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  1. SIM2 Max 3 Hybrid - Stiff - $160 PayPal will come with a SIM Hybrid Headcover see pictures for exact condition
  2. let me know what you have and how much
  3. ProV1X 1 dozen plus 1 sleeve - $old Adidas Adicross Size 9 - brand new - black - EU only release - $90 PayPal Adidas Adicross Size 9 - used - white - $old Project A - 3 sleeves - $20 PayPal K-Sigs 4 Piece - $30 PayPal per dozen (4 dozen available)
  4. Robert Mark Golf Headcover Set Driver 3 Wood (fits Original One Mini Driver) 5 Wood Putter used for less than one season $300 $280 PayPal
  5. Taylormade Original One Mini Driver Head 13.5 Degrees see the pictures...friend used it, popped it up..it was touched up with car paint roughly a year ago and still holds extremely well $225 $200 shipped to your door
  6. Adidas Hat Lot - 4 - Brand New All adjustable Black Flamingos White 3 Stripe Grey Flamingos Light Grey Light Digital Camo $48 shipped for all 4
  7. FlightScope Mevo - Portable Personal Launch Monitor Used a handful of times over the course of about 3/4 months..works great, just don't use it enough to justify having it. The original charging wire was very short, so I bought a longer one (pictured) and I don't know what I did with the original one so I will include the longer (pictured) one. $350 PayPal shipped
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