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  1. I have started getting way ahead in the downswing... Guy recorded me at the range... Any ideas on how to work on this?
  2. Who would you use to book trip to the pinehurst area?
  3. Which courses u recommend, been a long time since I've been to MB and never to the MP area
  4. Our work shut down is last week of June and the first week of July.. Looking for ideas on a trip to Mid Pines area or Myrtle Beach area.... Any suggestions?
  5. Is there much difference in the. 58 vs. 60 diameter in midsize grips? Lamkin crossline vs tour velvet?
  6. macrock7

    Ross Creek

    See where Ross Creek has opened back up.. Interested to see how it will be under new management
  7. Anyone know where to look for cheaper golf pants?
  8. Friend and I are looking to go to the mid areas in October to play for a few days... Would like to get some recommendations on courses and where to stay... Thanks
  9. I pulled the trigger and I love it so far
  10. I rolled one yesterday, liked how it set up behind the ball.. But I'm not sure about the stroke lab shaft... Whats everyone's feedback on this putter so far? I'm about to retire my Toulon Memphis and looking for something new.
  11. > @sundaybagonly said: > Just played Barnsley last week and it was spectacular. Always is a great play and well priced for the quality of the course and service. What is the price now been a few years since I've played it
  12. > @3fiddyz said: > what colour shoes are you wearing? White, first pair of that color I've owned
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