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  1. I do have two of the Maltby Club Fitting Guides I would pass along to anyone for shipping costs. One of the sad points is some of the clubs cut down for juniors. One is a left handed MacGregor Tourney 3 iron in very nice shape with a ProPel 2 shaft that measures 30.5 inches. I suppose the headlight be of some value to someone.
  2. Attaching some photos I took at work on my phone. First four are from Day 0ne. Also got a Titleist fitting cart with a couple of rolls of impact tape. Next three photos are from Day Two. Also got some Maltby Club Building and Fitting Guides from 1986. In Binders - brand new. Only grabbed 3 but left about 20 more in the dumpster.
  3. I work at a university that has a PGA Management Program. It would seem they are cleaning out one of their storage bins on campus and tossed a bunch of old clubs. Granted a majority are either cut down for journeys or are older generic clubs. I did find a few of interest and I am still sorting through them. Even a few new uncut Golfsmith Carbon Sticks for woods. Also, an assortment of left handed clubs. In those are two Harvey Penick Graphite shafted Professional irons -- 1 iron and 3 iron. Once I get through all of this I will post or list some photos of clubs someone might need to fill a void.
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