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  1. Agree 100% with Valtiel. All personal preference. Currently using Modus 120 (114g) for irons and Modus Wedge 115 (122g) for wedges. Personally I can't really notice the difference in 8g of weight and it is working fine. I have friends who are using Modus Wedge 125 (133g) and on the other end of spectrum using Modus 105 (106.g) on their wedges. They use Modus 120 S for their irons as well. Good luck on the search.
  2. Stiff for Modus 120. Many people here will tell you that Stiff Modus 120 plays like DG R300 but I don't find that to be true. However give it a try for yourself. I was speaking to Srixon rep last week and he recommends at least 95 mph swing speed for 7 iron (consistent) for X flex with Modus 120.
  3. Just my personal opinion. You would be better off playing stiff flex first of all. 105 and 120 have complete different bend profile. See previous post here. I am sure some other members will jump in to put in their opinion/advise etc.
  4. So I just got back from the golf store and tried out Newport and Newport 2 and brought my QB5 and BB1 along. For one piece putter milling, I must give more points to Bettinardi. SC was good but Bettinardi edged it. BUT... I picked up Phantom X5 which had my length and OMG... They felt good. I will just keep my Bettinardi blades and try out SC mallets now. Isn't the new model for Phantom X going to be released soon?
  5. I just got my Z785s before the lockdown so pretty brand new but still itching to try out the ZX7.
  6. Hi all. Currently using Tensei AV Blue 65 for my driver and Tensei AV Blue 75 for my 3 wood. Looking for Tensei AV Blue 85 for my 5 wood but it doesn't seem to exist. Could you please recommend similar profile shaft in the mid 80g for my 5 wood please. (Mid flight mid spin) Specifically for Titleist shaft options as I will be ordering either TS2 or TSi2. Thanks.
  7. Ok that might be it. QB5 head does have a more compact head. Shorter from toe to heel but slightly wider than usual Anser style putter. I sometimes even feel as if I am slicing my putter with QB5 if that makes sense...
  8. This might be the answer to my problem with QB5... But wondering why a similar weight SC works fine with me...
  9. OMG! This! This is the exact problem I am having currently with my Queen Bee 5 and the main reason why i started this post! Although I do like the look and feel of QB5, something does not make me putt straight. Mostly slight miss to the right. Also I noticed that even though I hit the sweet spot of the putter, the feedback I got back was never consistent. I thought it was my putting so I tried a lighter putter head (350g) and I performed great! My previous Scotty which I sold off and got accustomed to was 350g head so thought this might have be
  10. Reviving this post as I would like to see comparison for the 2020 lineups.
  11. Question. Is the shape of BB1 similar to Newport or Newport 2? Thanks.
  12. After reading the above posts, I went out today to the golf store hoping to purchase a Scotty Cameron Special Select. I was hoping it will kick my Bettinardi Queen Bee 5 out of the bag... Came back home empty handed. The SC feel did not match the QB5... I think I will give it another chance by trying Newport once they restock that specific model as I heard that it has a more rounded and smaller head compared to Newport 2. If that doesn't work it will be Queen Bee 5 for me till the next version of Studio Select is released. Really liked the grip of SC though.
  13. I love the feminine look of my queen bee. Chick magnet at the golf course. LOL. "Oooh, your putter is so pretty. Can I try?" Score... LOL
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