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  1. Unfortunately I can't give you a solid number. This was a first for the builder, so the actual cost was probably lower than expected cost of someone experienced willing to do this. I can say the heads are from tourspec, and are only $350 right now. As far as shafts, those are just some used ones I bought for cheap. It'll really depend on your builder, which I would recommend be local. Sorry I can't offer more information!
  2. If there were a gallery for photos - on many other sites, you have the ability to view the photo gallery of the thread and jump to that post.
  3. Sure thing! No more photos but I basically started off of my previous wedges. I used vokeys in 54 & 58 and I had a lot of success with those so I just stuck with what I knew in lie and bounce. As far as shape went, I left it to the builder to decide for the most part. I had a couple atypical asks: thinner topline on both wedges and a straight edge on the 52*, as I could use it for full shots. Bounce/lie/loft were simply adjusted to my specs. As much as I love the clubs, the wedges are definitely not exactly what I asked for. There's a decent bit of offset for a wedge, and the shape is inconsistent on the hosel. Reason being, is that these clubs just have a lot more "bulk" than initially expected. I worked with a pretty skilled person locally and he noted was that there was a surprising amount of club still to be ground down. This made the wedges way harder to work with in terms of getting things to the right spot. He quoted a much lower price thinking it would be a relatively quick job, but realistically, it took far longer and far more effort than he imagined. All I'd consider is checking in with whomever you're planning to work with, and chat it through with them!
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