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  1. Including a beginner in an foursome with 3 experienced players..Would you include a beginning golfer in a foursome with 3 fairly experienced players? The reason I ask is because I have a friend of mine who is eager to learn how to play but he is pretty much a beginner..I've spent a little time with him on the range but he still has a long way to go! I made the mistake of including him in a foursome with 3 experienced players at one time and it was a catastrophe...He was horrible but fortunately my friends were very patient with him and tried to help him with tips etc but I sensed that they w
  2. I'm partial to Titleist drivers but that's just me. Maybe because they have a more classic look to them and they feel awesome when hit square. I would pay attention to the flex of the shaft you get whatever you decide and also the shaft itself. Try a bunch of them out and go with what feels good to you. Some people go for aesthetics...like me and quality and others just go by word of mouth.. I've played Callaway, Taylormade, Ping..but in the end the Titleist driver has been the best in my bag!
  3. I went from Callaway X-14 Pro Series to 755s and haven't looked back! I love the feel of these irons! I've had these for a couple of years now and don't anticipate changing anytime soon. Of course with anything you have to try them out and see if they fit your style.. For me they work...for some others they may not...
  4. I had entertained the thought of a putter fitting but in the end went with a standard 35. So far it works fine for me!
  5. I agree with your statement. My Circa 62 #3 inspires confidence and I have sunk some really nice putts with it! It's a definite keeper and I've spent many hours on the putting green near my home enjoying the heck out of it!
  6. I have the Circa 62 #3 and it has replaced my Newport 2 as my favorite putter! The feel is money!
  7. Nice! I have a Circa 62 #3 with the CM finish and love it!
  8. I didn't see it but it's hard for me to imagine AK deliberately walking in someone's line unless he was given the ok to do so by Chez. AK is a fine champion evidenced by his 2 fantastic wins on tour this year! I'm disappointed in some of the negative comments I have read on this thread about AK. As one post said, "Much ado about nothing...."
  9. Yeah...don't you hate it when people can't keep their opinions to themselves...especially when you don't ask for it... What's funny is that when he hit it the flight of the ball was nowhere near as nice as yours...
  10. Man that is a loooong layoff..I've gone a stretch without playing but that is something! Sometimes you have to walk away from the game.. It's funny I used to post like a banshee in this forum and just got back to it today after a long layoff... But I began to realize how much I missed playing and reading about the game.... So hopefully, after an extended layoff I can discover the joy of playing again!
  11. Play from whatever tee you feel comfortable at. It's strange how ego sometimes plays a role in your decision. You have to know your game and length...just because the other guy wants to hit from the back doesn't mean you have to.
  12. Go for the Scotty! Overall IMHO the feel is much better than the Odyssey & the Ping.
  13. Wow...those are pretty putters! It's been while since I've played and visited a golf store but now that the weather has been nicer...golf fever is setting in....hmmmmmmm!
  14. trek1500


    I'm a sucker for new technology and when I saw a mallet style YES putter (the Marilyn)..I decided to give it a try. I had been putting with an SC Newport 2 prior to then so i was pretty spoiled. However I gave it the full treatment but could never find myself warming up to it. I just did not feel that I had the "feel" factor that I had with my SC. So after a couple of weeks I ended up trading it for some other club.. Hence my experience with YES putters.. Now my "main" putter has been my Circa 62.
  15. I've had my SC CM Circa 62 #3 for quite a while now and have never noticed any issues.. I'm also really bad about wiping it down so I'm pretty impressed with the durability of the finish!
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