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  1. Ping used to be the brand i would avoid at all costs, and for no real reason. I took a flyer on a G410LST head off the bst last year when my driver was misbehaving. I've never experienced actual "forgiveness" in a club before that. The 410LST changed my mind about Ping forever. You couldn't pay me to switch at this point. The only other one would be Scotty putters, i've owned a dozen of them and they all suck. I wouldnt spend a dime on one of those again.
  2. RBZ tour Cobra LTD Sim TI OG The cobra and Sim are like 8 yards behind driver distance. Stupid long and low spin.
  3. Fuji Pro 2.0 is VERY similar and feels a bit smoother. RIP Alpha was my favorite fairway shaft previous to finding the Fuji.
  4. I went from Ctaper 130X to LZ 125 6.5 so i'd think the experience would be similar. LZ kicks way harder and launches a touch higher. Ctaper hit and stopped with a 9 iron for me, LZ spins back 3-4 feet. LZ feels way easier on my hands and elbows and most importantly they dont want to go left for me.
  5. Cobra LTD fairways are some of the longest, lowest spinning ever made. Sim Ti is the t****, been playing one for about a year. Cant balloon that thing if i tried.
  6. 4 grams would get you to D3.5 and the placement is irrelevant. You can’t impact flight with 4 grams. That’s 2% of the head weight.
  7. You dont have enough room available to change anything but sound if you're already at 202grams. My G410LST is melted on the crown and that influences the sound the most. I have a hotmelt setup and have hotmelted 30+ clubs. The crown is what makes clubs sound like a muted wooden bat.
  8. Another vote for G410LST, i find it very fade biased even without the fade setting. Wish i had gone to ping drivers years ago.
  9. The dot is on the hosel next to '19. You are confused, they all have dots on the sole near the number
  10. I'm not sure your comparison to a composite carries the weight you think it does. The groove count is the same and you seem to think you have the only Pro Dot gap wedge known to man. I'm not doubting what you believe you have. I just find it much more likely you dont have what you think. You will only be able to get normal pricing for your set, no matter how many screenshots you post. The person who buys them will have the same issue you do. You can't prove they are dots. You can only prove callaway's emailed receipt says the word dot on it.
  11. Seems a bit like a shill thread to try and sell the set you have on eBay. It’s more likely you got sent a normal set from CPO and they told you they were still dot clubs since you’ve have zero way to prove otherwise.
  12. Its not against the rules to ask, it’s against the rules to tell them the club.
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