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  1. Really like the 425 irons but afraid by the time I get them the new model will be out. What is realistic delivery? Don’t really want them in November. Thanks
  2. One good thing about living in Ks, most rounds are 4 hours or less.
  3. 56* 10* S grind voky Thanks
  4. Have last yrs 56* 10s vokey, looking at 56* 12* 3.0 ping glide. Glide seems a little more consistent. This my most lofted wedge, mainly around green and in bunkers occasionally a full shot. What is the reasonable expectation with 2* more bounce? 10 hcp. Thanks
  5. Looking for Henley shirts for golf, don’t really want the pocket. Nike Has one they call blade collar. Would like more to look at. Thanks
  6. Stick drill? I consistently go back to starting transition with right shoulder and hands. Lesson today was full backswing (club head outside hands) feel like hands drop to right knee to start transition. Just a feel for me. Last two years have been horrible, many lessons w/video, handicap keeps going up fun going down. Sometimes do ok with instructor but can’t hardly find the ball with club head on course. Trying to find just one thought or drill to start down. (Former single digit) Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot, wasn’t looking for a great deal booking this late at prime season, but for about 2 weeks over 100.00 a night at a budget motel seems strong. It’s all my fault usually plan much better. (-: Hmmmm, if I could just talk the wife into a roa trip to Texas!
  8. Thanks, we are used to being there at peak season ( had just booked a place to stay way ahead of time and usually use golf now )just didn’t know the availability, hotels are really expensive that’s why I was wondering about Meridian? Thanks for your help
  9. I’ve been a member at Crestview many years. Hard to beat 36 holes and easy to get on with great practice facilities. 3 years with new owners and they have spent a lot of money making club even better. Worth a look.
  10. Wife and I looking for fairly short notice golf trip probably wk.or 2. We’ve played in the Phoenix Tucson area many times, just usually book way ahead. Just wondered about availability and pricing around end of Jan thru Feb. Probably play most days mid tier. Always see Meridian ads (any good) just wondered. Thanks
  11. My miss is mostly trail (rt) elbow getting too far out. (Many lessons)I have elastic workout bands. How about putting one around the body and right above the elbow, then just hitting a bunch of range balls till it feels natural? I know there is some similar stuff out there. Thanks
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