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  1. I think you are correct. I got fitted a few weeks back for the JPX 921 Tours and I’m having buyers remorse, I just really love PING and everything I see and read and everything you’ve said lines up with me and my game. I love my i200’s but I do struggle with trajectory in the long irons, so that’s a check. Softer feel, check. I love the feel these more recent PING irons have. You could blind test me with all sorts of irons and I’d be able to pick out the PING irons. Also, my spin is normally a little high...check. My main reason to get fitted was to find the right shaft which turned out to be
  2. That’s good to hear. I’m fascinated by the Zx5’s and I’m still second guessing myself. It looks like my 921 Tours will be in April 8 so I’m going to wait and get them and give them a fair shot and see how they operate. One thing I’ve been thinking about since getting fit is the difference between the 921 Tours compared to the i210’s and Zx5’s. I would put the i210’s and Zx5’s in the same category, players distance irons with a little bit more forgiveness than the 921 Tours. One thing I imagine I’ve become accustomed to with my i200 irons is that forgiveness in feel with off-center shots. Off-c
  3. Who here thinks the i210’s will be an all time classic? I’m currently playing i200’s, just got fitted for and ordered the JPX 921 Tours not wanting to wait for the i210 replacement, yet I find myself drawn to the i210’s. Anyone who has gamed i200 and i210 I’d be interested in hearing what their differences are.
  4. I was able to go get fitted at CC outside of New Orleans a few weeks ago. For me it was definitely the 950gh shafts. The numbers were overall better and they feel wonderful. The SteelFiber i95 numbers were ok but the launch and spin were a little low, and the 950’s just felt better! The heads were interesting, I hit the Zx7 / Zx5 / 921 Tour / i210 irons. I did not hit the Zx7’s good at all, I think some of it had to do with operator error, the feel was ok but the 921’s felt amazing. The i210’s felt amazing too and the Zx5’s weren’t far off at all they felt great to me. The i210’s went 3 yards
  5. All great info, I really appreciate the feedback. This weekend I had the chance to hit a 950GH shaft and the feel is great...they’re just how I remembered them. And as strange as it may be, the two best feeling iron shafts for me are the 950GH and the SteelFiber i95. I love them both. I just don’t know what my numbers are with both shafts. I know my numbers with the TT XP-95 shafts are good. I need to do a fitting but I can’t do one for a while and I’m ready for a new set of irons now!! ...I will wait for that fitting, until then I’ll keep reading, I love GolfWRX. Anyone have any inpu
  6. What kind of graphite shafts did you switch to if I may ask? I played with SteelFiber i110cw’s and i95’s before I switched to the XP 95’s and I loved the feel of them. The flight was lower than I liked in my long irons, but the feel was great.
  7. Thanks for the input — this makes me feel more confident about these shafts. I kind of figured a shaft that has been around for as long as it has and is still offered by a lot of these OEM’s that it has to be a really quality iron shaft.
  8. I’m wondering if anyone has any insight into the Nippon NS Pro 950GH shafts, or thoughts/opinions on them. I’m looking at a Srixon Zx7/Zx5 combo set with these shafts. I’ve read some reviews and watched some reviews and in one particular review the reviewer mentioned that the newer version, the 950GH Neo, was created to be an updated version of the original due to the modern iron heads and a lower COG. Does that mean that the original 950GH shafts are outdated, or that they’re not ideal for today’s iron heads? I’ve been playing True Temper XP 95’s for a while now and I want something similar i
  9. Yeah it is. I love my i200’s but I’m ready for something now. I’m really interested in the Srixon Zx7/Zx5’s and the Mizuno Tour & Forged JPX 921’s. If they’re not right for me, I’ll wait for PING. And if I love the Srixon/Mizuno irons and happen to find $1,000 laying around — I’ll get the PING’s too. Who wouldn’t?!
  10. Any news on the i59 irons? Anyone know if it’ll be February or summer? Also, I’m wondering how the i59’s would compare to the new Mizuno irons (assuming the i59’s will be similar to the i200’s and i210’s), if they’ll be closer to the JPX 921 Tour or Forged, or possibly the MP-20 MMC’s. I have the i200’s in the bag and before that I played Mizuno MP-32’s — which I will never get rid of.
  11. Yes it is. I have ordered clubs in the past, had them checked only to find out the swingweight were all over the place. 1.5 SW points. Is that like a D1 becoming a D2.5 ?
  12. Just ordered a new set of irons. Newer version of what I had. When I put the order in I forgot that the new clubs are 0.25" longer than the old standard. I didn't like this so I had them cut down 0.25" at the butt end to get them back to what I was used to. My question is about swingweight: how much would this alter the swingweight? I had the irons ordered at a D2 swingweight (D3 in the PW). The shafts are True Temper XP95 S300. I haven't had them swingweighted since having them cut and was just wondering if anyone could help with this question.
  13. Agreed. I felt the same way when I hit the i200's at the golf shop several weeks back. I had just finished playing with my i25's. The difference in feel was so great I was a bit stunned. The i200 feels amazing. I sat there and it side by side with the iBlade, and I'm telling you, the i200 felt better.. I know some have said they feel the same but I thought the i200 felt better, but that's just me, and it could just be my feel, my swing, etc. I haven't ordered my i200's yet, but I have notified my i25's of the upcoming upgrade and have thanked them for their service
  14. I've heard he is considering "Ron Mexico" but he is not sure if Mike Vick owns the patent. I heard he'll be changing his name to Rum Digest for major events, but other tournaments he'll go by Flack Swansen..
  15. Does a back grind take the finish off the iron head? like a bounce grind would?
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