and a little strong- mostly to get a little little more separation from my iron and dual purpose driving iron on those short par 4's.
  6. Mizuno's 919 Forged are 4-GW with S300. Standard length and lie. Grips are slick, so I'll include your choice of the grips picture(MCC or Lamkin Z5's). Note both sets of grips are the Master's version, so pretty cool. $650 shipped. NOW $550 shipped. pin 11/1
  7. Currenlty have 3 sets of clubs, all with different grips. For the record, I've always been a MCC guy. Hogan Ptx Pro- grips suck. Period. Miz 919 Forged with MMC +4. Very good. Miz 921 Metal Pro with Lmkin Hybrid ST+2. Went into this set certain I'd swap them out for MCC, but now I'm thinking I will keep them on. They are pretty nice.
  8. I find it interesting that everyone dings the P790 for having such strong lofts, OMG they are unplayable, etc etc !!!! However, look at the HM lofts....they are actually stronger than than P790. P790 8 iron: 35* HM 8 iron: 34*
  9. Same. Makes we wish I could find a new 919 Forged with my shaft of choice(local shop has a set with S300 105's for $999 4-GW). Tempting...but I would have to reshaft.
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