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  1. Couldnt disagree more. LZ 6.5 are soooooo much smoother than X100
  2. Adams CMB - Nippon 120x - 34* loft - 182 carry
  3. Fairway finder for me. 250 and i can work it both ways. Very reliable. Also great into par 5s
  4. 4-w heads only. Black dot but haven’t verified. You won’t find a cleaner set of used S55s these days! These are heavy heads that were from a shorter build from the ping factory. These will swingweight heavy at normal lengths. $285 shipped 48 states
  5. I didnt find them similar at all and i've played both. X100 will launch lower and spin more. While DG isnt know for its "feel" i can feel the shaft load in x100 where as 120TX is pretty boardy thru the entire shaft IMO. If i were you, i wouldnt rule out 120X vs the TX. The 120X feels great and can hold up to any speed. Stenson plays them and he murders his irons.
  6. Background: I have been in LZ 125 X flex iron shafts for a few years. I LOVE them with the exception of long irons. I feel like they spin a little too much in my 4/5/6 irons and i tend to draw them as well. Been eyeing up some Nippon Modus 120x shafts for a long time since they have almost an identical EI profile and the Nippon feel is supposed to be legendary. Cut to last month, i picked up a full backup set of my beloved Adams CMB irons and a set of Nippon pulls and built up a backup set to same length and swingweight. I love the Nippon long irons. I can hit a cut o
  7. I know! They are impossible to find now in decent shape. I hope i don't regret this....
  8. All items include shipping to 48 states. 1. Cobra LTD Pro head, this pains me to sell. This is still the longest driver on its best ball. So far ahead of its time and Bryson just won the API with it. Will include the spaceport key to open as well. Headcover included $145 shipped 2. Tour issue raw vokey TVD 60* wedge HEAD ONLY. Only used a handful of rounds. Nice patina and grooves are great. $80 shipped 3. Odyssey white hot tour #7h (heavy) putter. 35” This is the bigger head everyone loves. No headcover. $SOLD shipped
  9. Sim TI is extremely fade biased. I cannot hook it and i can hook just about anything.
  10. Ping used to be the brand i would avoid at all costs, and for no real reason. I took a flyer on a G410LST head off the bst last year when my driver was misbehaving. I've never experienced actual "forgiveness" in a club before that. The 410LST changed my mind about Ping forever. You couldn't pay me to switch at this point. The only other one would be Scotty putters, i've owned a dozen of them and they all suck. I wouldnt spend a dime on one of those again.
  11. RBZ tour Cobra LTD Sim TI OG The cobra and Sim are like 8 yards behind driver distance. Stupid long and low spin.
  12. Fuji Pro 2.0 is VERY similar and feels a bit smoother. RIP Alpha was my favorite fairway shaft previous to finding the Fuji.
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