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  1. If there were a gallery for photos - on many other sites, you have the ability to view the photo gallery of the thread and jump to that post.
  2. Sure thing! No more photos but I basically started off of my previous wedges. I used vokeys in 54 & 58 and I had a lot of success with those so I just stuck with what I knew in lie and bounce. As far as shape went, I left it to the builder to decide for the most part. I had a couple atypical asks: thinner topline on both wedges and a straight edge on the 52*, as I could use it for full shots. Bounce/lie/loft were simply adjusted to my specs. As much as I love the clubs, the wedges are definitely not exactly what I asked for. There's a decent bit of offset for a wedge, and the shape is inc
  3. Coming back to this - check out Corey Paul Functional Art. If you're looking heads only, ready to use, he's got it albeit the price may not fit your bill.
  4. Hi GolfWRX, long time lurker, and I've finally decided to start getting more active on the forum. I figured since entering the WITB contest to be featured on the homepage, I might as well make a post here too! My bag is full of experiments, hence the title. From shafts to the actual clubs themselves, none are fitted - they're all trial and error. Story time behind it all after the photos and details. Without further ado, here are the bag specs and photos :Full Bag Shot: Driver: Ping G30 LST (9 degrees - set neutral) Shaft: Tour AD MT-7x 3-wood: TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 TP Shaft: Projec
  5. Kyoei manufactures for many companies from what I remember, and they have the best online presence through TourSpec. You might have to go ask some golf shops in your area to see what's available. For example, I know Artisan uses wedges that are pre-manufactured, but they do grinding and finishing, similar to the raw Kyoeis. Beyond that though, if you do find out, please update as I'd also be interested in something like this.
  6. Just adding: I've gamed the bag a couple of times and my one gripe is the bottle pocket on the members bag. Doesn't seem to fit anything really well, despite being quite large. Perhaps it's not meant for bottles and that's where I've gone wrong. Apart from that though, literally the best bag I've used. Looks great, decently light, and fully functional.
  7. Driver: Ping G30 LST (9 degrees) Shaft: Tour AD MT-7x 3-wood: TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 TP Shaft: Project X PXv Tour 52 6.5 2-iron: Titleist 712U (18 degree) Shaft: Tour AD DI-105x Irons: Titleist 712 CB (3 iron) Kyoei raw forged blanks (4-PW) Shafts: Project X 6.0 (3 iron) KBS Tour X (4-PW) Wedges: Kyoei Raw Forged Blanks (52-14, 57-08 degrees) Shafts: KBS Tour Custom Black Pearl X Putter: Scotty Cameron California Del Mar Grip: Iomic Standard White Putter Grip Golf Ball: ProV1x Grips: Driver & 3 wood - Golf Pride ZGrip Cord 2-iron - Lamk
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