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  1. A flushed drive... A flushed approach... A flushed putt into the middle of the cup. Birdie. Nuf said.
  2. Thank you!!! You are correct!!! Even my swing coach thinks a ball off the toe is a "toe shank."
  3. I can't believe this thread is still going.
  4. Wasn't it reported that Woods paid Haney $25k to basically be on call every year?
  5. To each their own...it really isn't that obnoxious. Good day, Sir.
  6. Oohhh, it's all relative. ??? She's STILL 12 years younger than you. Relativity really doesn't make a difference. The cultural differences are still there.
  7. Harris, Tony, Brooks and Dustin are going to age faster than Freddie or Freddie is going to get older slower?
  8. I understand why you would say that but actually, the comment can be sometimes and won't be at others. It all depends on the context and how and who I say it to.
  9. Considering that he is a genius for "winning" the RC, he would be a fool to tarnish his legacy. I am not sure why an American would want to be a RC captain, much less be one in Europe years, since when you lose, you are vilified and "did nothing right," much like Harrington is being in the other thread and I am sure in Europe papers tomorrow.
  10. What is wrong with Ryder Cup players? I just read about it but Westwood got all pissy because the Americans made him attempt an 18" putt? Boo hoo! Make the putt!! When I play match play, I expect to HOLE OUT EVERY SINGLE ONE. Doesn't matter if it is a cliff hanger or 10 foot. Both sides, men and women, have complained about this "miscarriage of justice." Get off it. MAKE a MAKEABLE PUTT!! One of my favorite things to say in match play is "I am going to have to have you putt that." When they hit it too far past the hole.
  11. ?? It's pretty obvious: Arguably the greatest player Wisconsin player ever, Ryder Cup in Wisconsin, SUPER nice guy. Who else is going to be Captain?
  12. Have you tried taking time off, maybe overuse?
  13. Lazy backswings come out of nowhere also!
  14. But wouldn't that be a two stroke penalty for too many clubs in the bag?
  15. Once in a while is disturbing, 5 or more in the course of 9 holes you got a PROBLEM! Your set up is too close to the ball.
  16. I have always thought this was bush league for an official to do this. I once played in a tourney where one of our threesome dropped out after 9 because he wasn't playing well (was, what a baby). The other guy was notoriously slow. We lost time on the threesomes ahead of us and held up play behind us. I let it be known it wasn't acceptable, not that it made any difference.
  17. You're kidding right? The PGA Tour doesn't have to follow the rules of golf and actually doesn't. For instance, a drop zone is a local rule to reduce pace of play. If you play in a USGA event, they don't use DZ.
  18. Playing in a scramble, first hole. I hit my drive and one of the guys actually laughed at me because it ended up just into the rough, a decent length...for me. I digress. The guy that invited me gets up to hit his utility. He got under it and it goes two feet forward and spun back three feet behind the divot hole. No one said anything. I was laughing my butt off silently. I don't think anyone could intentionally do that.
  19. Pros wouldn't do this. It could potentially ruin swings. Fairway14 is incorrect. One of the reasons pros hit the ball so far and with great accuracy is because they spend a lot of time figuring out what their best specs are. EVERYONE plays better with clubs fit correctly.
  20. This. Unless on overseas golf vacay or a tourney, then you kind of don't have a choice.
  21. Thank you for responding. Never be scratch always wondered what drives people at the arc of their lives.
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