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  1. Rogue 15 sz 1 flat and hotmelt in toe. $100 shipped Rogue 3w 3 dozen tp5 $100 shipped 3 dozen tp5 x $100 shipped Tensei white 70 tx no tipping. Callaway tip installed, but happy to install Titleist, Ping or TM for no extra charge raw 44.25 and 45.25 playing length $175 shipped Iz 6x no tipping. Callaway tip installed, but happy to install Titleist, Ping or TM for no extra charge raw 44.25 and 45.25 playing length $175 shipped
  2. Hzrdus yellow handcrafted 3 wood length Callaway tip $140 shipped $125 Atmos black 7s Pulled from TM 3 wood $125 shipped Addi 6x TM adapter $80 shipped Sold Diamana b 70 stiff Callaway tip $90 shipped Atmos red 6x TM tip $160 shipped $145 Evenflow blue handcrafted 6.5 75g Pulled from Callaway rogue 3w $150 shipped $135 RSI 4-pw tp Serials don't match, but they came off tour van. The 7 iron does have t serial They were d4 with std length ti s400 $175 shipped Sold Tm MB's 4-pw heads Mint condition. Maybe used once or twice? D4 std length ti s400's when installed $385 shipped $350
  3. I need to get another one of these shaft but I don't know what it is???? Thanks
  4. The only one that I have ever encountered. TM claims that vokey k grinds are, but I haven't ever had an issue boring them.
  5. Only looking to drop 2 swingweight points on a 1/2" over wedge. I just sanded down the back cavity on the second attempt and that worked fine. I don't think there is as much weight in this hosel which is why it performs better imo. However, I am still not sure how you would create a hollowed area in the casting process. It does not open into the hosel and it is not filled with polymer... Clearly that is above my pay grade. One of these days I am going to buy a beat up wedge for cheap and cut it open to see how it is done and if what they are telling me is true.
  6. I have bored out several dozen wedges and have not expierenced this before, but I am told that the TM HB version of the milled wedge is hollow. They supposedly did this to reduce headweight. I milled out a couple of the sb and lb versions with no issues, but see pics for the HB issue.
  7. That gives you a flatter lie angle, If you want a "normal" one I would be happy to purchase it from you. I've got one on my driver and love it, so I'd be happy to part with some money to find a second one! Makes total sense! Thank you!
  8. No it is definitely real deal. I was complaining about the left miss, and this is what I received and it feels much different.
  9. I have a new epic tour issue and the adapter has a red dot on it. Does any one know what this means? Sorry I left my bag at the club, but I can post pictures tommorow.
  10. I am willing to separate all shafts from clubs. Let me know if that is something that could be worked out. All prices include UPS Ground shipping to the CON US. No trades with the exception of putters with the Tank Cruiser Superstrokes. First, is 9031 16 degree Adams hybrid with an upgrade aftermarket shaft. A motore speeder 95 x flex with a rare leather stitchback grip. I will include head cover. $75 Shipped Next, is a set of taylormade speedblade 5-pw standard length. 1 degree flat, but will bend to your desired specs. New white midsize pure grips have been installed. I put
  11. Have you called KBS? Very good customer service, but I havent personally had an issue.
  12. First I am selling a RBZ tour spoon Three-wood. It has 13° of loft and a diamana Kai'li 80 g x-flex. 43 inches am used for one season. Asking $165 shipped. Adams fast 12 ls with a A.D. DI 8X flex shaft. Plays 45 inches tipped .75 inches I believe. $185 shipped. Taylormade ATV 58 wedge c taper c flex. Standard length and 1 flat. I have hit maybe 15-20 balls with it. Virtually brand new. $70 shipped. Scotty Cameron napa California. It has been used probably two or three rounds. Still in like new condition. Does not have the original grip or headcover as I was planning to game this putter
  13. [quote name='1iron' timestamp='1347366729' post='5622241'] Did an expert club maker tip the Attas shaft? Or was it some kid in a basement? Would the green look good with a RBZ tour issue head? [/quote] Best clubmaker in the detroit area.
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