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  1. This reads like an Exactice or PinestreetGolf debate... I disagree with 100% of the OPs ideas. Yes its possible to shoot the same score over one round but over multiple rounds or a season your score will be markedly worse.
  2. Tour issue Odyssey Jailbird Versa plumbers neck with the LEGENDARY white hot pro insert. This us from the odyssey tour dept and not a normal setup with the plumbers neck. 33” has a stability shaft installed and a golf pride Pro Only blue star grip. Comes with a tour issue hot sauce cover that’s well used. This putter is face balanced and sits completely square. I HATE putters that sit closed when you sole them. I think every scotty putter of the last 8 years sits closed and i loathe it. This one does not do that at all. I have used this for the past 3 years and it
  3. Couldn't get along with the shallow face of the SIM. I think the g410LST is the most fade biased driver I've ever owned and i was a Cobra LTD Pro user for years! The G410 is so easy to hit a flat fade with but the high draw is in it too. What i love most is that i am supremely confident that its not going to over-draw. Mishits just want to go forward without too much side spin. Very forgiving and makes me wish i jumped on the Ping bandwagon for the G400 lst a few years back. SIM was a great looking head but i dont think it was longer that my LST. I do however agree tha
  4. I'm convinced you don't own shoes after all the years of seeing your flip-flops.
  5. The two shafts are nothing alike in my opinion. DG 120 launch lower and spin more as well as want to turn over left more for me. I love PX LZ and regular PX as well. I do like S400 in my wedges but otherwise DG is a spin monster for me.
  6. Titleist TS2 13.5 fairway wood with Hzrdus Handcrafted yellow prototype 83x shaft. Playing 42.75” and just under D4. Has 4 grams of hotmelt neutral and a heavier back weight as well. Shaft graphics down in 1 position. Head is very clean; shaft has some graphics wear and bag wear but nothing major. Headcover included This is one of the most forgiving, low spin fairways around. With the extra weight in back this thing launches from the deck so easy but keeps the spin down due to the lower loft. I loved this thing and it pains me to see it go but I’ve gone back to being a Ho.
  7. Allegedly they took advertising dollars to pump Snell in their articles and tests back when they said it was better than Pro-V1. Their entire "schtick" is that they are unbiased and dont take dollars from OEMs. They played it off that it didnt count b/c Snell was a little guy and not a major OEM. Bunch of lying hypocrites.
  8. THIS. The Tony Covey guy can't break 100 playing real golf and he writes all their club reviews and articles. Can't take anything they say seriously after the whole Snell debacle.
  9. Taylormade TW Grind MG2 56* wedge with raw face. Tour issue S400 shaft and MCC +4 grip. Bone stock from Taylormade aside from the grip. Used 3 rounds, amazing grind on this thing but i need a different shaft and don’t feel like messing with it. Can bend to any spec for buyer at no charge for full asking price. $165 shipped
  10. Ping g410 lst 3 wood head only with 410 fade adapter included. No head cover. SOLD shipped
  11. Lifetime M grind player here. I had the TW 60 for a day ( i ordered new from TM). One day with it and to me its more of a hybrid between S grind and K grind. I didnt find it had the relief in the same spots as an M grind. I moved on and went back to my M grind. The 56 TW on the other hand has been great and really versatile.
  12. This is terrible information. Heat will ruin a carbon head in a heart beat. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
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