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  1. Can I attend the event April 1st through 3rd? Yes Have you tried Motore X or Ventus? What ones? Tried the ventus at a demo day but not fit yet so not the one I needed Why are you excited to get fit for Motore X? I have loved and played other fujikura shafts, speeder, before and would love to get fit for this for my game. Playing in lots of amateur events I think could help my game. What Motore X, F1 or F3, do you think would fit your swing? Not sure Current driver specs (head, shaft, grip, length)? Ping g410 lst 9 degree, ust attas 6x, 45 inches, d1 swing weight, full cord grip. Were you fit
  2. Vega Vu-04 2 hybrid - 17 degree UST Attas 85s hybrid shaft stiff $85 Vega Vu-04 4 hybrid - 23 degree UST Attas 100s hybrid shaft stiff $85 United PBD1 driver 10.5 degree Powerband technology Oban Devotion 5 03 flex soft stiff tipped an inch / 55 gram $60 '>https://securepubads.g.doubleclick.net/gpt/pubads_impl_110.js"></script>] Vega vw-02 grey brushed 54 and 60 degree wedges stiff shafts $100 Ogio Rocker royal blue polo 100% performance poly material moisture wicking anti-roll collar $10 Radius York center shafted putter face balanced 34 inches 100% CNC milled he
  3. Vega forged vw-08 satin tour wedges 52 and 56 degree stiff shaft $100 Vega black Aqua stand bag waterproof $70 Vega Raf-04 5 wood 19 degree Graphite Design MD-7x extra stiff shaft $100 Iguana black standard grips - 13 $25 UST Mamiya Attas Elements prototype 6s DK stiff flex no tipping / was in a M2/played 45.5 inches in driver $70 Veylix Rome 888 stiff 3 wood shaft 80 gram/ was in a M2 3 wood low launch low spin tipped 1/2 inch when installed $100 United PBF1 3 wood 15 degree Grafalloy blue prototype stiff 85 gram low launch low spin $70 UST Mamiya Attas 6 star 7x -
  4. Oban limited Driver shaft Hashimoto black stiff 65 gram / mid launch low spin / TM M2 adapter and plays 45 inches installed no tipping $250 Oban green revenge hybrid shafts / stiff flex 85 grams / no tipping one was in a 2 hybrid - 40 inches other was in a 4 hybrid - 38.25 inches $75 each Oban grey tour hybrid shaft/ 95 gram stiff shaft/ no tipping was in a 3 driving iron / mid launch / 37.5 inches $75 Fujikura Pro 63 X flex driver shaft no tipping / was in a TM M1 adapter / played 45 inch when installed - 43.5 inches $60 Accra Tour Z ST M4 65 gram driver shaft stiff no tippin
  5. Driver shafts Fubuki k 70 x flex Taylor made M2 tip installed 45 inches - $75 Tour AD MT - 6x flex Taylor Made M2 tip installed 45 inches - $90 no tipping done on these Driver shafts with no adapter installed Aldila Rogue 110 60 stiff $50 UST Attas T2 7x flex $50 UST Tspx launch control 6f4 stiff flex $40 all three have not been tipped and were each installed in a taylor made M2 driver are butt cut so shafts were 45 inches when installed with adapter 3 wood shafts Tour AD MT-7x flex tipped 1/2 inch, 43 inches when installed in Taylor made M2 $90 UST Attas international 8x flex tipped
  6. Yes the f3 is normally reg flex. These are hard stepped and when they were checked they frequency at stiff. The prototype play stiffer in each flex normally and then after the hard step they came out stiff.
  7. Piretti tour edition prototype one of one prototype neck / half shaft offset Carbon tri sole / black tour shaft tour mid pistol grip / head cover 35 inches $325 Iguana Hex elastomer blue grips - 13 total $25 Oban tour prototype 3 wood shaft O5 flex - extra stiff 85 grams installed is 43 inches in a 3 wood has callaway 2014 big bertha 3 wood tip low launch $75 UST Attas G7 driver shaft TM m2 adapter tip/ plays 45 inches installed in driver 7x flex - extra stiff $100 United SBW1 satin forged wedges - 51 and 59 degrees stiff shafts $80 Vega VC-05 satin forged irons 4-PW UST Re
  8. Edel Custom Classic Putter Model 642 - Black 34 inches Iomic grip Headcover wings $290 Iguana HEX elastomer black grips (13 grips) elastomer material similar to Iomic grips feel $25 UST Mamiya Attas Punch 7s shaft 70 gram stiff flex TM M1 tip Plays 45 inches long installed in M1 head / fits M2 also $100 ttachment=3705326:20170131_190834_resized.jpg] Ogio shredder stand bag Slate color (dark grey) $65 United forged SBW2 black wedges 51 / 55 / 59 degrees stiff shafts $100 ttachment=3705340:20170131_185416_resized.jpg]
  9. M1 driver shaft UST Elements Platinum Prototype shaft PT7F4 70 gram stiff shaft Low launch low spin installed driver plays 45 inches $125 Vega Rad-03 driver 10.5 degree UST Attas T3 6S shaft / 60 gram stiff flex 45 inches long Very forgiving driver $110 United SBW2 black forged wedge set 53 and 57 degree stiff shaft $75 Vega vw-10 brushed 56 and 60 degree wedges stiff shaft $90 Adams Prototype Utility Iron-driving iron added lead tape to get the swing weight up to D0 forged iron UST Attas 100hybrid stiff shaft $80
  10. Vega VC-05 satin forged irons 4-PW Project X 5.0 shafts Standard LL $300 United SBB1 satin forged irons 3-PW True Temper DG S300 shafts Standard LL $225 Iguana golf grips - Neon Orange round rubber grips 13 grips $25 Vega vw-10 satin wedges 50/54/58 degrees stiff shafts $150 United SBW1 satin forged wedges 53 / 57 degrees stiff shafts $80 United PBD1 driver 9.5 loft UST Attas 4u 7x shaft extra stiff 44.5 inches $140 Ogio golf Roxy polo white 100% polyester $13
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