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  1. FYI, Sun Mountain customer service says there were no major changes from 19 to 20 in the Sync other than colors.
  2. Does anyone know what the differences are between the model years (specifically the red\white\blue)? I've emailed Sun Mountain but decided to ask you knowledgeable folks too. The only differences I can see between years is the color of the zipper pulls and maybe a slightly darker blue in 2020 (I think it's just the picture lighting though).
  3. Just an FYI for anyone looking. Golfshot can't currently post hole-by-hole scoring to GHIN. It does adjust your score to account for Net Double Bogey if necessary.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll look at Golfshot and the Grint. I've used both in the past. I already have a GHIN, so just looking to link and have it post for me. I have the GHIN app but really want to just keep the score digitally and then avoid the extra step of keying everything into the GHIN app.
  5. Are there any scorekeeping apps that will post the scores to you GHIN? I haven't seen any touting the feature, but am hoping I overlooked it.
  6. I'm organizing a golf trip and am looking for reviews\recommendations of the short course at Cambrian. We are playing the short at Magnolia. My experience with the trail short courses has been hit and miss, so I would love feedback from those that have played them. For reference, I have played Grand National's short course and really liked it. I didn't find the Hampton Cove or Oxmoor short courses to be anything special. They weren't horrible but on a long golf trip, I would rather skip the forgettable golf to have time for other things.
  7. Hole by hole scoring would provide a large amount of data that **_could_** be used to really analyze golfers across the handicap spectrum. It could be used to tweak the system, define the areas of the game that challenge different types and levels of golfers, and generate more accurate course and hole handicap ratings. I'm not a USGA fan and figure they would find a way to screw it up but the data could be extremely helpful.
  8. Does anyone make a kid golf shoe smaller than size 1? My son is a little guy and loves playing. When we play in the dew, his feet end up soaked. I think I'm going to end up with waterproof hiking shoes but he would really like golf shoes.
  9. > @"Fedor Emelianenko" said: > I'm now back after playing 126 holes in 3 days. > > For anybody reading this, do not listen to the people who say 'do not play ross bridge'. We paid $115 on a Sunday and we were first out. This is far and away the best course we played in Alabama. I'd happily pay $250 for a course like that in Socal. > Here is my best to worst from the courses we played > > 1. Ross Bridge > 2. grand national (both courses) > 3. farmlinks > 4. oxmoor (both courses) > > Glad you had a good time. I agree with all your
  10. > @LeoLeo99 said: > Funny thing, I (OP) played the same course today and the same thing happened as in my original post. I checked in 30 minutes before my tee time with the starter and he looked at the tee sheet and said, Oh, my. The twosome you were supposed to play with already went out. Well, I'll try to fit you in somewhere. > > It all worked out great, though. I went out 15 minutes later with two other singles. Great guys and we had a great time. Sounds like you need to have a talk with the director. If you talked to them after the first incident, the communicat
  11. > @HoosierMizuno said: > for those that have a mat, are you standing on the mat or do you stand on a separate unattached mat/platform. anyone using a putting mat on carpet? > i'll be getting something end of golf season and considering the breed putting mats or big moss, the mat linked above. i need something that can be moved and isn't permanent, but also want something that doesn't wrinkle or have built in break. i simply want to practice straight in putts from at least 6'-10' I did not buy an additional standing mat. There is plenty of room on the 3' wide mats. I have used
  12. > @ani5009 said: > I was considering getting a Birdieball green for awhile but I never pulled the trigger on it. Curious to see if anyone has any experience with those and how they hold up over time? I've had mine for a few weeks now. I really like it but can't speak to how well it will hold up. The only knock I have is the hole depth. I have the medium speed mat so it's not that big of a deal. I need to be able to roll my green up so the double thickness wasn't an option but I would definitely consider it for a more permanent placement. There are cup deepening shims but they giv
  13. > @HoosierMizuno said: > just curious what went into your decision in getting birdie ball vs competitors like big moss or breeds putting mat? looking to get a mat soon too and have heard mixed reviews on birdie ball Honestly, I'm not a Breed fan and have heard good things about the Birdie Ball. I didn't do any real research. I really like the green but have to exchange for a 3' wide one. My son wants to keep it in his hallway. The 10-11 is right in line with the speeds at my club. If I went with the slowest speed, I would want the 1" depth. The 1/2" depth would be off-putting t
  14. Thanks for the inputs. I went for the 10-11. Called the pro shop and my home course normally runs around 10 except for special events. FYI, I was told the two numbers (i.e. 10-11 & 11-3) in the speed represent the against\with grain stimps.
  15. I'm looking to buy a Birdieball putting mat and am torn on which speed to get (10-11 or 11-13). I will have holes at each end so I can putt with and against the grain. For those of you that have one, which speed did you select and are you happy?
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