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  1. Up for sale is a Scotty Napa, 35", sweet putter just didnt fit my stroke, $SOLD OBO, also open to trades for Triple Black, thank you. Will ship USPS Priority within two days of paypal
  2. Can’t look at a spider ever again, 35” stock superstroke used for a few weeks, $130 to your door SOLD
  3. Hey guys, looking to two items moved, prices should be fair, lets get these things out ASAP! Taylormade P7MB 4-PW (4 iron is P7MC) shafted with DG TIX100s, standard across the board, $SOLD Next up is a 35" Odyssey OG #1, very lightly used, $175
  4. Offloading some mid/late season failed experiments, wanna get these things moved ASAP!! Thanks everyone, drivers come with standard factory headcovers and NO tools, putter comes with a 2015??? standard scotty cover - i can send pics if needed First up is a TSi3 with ADDI 6x, measures 44.5, barely used pics speak for themself - SOLD Next up is a Mavrik single diamond head, purchased on here, sweet but couldnt beat out my current setup - $300 Scotty Cameron Napa, putter is freaking awesome, sad to let it go but I am trying to stick with what is giving me the lowest scores for at least a little - $600
  5. Up for sale is a the newest version of the Spider - 35" everything stock, used for about a month, actually made some putts with it but Im not cut out for the spider life, my loss is your gain - lets say $200? Wanna get this thing shipped out tomorrow!!
  6. Would prefer buyer for both but yes I’m open
  7. Up for sale is a SIM2 Ti 3 wood shafted with Ventus Blue Velo 7x, bought new from another member was told it came directly from Tmade, just cant seem to beat out my current gamer. Lets go with $450, comes with headcover, thanks!
  8. First sale here, long time buyer, I dont have a ton of feedback here and obviously none for selling, my ebay account is "patriheale" feel free to check it out, I have decided (long overdue!!) to transistion to selling everything here. With that said, I have a ton of stuff to move, I think my prices are pretty good but if you want something and feel I'm way off let me know. I'll refrain from giving my opinion on the shape of everything and just let the pics do the talking! First up is a set of Taylormade P7MBs (P7MC 4 iron) with TI x100s, standard across the board, lets go with $900 shipped Next, Ping Blueprints, DG 120 S300s, Plus 4 grips, everything standard, $950 shipped Next, Scotty X11 34.5 inch, $350 shipped Custom Ping Vault 2.0 Dale black shaft and black weights 35 inches, $325 shipped Scotty Special Select Newport 2, 2 flat, beat up haha, SOLD
  9. I think equipment prices are a huge issue now. They have gone up relatively drastically in the last couple years and I think 500 bucks for a driver is too difficult of a sell. The mental difference between 4 and 5 hundred is huge. And paying over 1000 dollars for a set of irons is a little ridiculous too. A couple years ago the most expensive irons were 900, and now they are 1200. How can a weekend golfer, or even a serious golfer, justify spending almost 2 grand on a driver and irons? More people are buying used, the prices are just getting out of control and I think they will hit a ceiling soon. I am just as addicted to golf equipment as anyone, but I cannot even justify 500 for a driver that is going to give me a marginal improvement from my previous driver. Golf has always been a sport for people with at least a little money, but if you want to buy new equipment nowadays, you pretty much have to be rich.
  10. [b]What’s in your current bag?[/b] Driver: Titleist 915 D3 Aldila Rogue Stiff 70 3 Wood: Nike Covert 2.0 Kuro Kage X 60 3-PW: Titleist 695 MB 52, 56, 60: Vokey SM4 Putter: Odyssey Versa #9 [b]What is your current handicap?[/b] 0 [b]Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)?[/b] Cumberland, RI [b]What irons are you playing now?[/b] Titleist 695 MB [b]When were you last fit for irons?[/b] Last fit was at the end of 2013 [b]If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing TaylorMade PSi Irons review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs.[/b] Of course, will provide good pics and thorough review, there is nothing in this world I like more than new golf clubs haha [b]Please explain how you would approach testing the TaylorMade PSi Irons[/b] For testing, I have a range at my course that I will do preliminary testing to experiment with flight, distance, workability, but I would definitely do more on course testing in regards to playability from various lies and how they perform during the round in true conditions. Additionally, one of my main points of the review will most likely be dedicated to feel. I have hit a variety of irons, from blades to shovels, so I will be interested to see how these feel as they are supposedly somewhere in the middle. I will do chipping around the green also. Thank you! [b]Specs:[/b] Lie and loft standard, Project X 6.0
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