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  1. What prebuilt did you get ? What specs ? I’m trying to figure this out as well
  2. Medium settings … so I guess to run this full blast I need a quite good setup … tjs is for the help … back to the drawing board … this one is asking 1000$ Canadian used but I haven’t bartered yet
  3. Are the min req for the new fsx out yet ? I don’t want to buy a Pc that doesn’t run the new one … I’m looking at this one … thoughts ? Input ? Help please I’m computer illiterate
  4. Thanks for the response … much appreciated
  5. Hi wrx’ers… I need some advice … I went ahead and purchased a GC3 now I need to get the rest of it … I started looking at mats and I think I’ll go with either the CCE or the fiberbuilt my buddy has both so I’ll go try them and pick one. My thinking is cce is more realistic but fiberbuilt takes most Injuries out of play which brings me to the screen the first roadblock I hit is do I want 4:3 or 16:9 what are the pros and cons ? from the screen I’m guessing I just buy a projector that throws the right size picture? Looking to pay around 700$ ish? Is that reasonable ? computer I just plan on bringing the specs I need to a Best Buy and see what they have Please poke holes in my plan or give me whatever advice you have
  6. I think an overhead mounted system is best if the goal is fun simulator play … if you are willing to stretch the budget a gcHawk is probably best otherwise I’d look at the uneekor eyexo and you’ll have lots of leftover money for Everything else you need (hitting mat, projector , gaming computer etc edit: I’m assuming in the above that you want to accommodate for both lefties and righties
  7. I called foresight they said we would get it
  8. I did the same my only concern is what happens when the new fsx comes out ? Do we have to pay to get it or is free ? If so how much is it gonna cost to upgrade ? Anyone dig up any info on that ?
  9. Ordered my Gc3 today … First launch monitor I own, I’m pumped !!!
  10. Could someone educate me on the main differences between using a gaming laptop vs gaming Pc to run a gc3 ? I’m thinking laptop is more expensive but portable ?
  11. This is so obviously correct … in what situation would you not hit your current driver to have a baseline number to see if the new driver is better or worse … unless you are claiming they are changing the settings of the LM in between driver shots( this is obviously dishonest on the fitters part ) then I don’t believe anyone is getting duped …
  12. I feel like good copies of a lot of things exist I struggle to see why a knock off company hasn’t made a launch monitor cheap overseas and sold on Alibaba … all I see on there is blatant scams … do they exist?
  13. I’ve been playing proV1’s (and not the prov1x) as my ball of choice but wanted to try the TP5 but I find it spins too much. Does it spin more than a proV1 or is it me ? Would it be possible that a TP5x fits me better even though a proV1 fits me better than a proV1x?
  14. It’s just unfortunate that this will move the 5k+ Sub forum… having said that I’m eagerly waiting
  15. How to choose between a quad and this thing … I’m at a lost
  16. Im more thinking about a skytrack or the new bushnell unit not quite gc quad level to start I was just using those as examples
  17. Im wondering if anyone has experience using a GC2 or quad or skytrack with both LH and RH golfers … I know it’s not ideal but me and my daughters are lefties but my dad or a friend will probably come play once in a while … understanding it’s a pain I guess my question is is it only a qiestion of switching it over or is there calibrations to do which makes this not really feasible ?
  18. How does this guy not do a real review with a side by side of a trackman or gc quad … doesn’t look good on garmin that no one is putting up reviews … gut feeling tells me they got bad feedback and are working hard to fix it and have asked their ppl to keep quiet until the fixes
  19. Because learning to hit one club is easier than learning how other clubs react when practice time is limited … at least that’s the concept I understand that there’s other school of thoughts on this, the one club approach is the one I chose for myself though and has worked well
  20. Do any good players (say KFT or really good mini tour guys) that use mostly one club around the green use anything other than their most lofted club? As in would anyone hit 90%+ of their green side shots with say a 56 degree wedge and keep their 60 degree for flops only ?
  21. Yes thank you I missed the drill library at the top right somehow
  22. Does anyone know where to find videos or explanations for the drills under the practice section ? edit: nevermind I got the answer … drill section is getting revamped
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