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  1. Aldila Rogue silver 110msi stiff. Titleist tip. Stock length. Small paint chip. Grip in 7/10 condition. $50 shipped obo
  2. Are you aiming right or is your stance super closed? Seeing ball flight usually helps so hard to tell with you hitting a foam ball in your closet.
  3. Ok let's not play around, I want these things sold. New prices, let's move em! 3 items for sale, thought they were sold locally but got blown off so here they are. Titleist TS2 9.5 degree made for Diamana Ahina 72 stiff. Brand new tour velvet midsized (has about 20 swings on it) and head cover. Has 1 small blemish that can only be seen right up close in the light (shown in pictures). $235 shipped obo HEAD AND HEAD COVER SOLD. Someone make me an offer on this shaft!! Titleist 910F 17 degree made for Diamana Ahina 82 stiff. Newer lamkin utx midsized and head cover. Club is well use
  4. I had this issue and could not solve it myself, here is my suggestion. Take the $75 you're going to waste hitting range balls trying to self fix and do an online video with Monte. that is what I did and it helped. Turned out I wasn't really OTT but was yanking the handle in combination with poor posture which was causing a steep downswing. Your cause could be any of of numerous reasons.
  5. Same experience here with Burlington, shoe shelves are barely half full at the 1 store in town but we have 5 Ross stores are they are full and stocked daily.
  6. Wedge back up for sale. Where's the traction fellas, do I need better pictures?
  7. The one in Tulsa limits you to 10 swings. I don't think there's a charge.
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