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  1. ingy

    2020 US Open

    rumour has it johnny miller has come back to tell everyone how good his final round at oakmont was in 1973 one more time. he'll possibly also describe how when he was 'on', his irons literally couldn't miss by more than 3 yards
  2. handicap reduction is very impressive, that takes some work getting from scratch to +4, good shooting set is ridiculous as well!
  3. great looking setup, very similar to mine with the combo of mizzy and TM gear. I actually have the odyssey white hot no. 7, which is the fang type of style, been in my bag for almost 10 years, if it works it works!
  4. who in this world hasn't drunk texted late at night before..?
  5. absolutely incredible, what a clutch putt, ridiculous!
  6. what a tournament by DJ, dude is literally on cruise control, looks so easy, incredible
  7. does anyone have a close up photo of his hands when holding a club? I've never been able to work out what he does, but from TV his grip and everything looks really unorthodox
  8. and there's PLENTY on the ladies tour who are not contracted but play there stuff, nelly korda, jess korda, and danielle kang for example who just won yesterday
  9. and talking about Rory up above, his game looked way off this week at the St Jude, hopefully he bounces back with a couple of solid rounds at the PGA
  10. ingy

    3M Open

    Nick Watney had a super round, good on the lad, always seemed like a humble dude, hope he continues to battle his way back
  11. now do Tony Finau's final round
  12. Serious question, when they say they're going to toughen the course up by growing the rough, how much can we expect the grass to grow in the 3 days between last Sunday and this Thursday?
  13. possibly something to do with the fact all his clubs have lofts that are 2 full clubs stronger? his 4 iron is 18 degrees, that's the same as my 2 iron....
  14. wow, 6.5 degrees loft, i wouldn't even get that off the ground with my attack angle! unique set up for sure, it must be working for you
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