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  1. I think I priced it too high- dropped price accordingly to $275.
  2. Pics speak for themselves, in great shape. 13.5*. $325 now $275 shipped with headcover.
  3. No. Club head impact with ground exceeded maximum capacity after ball did not go in desired direction.......
  4. Hi everyone Any ideas what to do with this shaft now? Pic attached to show "new" length as compared to a new one with with Cobra tip. Thanks very much.
  5. Popped a Ventus 5s in few minutes ago. Cause, ya know, it’s not my swing....
  6. Ok, now I excited to try it! ^^^^^^^^^
  7. Good post. I'm 57 and swing upper 90's, can bust 100 but it's rare. I went with the 50g CB shaft, seems to work well. That being said, just bought a Ventus Velocore 6s Blue off the bay, and will be trying that to see if there is any magic in it for me.
  8. Any regrets on this setup now that you’ve had them awhile? Would u do anything different?
  9. Never would have thought a 2.5g change would have made that much difference.
  10. Re compare pics: I have the 0317x 17*(the 0211 in the pic above is 19*)hybrid inbound, tracking not showing delivery date yet, maybe later this week, but will post compare pics then. Re "yankees suck". Just stating facts.
  11. 0211 hybrid and 0811X+ have landed. Cannot express how much I love the look at address of both of them. best thing: they included a sticker:) worst: no torque wrench(packing slip says there there is one)
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