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  1. I've hit both, and have the tour 5w on order. The big tour 3 wood is a second driver imo. If you are looking for a second tee club, it should work well for you. It was 15 yards longer than my current 3 wood (epic flash sub zero) but was too close to my driver in length to make sense. The 5w is great. I bought it due to the rails. I think they make hitting out of bad lies much easier than a hybrid or long iron. I can hit it out of the rough since the head is small and the rails let you get into the ground in less than perfect lies elsewhere too. I think the rails act almost like bounce on a wedge - Ive hit behind the ball and not lost distance. I think the 5w is special and will be in my bag for a long time.
  2. I play a 50, 56, 62 set up. I use the 62 primarily inside 50 yards, and can stretch it to 90 if needed. I dont find the 62 difficult to use at all, but I did use a 60 for years. I spent some time this week with a 64, practicing and playing. The 64 to me is a different animal, requiring perfect technique. Its fun when your game is on, but it quickly exposes small issues in your game when you are off. My opinion would be to go slow, try a 62 first, and if it isn't enough loft for you, then try a 64.
  3. Ive used a 50, 56, 60 for years. The 50 fits the gap between my 46 degree pitching wedge and 56 better imo. Its great in the 120-130 max range for me. Also makes the 110 shot easier as well. Just something to think about that may interest you, Ive recently switched to a 50, 56, 62 set up. Went to a 62 since I switched to a lower spin ball and wanted to increase the stopping power to what I was accustomed to with the 60. The 50 is used from 110-130, shot depending. The 56 is used from 40-110, and the 62 is used inside 70 yards but primarily around the greens and in bunkers.
  4. Anyone have experience with both of these shafts? I have a 7 iron shafted with the tour v 130 and like the performance overall. However, I've hit a friends c taper lite 115 recently and liked the lighter profile. Is there much of a performance difference between the tour v 120 and tour v 130? thanks in advance.
  5. I've used the arm lock for the past 4 years or so after using a conventional putter prior to that. I never used the other 'anchoring' styles. To me, there is a large trade off with the arm lock: better start line control but far worse speed control. I agree a players natural feel can compensate for day to day inconsistencies with a conventional putter but those inconsistencies make arm lock feel dramatically different day to day. It may be better for a tour pro with a team to help calibrate set up every day making sure it is the same, but for the average person, I do not think it provides an over all advantage. If you cant hit 30 footers inside 3 or 4 feet, it is not an advantage. Im interested to see how Xander does with it. Will he go the Kisner route and drop it after a few weeks or stick to it? 9th in SG means its a lot easier to get worse than better. I hope it works out for him.
  6. I only tried messing with the weight once. I felt the movable weight all the way in the draw setting made it fairly neutral. But as I am looking to eliminate any draw/hook, I quickly moved it back to its neutral weight setting and didn't have a large sample size with the draw weight setting. As far as shaft goes, maybe one with more kick at the bottom would neutralize a fade, I'm honestly not sure. I play a tip stiff shaft (Tensei pro orange) to help eliminate the hook even more than with the head alone. So I am not the best to answer this part of your question. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
  7. I still play mine. It spins around 300 rpm more than the standard epic flash sub zero for me. The fade bias is definitely noticeable and is the primary reason I play the driver. With the right fit, the extra spin can be managed.
  8. Does anyone know if I can put my old SLDR driver shaft in one of these, or is the adapter different?
  9. I have a similar swing to you. I play KBS tours 130 X in my irons but will be getting the s taper 130x's in my next set for a slightly flatter trajectory. I play a pro orange 60 tx in my epic flash sub zero TD and like it a lot...dispersion is tighter for me than the smoke black and I thought the pro orange tip felt stiffer than the pro white which is something I like and feel it keeps my misses more to the right. I recently hit the rogue 130 that comes with the maverick and it seemed to kill spin a tad more than my pro orange but didn't feel as tip stiff (I don't know if that is how they should play, just my experience) so you may want to try that as well. In the past I have had success with the Diamana whiteboards as well so you may want to check those out. You could probably get a used online cheaper than the pro orange or rogue 130 too.
  10. They have replaced, and upgraded, models for me several times in the past just like they did for you. I went away from callaway because I had a few break but after a different manufacturer wouldn't replace a model that broke, I got a new callaway driver this summer since I know it will be replaced if something happens. Good on callaway. Hopefully you like your new epic flash!
  11. This was the set up I was told I was getting from a fitter a few years back. I didn't build them personally so maybe my understanding was wrong? Or even worse the fitter didn't understand haha
  12. I had by 50 and 55 degree wedges soft-stepped with the x since I make more full swings with those but wanted the slightly softer shaft for when I took some off. I had my 60 degree installed with the standard stiff. I really dont notice the lighter shaft or wish it was heaver with the 60. I also never hit my 60 full so I did not want to go with the soft stepped x like my other 2 wedges.
  13. What is your handicap: 0.4 Current putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 armlock. Are you OK with shipping your putter into BGT for installation (Usually 24hr install time)? yes. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
  14. I would second trying to lower the lofts on your irons. I swing a shade slower than you at about 115 driver (same shaft) and 96mph 6 iron. I also am a high spin player. When I was fit for my MP-4's (maybe different stock lofts than your irons) I ordered them 2 degrees strong to lower spin and ball flight. Real world performance was only 2-3 yards longer on course with stronger lofts but the flight was much more controllable. For reference, I play the KBS Tour X 130g in my irons.
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