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  1. The first time I ever shanked a ball as I mid handicap golfer they came in buckets! I must have it 40 in a row! I was mortified and had no concept of what was happening. I got a lesson from the new pro, he took a look and I shanked 10 or so in a row. He smiled and said, "Lets work on some other things I see and we will worry about that shank later". He squared up my alignment, widened my stance a bit, moved my ball position a bit more forward, and had me making swings down the path which my feet, knees, hips and shoulders were now aligned and I started hitting it the center of the club fa
  2. I've had some online lessons and they were on point! I'm in Virginia and still considering a visit. If I were close, I would be a regular of his I'm sure.
  3. I’ve been testing and enjoying GD Tour IZ shafts, so much that I’ve decided to sell my ATMOS TS Black 6S and Blue 7s. They were an outstanding Driver and 3w combo. Both are in very good shape but, please look at pics. $130 shipped. ATMOS Black SOLD! Thanks Duane
  4. Once all the pre-shot decisions are made and I step to the ball with a driver I think, "Hit it Hard!" For me it take away a lot of possible swing thoughts. I forget where I saw the video but, it showed how repeatable our golf motions are. From high handicappers down to scratch and better although flawed they repeated themselves with remarkable consistency. So, I have what I have that day, and if driver is in my hands I'm steeping on it, and forgetting mechanics...they are already cooked in.
  5. ATMOS Black 6s TS was the last shaft I was curious to test on the range and 9 holes after testing the IZ. Black felt good, little stouter though. I carried it around 250ish range on course that day conditions were wet and with my M5 10.5 set at standard, I may have been playing a little too much loft. I went with a 10.5 head with plans on opening the face while lowering the loft....my miss is usually a hook. no roll and the ball backed up a foot from it pitch mark in the fairway a few times. The shaft worked as advertised but, it didn't impress me like the IZ did. The IZ for me fee
  6. I think its awesome that there are some affordable launch monitors on the market! I'm not sure if Mevo/SC300 would suit me long term though...dialing in gaps and testing equipment it would be great! Just not sure how much I would use it otherwise once I have my bag figured out?
  7. One weight in the center middle and the other weight were you tend to miss on the club head is where I have found it to be best. For me that's between rear center and toe...I lofted down to get ball flight down a touch. I went with a 10.5 head so I could open the face at address.
  8. I rented a few shafts from Shaft Shack and had a chance to try Both Tensei Orange Pro, Orange 60 Stiff TM version, Atmos Black 6s TS and Tour Ad IZ in Stiff and X. I actually enjoyed them all....different feeling shafts and I feel I could game any of them. Atoms Black gave me really good dispersion and felt the firmest, it also felt a bit heavier than the rest. Both IZ shafts had the best feel, there wasn't a big difference between stiff and X flex in feel and or dispersion. TO shafts were the softest, I could feel the shaft load the most and I hit a more noticeable draw with both. The
  9. > @Valtiel said: > Different shaft profiles can definitely move strike point for some players, but not enough to make the difference between a thin/top and a normal strike. If you want to experiment though, the stiffest tip shaft you can find will raise strike point IF everything else is the same, which it rarely is. Forward/lead deflection is what can influence this with more causing the head to deflect a greater amount forward and lower strike, and vice versa. But don't count on it fixing a topped shot. Thanks, not expecting miracles...maybe turning that topped shot into a thinne
  10. Thanks...a shorter shaft make sense. I hit hybrid, 4-5 irons solid. I have struggled with 3w off the deck for years. To be fair I don’t practice it very often unless I know I’m going to play a very long course. I can get into a rhythm on the range and hit it well, it just a very infrequent shot for me. When we need it I pull it off I hit it well maybe 40% so I usually opt to hit my hybrid up short and try to get up and down for my birdie.
  11. Thanks guys, fortunately I'm still long enough that I only have opportunities for a good 3w off the deck would benefit me maybe once a round...as father time catches up I'm sure that fairway wood will be more important down the road. I agree whole heartedly sound fundamentals are best but, we all mask our flaws to some degree with perimeter weighting, loft, draw bias or that shaft that keeps that minimizes hook ect. Thought this may be a way to help out with something not great at.
  12. @Krt22 @ckay Saw this video and it was discussed and seem to give a good result to the person getting fit. Thought there was some worth to it....maybe not?
  13. My common miss from the fairway with a wood is a topped or thinned shot, enough so that I'll tend to hit a iron or hybrid short to avoid possibly making a par 5 in two. My bad shots tend to be topped or thinned. If I have a good round going I'll usually avoid the hitting my 3 wood off the deck. 3 wood off the tee isn't a problem. I did some research and found that a way to combat this is with a shaft that neutralizes some of my positive attack angle. I understand working on delivering a more negative angle of attack will eliminate this but, if there is some shaft choices help move my st
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