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  1. I just picked up a SIK Arm Lock and I got to say, I love it...might just be better for my stroke and not work for you but for someone who struggled putting, I've seem to have found a repeatable stroke...for how long it will last, who knows! we are on WRX for a reason!
  2. ball seems to be ballooning regularly on me
  3. Currently playing a Ventus Blue 6s (non-velocore) in my Sim 2 Swing Speed: 105 Spin Rate: 2800-3200 Looking to upgrade...any suggestions?
  4. Taylormade Sim Max D 10.5 Head Only - $300 (will ship well protected) Taylormade Mullen 2 Putter - 35 inches - $120 (will throw in a generic head cover) Taylormade Spider Headcover - Brand New - $25 Diamana FW 75 Stiff Fairway with Taylormade Tip (from Sim TI 5 Wood) - $60 SuperStroke Wrist Lock Grips - 1 brand new, 1 installed & pulled never used, 1 used $old SuperStroke Weight Sets - 75g (x2), 50g, 25g - $10 each or take all 4 for $30
  5. Taylormade Driver JuJu Mini Driver/3 Wood JuJu Hybrid JuJu Driving Iron Used for one season, no rips or tears that I can see *never been washed, so if they are a little big they can be shrunk if washed* $75 shipped
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