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  1. Anyone tried the 64* version? Not sure how it sits with 9* bounce. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Fantastic. You just saved me a few grands. I will perhaps stick with ZF for now and wait for next year's blade release from Srixon.
  3. Switch over to MB irons last year - Best decision ever. Currently using Srixon Z Forged but planning to order a set of Miura irons. Unable to test Miura irons before ordering. Would like to get feedback from WRXers as to which of the two Miura irons mentioned above will be a good transition from Z Forged. Any input will be much appreciated.
  4. General rule of thumb used is if you like PX then DG will most likely be your other alternative. If you like KBS then Modus your next best alternative and vice versa. My carry for 7 iron is longer than yours and stiff flex is performing very well. Maybe more personal choice as I use x flex on woods but like stiff with irons. Modus 120 and 130 are very different. I had no problem using either but more personal feel choice at the end of the day.
  5. Currently using Modus 120S on my iron sets and Modus Wedge 115 on the wedges. I use my wedges (52* and 58*) mostly for partial shots and they are working out great. I think they complement each other really well. In saying that throw in whatever shaft mentioned above like DG, Modus Wedge 125, Modus 120 etc onto my wedges and they will still all work fine for me.
  6. Is 64* much harder to use compared to a 58*? I have no trouble using the 58* and wanted to add in a 62* or 64*. Just wanted to get some opinions. PIC??
  7. Currently using 58* as the highest loft but thinking of adding a 62* or 64* wedge. Would really like something that will get the ball high up and stop on tight green especially over a hazard. Not really comfortable with opening my 58* to get more loft. There are two parts to this question. Part 1: Which is more suitable for gapping? Currently play 46*, 52* and 58*. Part 2: Should I even consider 62* or 64* wedge? I heard it is extremely hard to put into practice. But same thing was said about 3 iron or blades when I was thinking of using them, which I have n
  8. I had this question a while back so contacted Bettinardi directly. They don't do swing weight. They just cut the shaft down to length but the head weight stays constant. This question came up because I wanted to cut down a 35" shaft to 34" that was originally assembled by them. They said there is no problem in doing this because that's how they do it at their facility as well.
  9. hypergolf

    1st Betti

    Join Bettinardi Talk on FB. It will blow your mind (and your bank account). So many putters and collectible items you will soon find... Enjoy.
  10. Not sure why Oban is so popular in the US. Not very popular here in Asia/Australasia. Graphite Design all the way. I personally prefer the feel of GD in general compared to Oban.
  11. Yes the retail version is fantastic as well. I was just trying to let you know there are more versions of honeycomb out there. Fancy stuff is more for the hard cores and collectors. Lol.
  12. Quite a few people who really know their stuff switching over to Bettinardi series where I live. Just ordered a back up putter (QB 12) which is slightly heavier than my main putter but good alternative to have for different green types. Hopefully it will be arriving in a week or so. If you liked the feel of honeycomb wait till you try honeycomb with copper plug. You will be blown away. Bettinardi also has ghost face which is a tad bit firmer than honeycomb. There is also nano honeycomb (pic) which I have yet to try.
  13. Do you guys know why En Fuego was discontinued? I heard the Kool Aid is discontinuing as well.
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