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  1. Not sure if you have tried Zipcore or Zipcore Full Face? They perform completely different from RTX4 imo. Their new design made the wedges very stable and feel has definitely been improved. I previously used both SM7 and RTX4. Definitely preferred SM7 back then but RTX Zipcore vs SM8 was a complete different story. Zipcore came up on top in terms of feel and partial swing control. Full swing results were very similar between the two. Both Zipcore and zipcore full face mid has VT sole.
  2. Both are good but there are couple things you will need to be aware. You will either love or hate the following on ZX7. 1. VT sole - you will either love it or hate it. Rarely I see people who is in between. If you like this sole then no contest - ZX7 it is. 2. Modus 120 - another strange variable. You will either love it or hate it. This is the stock shaft for ZX7 though you can get other shafts for no up charge depending on the shaft... If both of the above ticks your box then there is not much contest out there in the CB category currently imo. ZX7 feels slightly hotter than Wilson as well btw...
  3. I currently use IZ 6x on my driver. Not a direct comparison to RDX Black imo. IZ is a bomber if you get along well with it. Suitable for smooth swingers rather than aggressive hitters. If you wiggle the shaft it might feel wobbly but it is very stable during actual swing and impact. However you will feel a pronounced kick. On paper it is mid to mid-high launch but it performs like a mid launch. Doesn’t balloon in any way. Very smooth feel to it but different kind of smooth feel compared to their signature DI shafts. If you are after more lower launch than IZ but higher than RDX Black, test out Graphite Design TP as well. IZ is more Blueboard. TP is more Whiteboard.
  4. PXG looks too busy and fugly imo. Honma as it is usually used by people who can’t play golf for s**t, at least in this part of the planet.
  5. Currently using TS2 fairway woods (3 and 5 and they are good) but inner junkie wants to move onto Ping or Taylormade fairway woods. I believe TM will be launching a new line of woods in a few months so I might even wait for that... But as of current, which are the best fairway woods out there? Heard a lot of good stuff with Ping and Taylormade but open to other suggestions. Looking for something that will get the ball off the tee and deck easily with good distance.
  6. Currently using TS3 but itching to get one of the TSi drivers... Would like to hear from those who transitioned from TS3 to TSi2. Also would like to hear from those who transitioned from TS3 to TSi3. Not really sure which driver to move onto... But I am looking for a long distance bomber!!! No problem with shaft choices as I have various Graphite Design shafts to fit onto the head. Convince me to go with either TSi2 or TSi3!!! Thanks.
  7. Any long term review of IZ in x flex with TS3 head combo?
  8. Best shaft ever... Well at least for me personally. It's a strange shaft... Because it reacts differently to each individual. I have a friend who plays KBS X Stiff who tried my Modus 120X and felt it was stiffer than his. On the other hand, another friend who plays Modus 105S finds my 120X extremely playable... Another who plays DG X100 switching over to Modus 120X after a couple tries with my shaft... The answer I guess is to try and see which side you fit into. Either you will love it or hate it... No in between...
  9. I use C1 setting for both my 3 and 5 wood to open the face to the max. For those using C1 setting for your 3 wood, what setting do you use for your driver?
  10. So softer face putters work better for slower greens? Could you explain a bit more please? My home course has extremely fast green so was wondering whether I should use a firmer or softer putter face. Your explanation could save me lots of time from trial and error. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just curious what you guys are using out there and how you pair the balls with putters. For those using firmer balls (eg: Pro V1x), do you use a firm or soft face putter with them? Same for those using softer balls (eg: Pro V1), do you use a firm or soft face putter with them?
  12. You guys have not been exposed to Bettinardi or Scotty Cameron Circle T collectors have you? Some buy 3 or 4 a week...
  13. Usually about 30 to 45 secs....
  14. Tried #2 hybrid before but was kicked out of the bag a long time ago by a 5 wood. Just easier to hit off the tee and the deck. Carries more than a hybrid and land much softer when attacking the green from a distance. Some people complain about the launch height of 5w but that can all be controlled by using the right shaft. Out of the rough I would usually go with irons as they cut through the thick stuff much easier. Plus I usually play safer by laying up with an iron to the fairway rather than using 2h/5w to attack the pin or to get most distance out of the thick vegetation. Much better for the score.
  15. Bettinardi. Yes does help.
  16. I use Titleist TS3 and have been playing around with A1 and B1 setting. A1 is standard setting and B1 is 0.75* flat. With A1 setting, I draw the ball 8 out of 10 times. With B1 setting, I fade the ball 8 out of 10 times. I was hoping that I can just hit the ball straight but doesn't seem to be working so far. I play 2 degrees flat with my irons and hit them straight (lie angles are - 4 iron 58*, 7 iron = 59.5*, PW = 61* just for reference) so thought flat lie angle setting on driver and fairway woods is the way to go? Would like to hear your thoughts....
  17. In my personal opinion, Srixon/Cleveland really got it right with the ZX/RTX series. Currently using ZX7 4 iron and Z Forged from 5-PW. Longest reigning iron set ever... In fact, my next purchase is going to be the Z Forged replacement (5-PW) rumored to be coming out next year. Srixon has a dense powerful feel that is very unique to their irons. Also another thing you might want to consider are the V.T. Soles. You will either love it or hate it. But if you are the type to get along well with the V.T. Sole, there is no going back to other irons sets... Since you mentioned balls, try out Z Star balls (Pro V1 equivalent). I was a Mizzy user until I found Srixon irons, Vokey out the bag and replaced with RTX Zipcore (they too have V.T. sole on mid grinds) and started using Z Star balls instead of Pro V1... I was very surprised myself I made this move but I don't think Srixon/Cleveland will be leaving my bag anytime in the near future.
  18. Exactly the information i was looking for. Thanks for this.
  19. 1. Srixon 2. Titleist 3. Mizuno In this order
  20. My new home course is relatively short so thinking of switching to 16.5* (4 wood) and 3 iron. Currently using 3 wood and 5 wood but don't really seem to be using the 3 wood much anymore due to the shorter course length. Anyone using this set up or something similar? Thanks.
  21. Thanks for this. Very helpful. Could you elaborate a bit more when you say HD feels better than TP. Do you also think XC will be suitable for 3 and 5 fwy wood? I am looking for something that gives lower, more penetrating flight compared to DI with better dispersion. I tend to hook the crap out of DI if I over power it. Thanks.
  22. Currently using the following in my woods: Driver - 9.5* TS3 with GD Tour AD-TP 6x 3 wood - 15* TS2 with GD Tour AD-DI 7x 5 wood - 18* TS2 with GD Tour AD-DI 8x I am planning to order TSi3 driver and TSi2 fwy woods and Titleist currently offers DI, IZ and XC. I would need help in the following: 1. I like how TP 6x is playing currently. Out of the offerings from Titleist, which would be the preferred shaft if I wanted similar flight and bomb the heck out of my driver? 2. Since I already have DI for fwy woods, I would like to order either IZ or XC just to have some variety. Which of these would be recommended for 3 wood and 5 wood respectively? I am not looking for answers like "go and get fitted" but rather your general experience, review and your thoughts. Thanks.
  23. Any long term user review? I am using Modus 120x with my irons but feel that Modus Wedge 115 is a bit too light. Thinking of either reshafting with Modus Wedge 125 or just order a new one with the 125 shaft.
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