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  1. If ZX7 is too thick for you, try Z Forged. They have the same VT sole and pretty much plays like a cavity back with the look of a blade. Out of the ones you listed MP20 MB or even MMC is fantastic. If not T100.
  2. Try Z Forged for 8 to PW or 7 to PW. Flows nicely to your ZX7.
  3. I have only played Vokeys or RTX throughout these years... Never looked at bagging anything else though I have occasionally tested others out BUT Mizuno T22 wedge caught my attention for the first time. Didn't care much for T20 as it felt "clicky" and didn't really feel good as their highly regarded soft feel irons... However with this new copper plated T22, I might be seriously considering a Mizuno Forged wedge if they are going to be as good as their marketing hype... Anyone else feeling the same way? https://mizunogolf.com/uk/golf-clubs/t-series/t-22/
  4. Has anyone tried both Modus 120 and KBS $ Taper on both these heads?
  5. Is there a big difference between the two or are they almost interchangeable? 7 iron swing speed ranges from 92 to 97 mph. Thanks.
  6. Yeah I thought it was officially priced at $159 but one of the stores quoted $205 / wedge for pre-order. Perhaps time to shop elsewhere.
  7. WTF is happening with pricing? They jacked up the price by quite a bit... Will cost more than a Vokey or Zipcore or did I hear the pricing wrongly?
  8. Which shaft did you go with zx7? Modus 120? Also when you say srixon had distance edge, are we talking about one club length difference or just a couple yards?
  9. Did you mean turf or tour? Did you mean ZX7 gets through the turf better or ZX7 is more popular in tour?
  10. Seems like it's neck to neck between these two. The only reason why I bought the MMC as a spare is because I am currently using Srixon Z Forged. Thought it would be more fun to have one set of each brand to play around with. Keep the comments coming guys. Who knows... I might just purchase one more set of ZX7 as well... LOL
  11. There were last 2 brand new sets on sale in our local store. Dirt cheap as well. So I picked up one anyway and the other set was taken by another lucky buyer.
  12. Which wedge shaft would you recommed if i am using $ taper in my irons?
  13. KBS has four wedge shafts on their website as shown below. A bit confused. What are the differences for those who tried all? And which was the winner for you and why? 610 wedge Hi-rev 2.0 Tour-v wedge Wedge
  14. Some fantastic deals going on with Mizuno MP 20 MMC currently. Would like to hear input from people who have tried both these clubs for a comparison. Just these 2 clubs please. Thanks.
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