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  1. Have you tried and compared the 2021 SS7? Thanks.
  2. One more question. Did you notice much weight difference between the Studio Stock and the BB series?
  3. Could you please elaborate more in details about the new RCF vs the FIT face. Thanks.
  4. No. Refer to Ansoff Matrix or maybe even horizontal integration.
  5. Most seniors who can play decent golf in my part of the world frequently uses XXIO.
  6. Great woods both off the tee and deck. If bombing the ball with height is your aim then Kuro Kage R shaft will be excellent for you. You can always change shafts to suit the trajectory you are after. I use both 15* and 18* with Graphite Design Tour AD DI. 15* launches with mid penetrating ball flight for maximum distance while 18* is used to attack and hold the green with higher flight that lands softely. Tested out TSi2 vs TS2 and ended up going with TS2.
  7. Yeah. For bags I think Titleist bags are better. Srixon staff bags are good as well but Titleist carry bags are better. Plus I like to match my bag with the woods. Lol.
  8. Now you will probably get Zipcore wedges.... Then move onto Srixon balls... Then onto Srixon bags.... LOL
  9. Don't rule out TS2 fairway woods as well. You can have them for cheaper with not much performance difference compared to TSi2.
  10. I progressed to Srixon Z Forged from Srixon Z785 last year. I contacted Srixon and found out that their next line of MBs will not be released in 2021 hence pulled the trigger. Although they are MBs, I felt the playability was very close to the CBs. This doesn't mean I didn't have a transition period. It took me about 1 week of play and practice (plus a couple lessons) to get my iron swings really tuned up to use these. They are forgiving for a blade but still had to put on a solid, consistent swing otherwise your fingers will be gone by the end of the round. Even after 1 week, I wo
  11. Scotty Cameron... Every cat and dog carrying one on the course so doesn't feel that special anymore. Plus adding 10g every year to stock weight and overall quality I personally feel have deteriorated.
  12. Yes. That is another natural progression. Wedges -> Irons/UDI -> Balls Congrats on your future ZX5/ZX7 combo
  13. I really think it's their VT Sole that is making positive difference for certain types of players. I used to be die hard Mizuno iron user but ever since I found Srixon, I converted to their irons. Then never thought I would get rid of the Vokeys but because of my irons I tried out their wedges and converted... Then I have also moved onto their Z Star balls from Pro V1.... I think Srixon/Cleveland captures new customers through this natural/common progression... Irons -> Wedges/DUI -> Balls
  14. I currently use Z Forged irons which have lower bounce than ZX7. No issues using 52 mid and 58 mid bounce Zipcore wedges. Mid grind has 10* bounce.
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