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  1. Thanks a lot, wasn’t looking for a great deal booking this late at prime season, but for about 2 weeks over 100.00 a night at a budget motel seems strong. It’s all my fault usually plan much better. (-: Hmmmm, if I could just talk the wife into a roa trip to Texas!
  2. Thanks, we are used to being there at peak season ( had just booked a place to stay way ahead of time and usually use golf now )just didn’t know the availability, hotels are really expensive that’s why I was wondering about Meridian? Thanks for your help
  3. I’ve been a member at Crestview many years. Hard to beat 36 holes and easy to get on with great practice facilities. 3 years with new owners and they have spent a lot of money making club even better. Worth a look.
  4. Wife and I looking for fairly short notice golf trip probably wk.or 2. We’ve played in the Phoenix Tucson area many times, just usually book way ahead. Just wondered about availability and pricing around end of Jan thru Feb. Probably play most days mid tier. Always see Meridian ads (any good) just wondered. Thanks
  5. My miss is mostly trail (rt) elbow getting too far out. (Many lessons)I have elastic workout bands. How about putting one around the body and right above the elbow, then just hitting a bunch of range balls till it feels natural? I know there is some similar stuff out there. Thanks
  6. Great above knee thread. Is there a good wash and wear short? Don’t really want to iron or dry clean (much anyway) thanks!
  7. yeah, really hard to explain how automatic the right shoulder gets involved to soon. I can go for awhile without even realizing it. I’ve played many right handed throwing sports and seem to go back to that (good enough hand eye coordination to get buy for awhile) you wouldn’t believe how many feels and swing thoughts I have wrote down. Seems totally unconscious for awhile, similar to speaking rhythm or tone. I work on that before presentations. For now I guess one thought at the top, leave the right side out of it! See what happens, I really need some consistency! Thanks
  8. After 30 years of golf, lessons, video lessons, practice etc. I have never been asked that question, until today. I absolutely know my default swing flaw is always OTT throwing my right shoulder arm/elbow out as a first move, sometimes a little sometimes so bad I leave the range so I don’t hit anybody to the right. Soooo, I was asked (while struggling) today how I got to the top so well and started transition so bad? Long story short, I ended up answering because I’m very right side dominate (trail side). With that firmly in my mind at the top I relaxed the right upper body, d
  9. I thought I was making a full backswing. (as I did for most my golf life) At some point in time my arms and wrists went back as Body mostly slid back. i can still get my back to the target with an even shorter arm backswing. This makes it easy to start lower body first, and now there is a slot to drop into then toward impact. I believe less and less turn just evolved over years and I made compensations to compete. now I have picked up yardages again with a draw or (pull as a miss) vs weak slice or (push as a miss) compression feels much better. I have no idea how or when this started but I fi
  10. Kinda old school (Paul Runyan) but pretty dependable. I like Kisner’s also, but under pressure feet close. wt toward target, Shaft near vertical toe down heel up then use shoulders to putt it. I will use my 58* K grind wedge through 7 iron For chips or putt chips from 40 yards to green side. Many ways work, just a nice shot to have.
  11. Very interesting, I have an O works marxman heel shaft face balanced putter. Predominant miss is left and am told if I miss align aim it is left. Did not know that could be a tendency.
  12. Great video, Malaska understands the vision issue and offered several tips. For those of us that just can’t see the line (even with lessons and practice) we keep unconsciously making compensateing maneuvers to square the putter. There was one tip I had not heard or tried before, of course I will keep trying any new information. I would love to just worry about the stroke and have confidence in my alignment. Thanks ferrispgm!
  13. LOL, I posted a similar topic years ago. I can’t even get the line on the ball correct to start with. I did buy an Edel putter and many others, currently odyssey marxman. I consistently aim left and it just gets worse as I move back from gimme distance. Of course it looks aligned to me but when I have a putting lesson or playing partner line me up, I feel lined up as far right as I really am misaligned left. I work on just aiming right of what I think and getting distance correct. I played Quintero in Az today, greens were faster
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