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  1. You mean a chipper that is only for chipping, not a full swing club? If so, I have never been able to figure out why someone would want to take a perfectly good full swing club outta the bag. The pro at the course I played at as a kid was really impressed that I said that to him. Of course he taught us kids how to chip as the pros do. Learn to chip with a 6, 7, 8 iron.
  2. Unknown to me last year, my wallet fell out of my bag during league. They called me and brought it over. Refused my many attempts at libations.
  3. We found three wedges on the 17th hole while we were playing the club championship. Joe Pavelski was waiting for them on the 18th Green. He shot 67 that day. Me? Not so much.
  4. There's Jeff not adding to the discussion again (nor to his score apparently).
  5. I think the GF should move on from the OP since he has zero respect for her. If she is as controlling as he says she is good riddance...but then there are always three sides to a story.
  6. Clevelands! The best, Jerry, the BEST. Sorry can't help ya, I just like the line.
  7. This reeks of government intervention. Business people aren't interested in losing money. Making money with a golf course is a difficult endeavor at a decent course with somewhat affordable prices as it is.
  8. One of my league partners told me if I had that swing he wouldn't play with me, LOL. He shouldn't change it. Looks stupid, but GolfWRX is just a bunch of hacks making commentary, including me.
  9. In all seriousness, I believe my index is lower than it should be because the two league courses I play are set up short.
  10. Snowman, have you learned nothing in your life? The fastest way to change your index is to put in a bunch of fake scores. Man, some people.
  11. I've been known to pull for Stricks and Kelly.
  12. This is a stupid comment. Let's lock this up.
  13. A well-known local teaching pro in his radio show used to say that Spieth's swing would linger, but not last. Turns out he was right. Hope he gets back on track.
  14. Not likely, this is an extremely experienced player, decades on tour, still active. He doesn't need the caddie to tell him where to place it.
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