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  1. I heard that Miura will be releasing something new in the line of TC 201 this year. Is this true? If yes, when?
  2. Both good. Main advantage of zipcore for me personally is that it is much more stable or slight mishits. Plus if you put pricing into the buying equation then choice becomes even clearer. So my vote goes to zipcore.
  3. T100S PW loft is 44*. I am looking to try out these irons with 3 more wedges - 48*, 54* and 60*. Curious to find out what loft wedge setup you use with your T100S iron set. Thanks.
  4. Now that TM has introduced “carbon face” on their driver, what do you think other OEMs will come up with? So far the closest advanced material I can see is ATI face from Titleist but even that is 2021. Would like to hear your predictions
  5. Currently playing Modus 120x on my main gamer but thinking of purchasing a set with AMT White to have some different options. My 7 iron goes 160 meters (175 yards). Should I go with X or S flex with the AMT Whites? Thanks.
  6. Found an iron set that is good bargain but comes with AMT White s300. Current gamer has modus 120x on them. Will AMT white s300 flex be quite comparable to modus 120x?
  7. Agreed. I didn't see much forgiveness difference between Z Forged vs ZX7. But my inner ho wanted to try out the ZX7 4 iron hence just got it. I used to have from 3-PW with Z Forged but sold it regretfully... Hence why I want the new complete set of Z Forged v2.0. Hahaha.
  8. Still going to keep my Z Forged. But I am dying to see the new one... LOL
  9. Anyone seen anything floating around for Srixon Z Forged replacement? I hope it's not 5 year product cycle. If that is the case, we will have to wait till 2023...
  10. Not specifically with TSi2 head but have experienced with TS3 head. I would say UB would be the lowest launch and spin combo. HD would be slightly higher in terms of launch and spin. I would say slightly better feel TP with quite similar performance... Maybe HD would be slightly more active. IZ is the highest launch and spin. Not crazy balloon high. I would say more mid flight actually. You will feel a more distinct kick with this shaft. Distance wise this was the longest for me personally. Let me know if you want to know more.
  11. Feel wise did you prefer Z Forged or 0211 ST?
  12. @TigerInTheWoods - I would like to hear your thoughts since you have tried both.
  13. For those who tried both, are they comparable? Or are they completely different? Any opinions and comparisons between these two will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Any more opinions or comparisons between these two?
  15. This is exactly what I am trying to do. Currently have Modus wedge 115 on my 52, 58 and 64 but thinking of getting Modus 120x on the 52 and Modus wedge 125 on 58 and 64. Modus wedge 115 is working well but I feel that it is a tad bit too light for my likings and also the 64 flop shots can reach the moon so thought 125 would work better. Thanks for the input.
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