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  1. You need a "Tee-Gar." Sold in cigar shops world wide. They also make clips that clip to a cart post for your cigar.
  2. Yep! It is amazing the length of time it takes to figure things out. For a while now in cycling, the mantra has been to not wait until you are thirsty, by then it is too late.
  3. You guys would have been considered wusses. Riding 100 miles on a bike was done with one water bottle over those 4-5 hours.
  4. I grew up in the same county Kelly did, just a couple years older. And I worked at a CC setting cups, etc. so I knew about the chemicals they were throwing around. During a HS practice round, another kid was licking his ball. I said "Do you know the stuff they put on the ground in fertilizer?" I got a "Shut up" back. Like someone else said, you can't fix stupid.
  5. Actually, the money involved isn't an issue. It's how many points they win. Multimillionaires will play for quarters...as it isn't about taking someone's money, it's about taking the money, not the amount.
  6. Okay, I'll bite...I go out as a less than foursome...I expect to have the time filled out and don't care one way or the other. If you expect that it will happen, easy peasy...whatever the result get off your high horse, get over your entitlement. It's kind of like match play on the green. If you expect to have to make every putt in the match, you won't be upset when the guy doesn't say anything about your ball let on the edge. Two interesting stories (at least to me): Played a course in nothern Wisconsin last year as a single. It was somewhat busy, and the audacity, the
  7. If Rory had passion for the game, his majors total would be at least double. Players that throw clubs should be removed from the course, in all cases.
  8. I get and follow basic golf dress attire. What I don't get is no black socks. I have seen this listed on the site more than a couple times now. I ALWAYS wear black ankle socks with shorts...because white looks STUPID. Why no black socks? Even white socks with slacks looks stupid.
  9. Actually, YOUR mindset is the biggest scam in golf. Don't bother posting again.
  10. Golf clubs Aaron Olberhouser reps on Golf Channel will make you a better player.
  11. I never want to be at a major on Sunday but if the lottery gives me tickets, I will go. I want to see the course with my own eyes.
  12. Why do people pick up a ball that isn't theirs that is in the middle of a fairway?
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