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  1. Looking for some prior generation Srixon Z Stars in yellow. Would like to buy 3 dozen in the $20ish per dozen range. Anyone have some laying around collection dust?
  2. That's about 2-3x what were trying to spend but appreciate the recommendation. Would like to stay under $300.
  3. Wife is wanting some clubs and lessons. Obvious answer is to grab her a ladies box set hut she's pretty tall (5'8") and athletic so I am wondering if mens senior would be better? Any tips? Don't want any "go get fit" responses as this needs to be a very low investment purchase lol.
  4. Seriously love this bag, I have had mine for 3 or 4 years now. Perfect setup for walking or riding. GLWS!
  5. Selling some things collecting dust. They are used and pictures show conditions. Titleist 910H 17* stiff shaft, mid sized grip, no head cover. $50 tyd obo. Titleist 910F 17* stiff shaft, mid sized grip, stock head cover. $55 tyd obo. Titleist 913H 21* stiff shaft mid sized grip, stock head cover. $85 tyd obo.
  6. Liquid_A_45


    Wow lol 5 year old post reply!!!
  7. Aldila Rogue silver 110msi stiff. Titleist tip. Stock length. Small paint chip. Grip in 7/10 condition. $50 shipped obo
  8. Are you aiming right or is your stance super closed? Seeing ball flight usually helps so hard to tell with you hitting a foam ball in your closet.
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